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Campus Connections – Developer Experience

Yesterday, my wonderful team Developer Experience hold and event in the SAP Labs Palo Alto campus…Building 8 to be exact 😉

DevEx_Team.JPGPhoto courtesy of Kai-Christoph Mueller but taken by Mark Finnern.

The idea behind this event was simple…to show other teams inside SAP what are we doing and why we are doing it…

Our fearless leader Anne Hardy presented the event and talk about our job and our relations with developers…

DSCN0758 (1).JPGWe had some Design Thinking games…


Photo courtesy of Kai-Christoph Mueller.

IMG_0077.JPGPhoto courtesy of Kai-Christoph Mueller.

We had some exercise…


Photo courtesy of Kai-Christoph Mueller.

We even had some live coding with the SAP HANA Validator!

DSCN0763 (1).JPGDSCN0764 (1).JPGWe even had some prizes! So…by filling surveys, doing push-ups or playing with the SAP HANA Validator! you could earn points and exchange them for some nice gifts…

DSCN0780 (1).JPGDSCN0747 (1).JPG

DSCN0748 (2).JPG

But of course…that wasn’t all…with DevEx…you always get the unexpected 😉

IMG_0025.JPGSuper Mario Bros. Aka. Mario Herger (Photo courtesy of Kai-Christoph Mueller).

All the attendees had a lot of fun…

DSCN0759 (1).JPG

DSCN0761 (1).JPG So…if you want to find out more about us…please visit the SAP Developer Center 😉


Until next time! 😀

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