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This is a continuation of my blog BusinessObjects Monitoring and Housekeeping activities ( ).  Just wanted to brief what is exactly needs to be done as part of daily monitoring in high level.

This will be the basis template to be used for monitoring





Check for System (BO Servers) Status

Check all the BusinessObjects Servers are Active and running. Use CMC to view the server status.

Check for CMS Database Status

Check whether the CMS Repository database is up and running.

BOE Web Applications

Check if the URL and the Login credentials are working or not

Check for Tomcat (WAS) Status

Check whether the Tomcat is up and running

CPU & Memory Utilization

Check for CPU & Memory utilization at Operating System level



Check whether the Repository database backup is available

File repository

Check whether the File Repository server folder backup is available

Disk Space

File Repository

Check File Repository folder size growth

Backup folders

Check size growth for Installation folder, Logging Folder


Hope this could help people who starting up the Business Objects Administration. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Former Member


    I think we can add “deleting of logs under <Install Directory>\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\Logging Folder” on weekly basis will help to maintain server space.

  2. Former Member


    nice post, thank you!

    How do you check the whole BO-system?

    If the BO-Server fails, the monitoring in CMC is also down.

    Have you included it in any central monitoring system?



  3. Former Member

    Hello Manikandan,

    I really want to appreciate and thank you for this wonderful blog written by you.

    However, I’ve one query regarding Availability column in your above blog.

    Under BOE web application category, you mentioned to check whether URL is working or not.

    So where can we configure this setting so that it could check the URL availability?

    Do we need to do it under solman template or under CMC monitoring?


    Amit Bharti

  4. Former Member

    Hi Mani,

    I have seen your blog nice to meet you,

    can you send me the BO Admin what to Monitoring(mentioned details in above) script log.

    Thanks in advance.




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