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New Universe Wizard in BI4.1 Information Design Tool – Using it to create an ERP Universe

First you should watch this great tutorial by the SAP Product Education Team at

You’ll notice the new welcome screen:


Notice in the lower left-hand corner the cheat sheets; it reminds me of the HANA studio.

I go ahead and select the Universe Wizard.


You can create an existing project or new project.

I create a new project.


Since I am creating an ERP universe I select Relational data source.


Give the relational connection a name.


Since this is a SAP ERP universe, I select the SAP JCO connection


Enter the parameters for the connection


Enter more parameters listed below.


This is a single-source universe


Now follow the normal steps of creating the data foundation and the business layer.  In my example I am creating a Universe against an ERP infoset.


The business layer – I have to turn the value into a measure:



Follow the normal steps of publishing the connection to the repository.

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