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SDN is truly addictive.

When I had joined this community the intention was to resolve my day to day issues which occurs in my routine work,

this community especially developed to the help of SAP users.

Everyone thinks that they have just sign up put a query In specified category,

there will be some knowledge exchanges (in terms of reply) between people, select best amongst them and things done.

As and when you work with this community you can feel homely to play with it slowly you can get adjust with it and reply to another one whatever the post is there(little R&D stuff). (then you tottaly forget about other social networking websites and stuffs)

The biggest benefit is to gain hell lot of knowledge from it, secondly most strong networking with people of your domain finally the day will come the second most page you open in the browser must be SDN.

– Thankyou…

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  • Hi,

    10000000000000000% True my friend.(Sweet addiction) 😉

    SAP SDN = SAP knowledge bank (Good for fresher to PHD holders in SAP)

    Warm Regards,


  • Hi Avirat,

    I am with you on this!  Once I (quickly) check the local weather and sports scores, SCN is my morning paper. 

    Keep it up,


  • Good, So I have got company. I always find myself opening SCN page, checking forums, posts and other updates, every now and then. Soon enough got myself wondering, "Gosh! Am I getting addicted to this!". Good to see that its not just me.. and that it is not so bad after all.. 🙂

  • Hi Avirat,

    I totally agree with you.... I feel like SCN like heartbeat for me now a days!

    Without SCN, I feel uneasy. 😥

    Good Luck! Happy New Year 2014 🙂


    Hari Suseelan

  • Hi all

    I wish I had explored this sap forum earlier.  I am so thankful to all the sap experts who contributed answers unconditionally.  I just discovered this network recently and it helps me in researching for the correct answers quickly.

    I also enjoy the friendship with Sap consultant globally.  I am excited discovering the treasure of knowledge base and resources from this sap forum.

  • In our organization we generate reports on who is opening which site and guess what, while others are more on other social networking sites i had more HITS on SAP SCN and that to daily .

    This shows how much am i addicted to SCN.

    So far the only website which i open after my company mailer.

    After joining in SCN i found out how small i am in-front of other technically strong people and how big SAP is .. i.e there is so much to learn