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SAP versioning, part 2 (why EHP7 contains SAP APPL 6.17)

ℹ   This is the continuation of my previous blog Why SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 contains SAP BASIS 7.31 which you should have read before starting with this one. Now in this blog, the journey on product releases and software component versions for SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver continues, trying to dissolve latest mysteries.

A lot of news are out with the general availability of SAP products like SAP NetWeaver 7.4 (see SAP NetWeaver 7.4 made Generally Available (GA)) and SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0. This blog focuses on the software versioning part of the story only, and on the ABAP part of SAP ERP: the SAP ERP – ECC server.

SAP NetWeaver: numbers simplified

The first nice part of the story is: things are becoming simpler. The product SAP NetWeaver 7.4 is using software components that have corresponding numbers, like SAP BASIS 7.40 and SAP ABA 7.40, to pick out two prominent examples. Even the kernel has version 7.40 now – I skipped this part of the SAP software world in my first blog – and you know why 🙂


And now to the business part of the SAP software: we have the EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0, which is part of  SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations 2013.

The next nice thing of the story is: this version is based on SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.4. So finally business (“Suite”) and technology (“NW”) use the same SAP NetWeaver foundation! This applys to the other parts of the SAP Business Suite as well (SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM).

And with respect to the software component versions, both use SAP BASIS 7.40 and SAP ABA 7.40, see picture.


ℹ Only a part of all software components are shown in this figure

Software Component Version numbering again

I know that you have already anxiously examined other details in the figure … how about SAP HR? And SAP APPL? No further development has taken place in software component SAP HR, so it remains with 6.04. And for SAP APPL, development and adaptions have been done, so it becomes 6.17. But why 6.17 and not 6.07?

Two steps from 6 to 7
After “EHP6 for SAP ERP 6.0”, the “EHP6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for HANA” was made available, exclusively for the SAP HANA database. With this, the versions of the software components had to be increased. So the version number for SAP APPL was increased from 6.06 to 6.16, as one example. Now the next increase takes us from 6.16 to 6.17. That way, you still find a correlation between SAP APPL software component version number and EHP number.

That means the version sequence for SAP APPL is 6.00 -> 6.01 (EHP1) -> … -> 6.06 (EHP6) -> 6.16 (EHP6 for HANA) -> 6.17 (EHP7).

❗ Note that “version sequence” does not mean necessary update path: you can update an SAP ERP 6.0 EHP2 system directly to EHP7

Again, like described in the first blog, some software components may even stay to lower version as well, depending on your choice of technical usages during update. That is why ECC-DIMP is on version 6.00, as one of several possible examples.

ℹ Update

  • This blog was updated on October 14 2013, discussing now EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0
    (instead of “EHP6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for HANA”), so the title has slightly changed as well

Looking forward to your comments!

Best regards, Boris Rubarth

[Product Management Software Logistic, SAP AG]

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  • Hello Boris,

    Very Well explained "Software Version Controlling at SAP" again, Kudos ➕

    And this time, for customers deploying ERP6 EHP6 on HANA, its a must-know software version controlling, they should know, or otherwise SURPRISE 😕 , TaDa!

    Anyways, I would say Yes, "Things are becoming simpler now, indeed"

    Just out of morbid curiosity, the "1" in SAP_APPL 616 for ERP6 EHP6 HANA, is it only a diffrentiator from "0" in SAP_APPL 606 for ERP6 EHP6 (w/o HANA) ? Or it has really got to do something with the technology, as in the code line in HANA?

    What's your say? I would be inquisitive to know! 😏



    • Hi Akshay,

      thanks for the comments.

      Regarding the "1": yes, as far as I know this is just a differentiator.

      Regards, Boris

  • Boris,

    Please comment on newly release Business Suite 7 EHP7 (ECC6 EHP7)

    It is based totally on Netweaver 7.4 foundation and SC like Basis/ABA are 7.4 too as compared to 7.31 (7.03) for EHP6.

    Just trying to put together the versioning from the start to supposed future releases.

    Would it be correct, if I assume that Business Suite 7 major release stays the same i.e. ERP6 and newer EHP releases i.e. EHP8 and so on, they will be subsequently based on new  SAP Netweaver Foundation platforms i.e. NW 7.5,7.6 and so on?

    Something like this=>

    ERP 6 = SAP NW 7.0

    ERP 6.01 = SAP NW 7.0

    ERP 6.02 = SAP NW 7.0

    ERP 6.03 = SAP NW 7.0

    ERP 6.04 = SAP NW 7.01

    ERP 6.05 = SAP NW 7.02

    ERP 6.06 = SAP NW 7.31 (There is no such software component as 7.03, its been merged to new 7.31)

    ERP 6.06 (HANA) = SAP NW 7.4

    ERP 6.07 = SAP NW 7.4

    and for future releases=>

    ERP 6.08 = SAP NW 7.5

    ERP 6.09 = SAP NW 7.6

    Is my assumption correct?


    • Hello Akshay,

      currently there is no such path (like "NW 7.5" and above).

