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Author's profile photo Michael Vollmer

A Deeper Look: Process Maps for the Administrative Change

In Change Request Management, the Administrative Change is designed to be used for system specific changes which cannot be transported via transport request. Examples are here number ranges or changes in batchground jobs.

The speciality of the administrative change is that it contains the special assignment block ‘Job Scheduling Management’ which contains information about the the job request and the job documentation, an integration with the Job Management functionality in SAP Solution Manager.

Further on the job documentation is linked in the ‘Related Transactions’ assignment block.

job request.png

I created two process maps, one for the Administrative Change stand-alone case and one with the Request for Change which I would like to share.

You can use it to get an overview or for customers and consultants who think about adopting the standard process.

The process maps are drawn from ST 7.10, Support Package 8.

Status Flow SMAD Adminstrative Change.jpg

SMAD - Status overview.jpg

In case you find errors or have questions, please get in tou´ch,

best regards,


The ChaRM actions and consistency checks which are mentioned in the maps are described here:

ChaRM Consistency Checks:

ChaRM Actions

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      Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde
      Vivek Hegde

      Very descriptive blog. Looking forward for A Deeper Look: Process Maps for the Normal/Urgent/General Change 🙂

      Thank you !

      Author's profile photo Guy Pengelly
      Guy Pengelly

      Hi Michael,

      With respect to integration with job documentation, I have been able to add the JD-CREATE action to a ZMIN transaction (copy of SMIN) so that I can create job documentation from the job documentation assignment block but cannot do this for either ZMCR (copy of SMCR C/R) or ZMAD (copy of SMAD C/Doc.   Is this possible....your picture of what I suppose is a standard SMAD administrative change suggests that it is.  The block shows, but no actions appear in the assignment block bar. I am positive there is no authorization issue.

      Tasks for any help you can suggest.

      Regards, Guy

      Author's profile photo Jacky Zhang
      Jacky Zhang

      Hi Guy,

      The JSM action can be added to ZMCR, proper configurations. If you are using Solman with version < ST710 SP09, please check IMG: Solution Manager -> Capabilities -> Job Scheduling Management -> Integration with Change Request Management -> Configure Assignment Block; If you are using solman ST710 SP09, please run SOLMAN_SETUP, get the set up guide for Job Management, check step 4.3 Configure Assignment Block.

      Tips, the appeared actions in Assignment block also relate with status of current CRM document, you can config the action-status mapping in setup mentioned above.

      Author's profile photo Guy Pengelly
      Guy Pengelly

      Thanks Jacky. I was pretty sure it was possible. The config you point out is where I set up the incident config. I think my problem is that the other custom document types are incomplete copies of their respective originals...done in an earlier version where deep-copy was not fully reliable.  Back to first principles !


      Author's profile photo Guy Pengelly
      Guy Pengelly

      Hi Micheal or Jacky,

      Following my earlier question, I'm now having success creating an incident from a job request and competing the process through ZMAD and job documentation.  Very happy !

      However, the incident is of course created without many attributes - no multi-level categorisation, no reporter etc, so it's not easy to report on new job request incidents. Can you suggest any ideas for setting defaults in the incident or better yet, is it possible to add multi categorisation into the job request form.



      Author's profile photo Jacky Zhang
      Jacky Zhang

      Hello Guy,


      1) Yes the job request form doesn't have place to maintain multi-level category so far, but it is on development team list, will be able to in future;

      2) Reporter of the incident can be maintained, you should able to see 'Reporter' input field in JR form, the inputted BP will be handover to Incident as reporter. Please check the UI.

      Best Regards,