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This trick can also be used instead of the usual method of providing the help screen in dashboards.

To achieve this just follow the simple steps below.

1.      Take 2 “label text” components and one “toggle button”

2.      One of these will be the title the other label will be used as a tool tip text, refer the image below.


3.      Place the toggle button over the title (make sure the title text is in the back and toggle button in the front) refer the image below.


4.      Toggle button : Link the source to 2 cells in which one is blank, refer the image below.
Now in the,

behavior tab of the Toggle button Intraction Options – > insert on -> mouse over

Appearance tab of the Toggle button Layout – > Transparency =100%

Tool tip Label : Link it to destination of toggle button.



ex : here I have linked it to A1 and B1 (green colored cells), in which A1 contains the tool tip text and B1 is blank, destination is A2 cell, link this A2 (yellow colored cell) cell to the tool tip label (label 2 here)

Now when you preview it, the moment you mouse over on the title text you ll see the tool tip appearing. 🙂




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    1. Sara G Iyer Post author

      Hi Arjit,

      Thanks Arjit.
      You need not click it at all, the help text appears when you hover your mouse over the text.

      This can be done with the mouse click option too instead of the Mouse-hover on the text(“title text” here).



      1. Former Member

        Hi Sara,

        value of a scorecard first should display few chars.( eg 40 chars). When mouse
        over to the the value it should display full text .how to use tooltip
        options(is it available in socrecard )

        Plzz help me can v achieve its very urgent , i know this is not right way to ask question frm this thread ..but to reach u i asked here . please help me….

        Thanks ..

        Regards ..


  1. Former Member

    Nice trick Sara,  It would be great if you could explore acheiving dynamic values on tooltip for multiple selections (selections >1).



    1. Sara G Iyer Post author

      Hi Bharadwaj,

      Dynamic values can be got with the help of functions like Vlookups/Hlookups/Index-Match or selector components and  Multiple selection can be implemented using dynamic visibility. Let me know if you need detailed explanation on the same.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the trick but can you also provide the link for the usual method mentioned below

    ‘This trick can also be used instead of the usual method of providing the help screen in dashboards’




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