      Concerning your list we have to be careful:

      • SAP NW 7.31 (as a product version) is NOT the foundation of SAP ERP 6.06,
        but SAP BASIS 7.31 is (as a software component version)
      • I only referenced SAP ECC as the ABAP part of SAP ERP.
        SAP ERP is a solution that includes more, and other parts than SAP ECC are not automatically on the same product or software component level like SAP ECC.

      Hope that helps, kind regards, Boris

      • Hi Boris,

        Thanks for the detailed blog. This confirmed my understanding. So, it means that if a Customer wants to migrate to Suite on HANA , i.e.say for ex from ECC 6.0, Enhancement Pack 5 to Enhancement pack 7.0, it means it would by default get features included in Enhancement pack 6.1.(that was released for HANA), right ?



        • Hi Suma,

          yes, in general the features part of an "older" Enhancement Package are available in a "newer" Enhancement Package as well. So EHP7 includes the features of EHP6 (and the features of "EHP6 for SAP HANA").

          As I am a bit picky with the numbering, I have to comment that there is no Enhancement package 6.1 or 7.0 - but of course I know what you mean. Sorry for being fussy ... 😉

          Regards, Boris

      • Hello Boris,

        For FIORI Wave2 embedded installation, we have to upgrade our SAP_BASIS fro m 7.02 to 7.31 min of SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5.

        In our context, is it possible to upgrade just SAP_BASIS part or do we need to apply EHP6 or EHP7 ?


        • Hi Bertrand.....

          Unfortunately a lot of the Fiori apps require an EHP upgrade now with some of the UI components especially requiring a NW 7.4 or 7.31 system, especially the new launchpad.  Subtle but critical change from wave one....

          Done the work myself. Only a few weeks these days for a Technical upgrade 😉


          • Hi James,

            yes i understand, but applying EHP on SAP ECC in order to have embedded gaeway installation require lots of business non regression tests...

            I will prefer to install gateways on central hub deployments....



    • > Sometimes SAP numbers are very hard to understand!

      oohhhh,  yes !

      as Akshay Gupta wrote:

      Something like this=>

      ERP 6.00 = SAP NW 7.00

      ERP 6.01 = SAP NW 7.00

      ERP 6.02 = SAP NW 7.00

      ERP 6.03 = SAP NW 7.00

      ERP 6.04 = SAP NW 7.01

      ERP 6.05 = SAP NW 7.02

      ERP 6.06 = SAP NW 7.31 (7.03 = 7.31)

      ERP 6.06 (HANA) = SAP NW 7.4

      ERP 6.07 = SAP NW 7.4 =

      with some (but not all) components ...............

      ERP 6.06 with SAP_APPL, EA_APPL in 606

      ERP 6.06 (Hana) with SAP_APPL, EA_APPL in 616

      ERP 6.07 with SAP_APPL, EA_APPL in 617

      because of the special HANA-edition (of normally 6.06) was numbered 6.16,

      the next one EHP7 (of SAP_APPL, EA_APPL)  is therefore 6.17

      and as Boris Rubarth wrote:

      ...some software components may even stay to lower version as well ...

      so, there is a coloured mix of version-numbers ... within your installation.

  • Quick question.

    Have a upgraded EHP7 (7.40) ERP system. All components at 7.40 etc.

    In system status it still says EHP6 ?

    Is this a known issue or should it say Enhancement Pack Seven ?



      • Hi Boris its Under SAP System Data     Component Version. "EHP6 FOR SAP ERP 6.0"                 

        When i click though onto component versions it lists the following. Should it be EHP7 for ERP6 or still list EHP6 ?

        SAP_BASIS 740 0006 SAPKB74006
        SAP_ABA 740 0006 SAPKA74006



        • Hi James,

          this field should reflect the real system status (nowadays). Please note that after EHP6 for ERP 6.0, there was a specific "EHP6 for SAP HANA", which is based on SAP_BASIS 7.40 as well. So the question is which software component version is shown for SAP_APPL ...

          6.06: -> EHP 6

          6.16: -> EHP 6 for SAP HANA

          6.17: -> EHP 7

          Cheers, Boris

  • nice and helpful blog - 🙂

    why this information did not come officially from SAP ?

    as Boris Rubarth wrote:


    > The first nice part of the story is: things are becoming simpler


    this sounds good, but - i can not believe this.

    Because of the new Hype HANA, SAP software-developer seemed to be forced to goLive with sometimes good-implemented, but sometime no-so-good-implemented software-peaces.

    one of the point is, that NW-7.40 SP02 and NW-7.40 SP05 could not be implemented by customers with SPAM/SAINT,  you are forced to use SUM instead. 😯

    and therefore, a simple SPS-update becomes a much bigger project because of SUM-usage. (instead of hours or few days, this SUM-update may need some days, maybe weeks)

    where is an official statement to this important point ? ❗


    > things are becoming simpler


    i hope, that will come,

    but pressing SAP HANA to the market, i can not believe .......