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Configuration of Ariba Network Adapter with Client Certificate in NetWeaver PI

Overview Of Ariba Network Adapter

Ariba Network provides you with a single point of integration to thousands of suppliers. Similarly, it provides each supplier with a single point of integration to multiple large buying organizations. You use Ariba Network to find suppliers to purchase products or services from and to invite suppliers to form trading relationships. After suppliers accept the invitations, you can send purchase orders to them through Ariba Network.

Suppliers receive the purchase orders and return invoices, etc. Each supplier has an Ariba Network account and can specify how it wants to receive orders and generate order confirmations, ship notices, and invoices, etc.

Ariba provides PI standard delivery content of Data Mappings between Business application and Ariba Network for Purchase Order and Invoice business scenarios.

The Ariba Network Adapter for SAP NetWeaver implements round tripcommunication between your SAP ERP system and Ariba Network. It allows your SAP ERP system to send and receive cXML documents to and from Ariba Network by

mapping data elements between IDoc and cXML.

The Ariba Network Adapter for SAP NetWeaver runs on the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI), and can be thought of as a library for SAP NetWeaver PI. This library includes integration processes and Java libraries that implement the cXML transport protocol and provide a set of facilities for resolving differences between SAP and Ariba Network.

The following graphic illustrates how the Ariba Network Adapter for SAP NetWeaver enables the communication flow between Ariba Network and the SAP ERP system.

In this particular document I am not going to the detail configuration of Ariba Network adapter, instead of that I have provided an overview how to configure Client Certificate in Ariba Network adapter.

1 Login to SAP NetWeaver PI NWA.

2 In NWA ( click on Configuration Management tab and then Security. Click on Certificates and Keys link as highlighted below.

3 Click on Add View button.

4 In the View Name field, enter Ariba, Description field, enter Key Storage for Ariba Network Adapter, and click on Create.

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