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PowerBuilder 12.5 SP02 PL01 (build 5550) EBF Released…

Today EBF 21365 for PowerBuilder 12.5.2 was released.It’s build 5550, and is available in MySybase ( Actually it’s mentioned as PowerBuilder 12.5 SP02 PL01 (build 5550), so maybe the way versions are mentioned is changing with SAP.

Also we have a list with fixes included in this bug fix release, as we had in the past. 🙂


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  • I currently have PB12.5.2 GA (Build 5006)

    The installer says this:

    The setup has detected that version 12.05.002 of PowerBuilder is already installed.

    This setup installs an earlier version of PowerBuilder (12.5).

    You will have to uninstall the previous version before installing this version.

  • Also important to note that the readme indicates:

    "The minimum requirement for applying this EBF is the PB 12.5.1 Maintenance
    (Build 4015)or PB12.5.2 GA (Build 5006)."

    That is, this same EBF applies to both the 12.5.1 and 12.5.2 codelines.  You do not need to upgrade to 12.5.2 before using this EBF if you are on 12.5.1.  You can apply this EBF directly to 12.5.1.  Doing so would allow you to continue to use WebForms.

    • Hi Bruce. This is true,,, But after installing the ebf to my computer, there are no references to webforms on help files... Of course the webform targets are still there.