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Monday Knowledge Snippet Series

This blog collects all available Monday Knowledge Snippets posted on the SCN community.

Goal of MKS series

The goal of the (M)KS series is to distribute knowledge SAP internally and externally by explaning a certain feature in a detailed and screenshot supported manner. This goes beyond the application help.

Especially for topics where development receives a lot of questions from consultants or customers directly, such a (M)KS can reduce the effort to answer these questions dramatically by making the answer reproducable and findable. In addition, it is a good way to listen to customers and judge the importance of certain topics.

Externally the blogs are posted in the LinkedIn SAP Transportation Management group:

Topic Blog Podcast
01 Can I use different distances for planning and charge calculation?–01-can-i-use-different-distances-for-planning-and-charge-calculation
02 Can I do Transportation Management in the wild?–02-can-i-do-transportation-management-in-the-wild
03 Control your process using the process controller–03-control-your-process-using-the-process-controller TMP007: The Process Controller | tmp
04 Flexible Transportation Zones–04-flexible-transportation-zones TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
05 Transportation Mode (Code), Transportation Mode Category, Means of Transport – Lots of Transportation going on here…–05-transportation-mode-code-transportation-mode-category-means-of-transport–lots-of-transportation-going-on-here TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
06 Geo-Map @ SAP TM–06-geo-map-sap-tm TMP026: Visual Business | tmp
07 Geo-Coding levels–07-geo-coding-levels
08 Location Types–08-location-types TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
09 Enrich Master Data without Enhancements–09-enrich-master-data-without-enhancements
10 One-Time Locations–10-one-time-locations TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
11 TM 9.0 Sustainability Factors–11-tm-90-sustainability-factors
12 Transportation Network Shadows–12-transportation-network-shadows
13 Transportation Lane vs. Trade Lane–13-transportation-lanes-vs-trade-lanes TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
14 Statics in a dynamic routing – Transshipment Locations–14-statics-in-a-dynamic-routing–transshipment-locations
15 Supply Chain Units–15-supply-chain-units TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
16 On-the-Fly Scenario Building on the TM 9.0 Geo-Map–16-on-the-fly-scenario-building-on-the-tm-90-geo-map

TMP013: TM Geography | tmp


TMP026: Visual Business | tmp

17 TM 9.0 Path Finder–17-tm-90-path-finder
18 Transportation Zone hierarchy–18-transportation-zone-hierarchy TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
19 Where is my location?–19-where-is-my-location
20 Distance Determination based on location codes–20-distance-determination-based-on-location-codes
21 Distance buffering performance settings–21-distance-buffering-performance-settings
22 International Location Codes–22-international-location-codes
23 Detailed Routes on Geo-Map–23-detailed-routes-on-geo-map TMP026: Visual Business | tmp
24 Resources on Geo-Map–24-resources-on-geo-map TMP026: Visual Business | tmp
25 History of Schedules in SAP TM–25-history-of-schedules-in-sap-tm TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
26 Carrier vs. Gateway Schedule–26-carrier-vs-gateway-schedules TMP013: TM Geography | tmp
27 Schedule Integration into SAP TM–27-schedule-integration-into-sap-tm
28 Transportation Zone Coordinates–28-transportation-zone-coordinates
29 Configuration of Geo-Map content–29-configuration-of-geo-map-content TMP026: Visual Business | tmp
30 Transportation Zone mass creation–30-transportation-zone-mass-creation
31 Optimizer Explanation Tool–31-optimizer-explanation-tool
32 As the crow flies (Air Line distance)–32-as-the-crow-flies-air-line-distance
33 GIS Integration facts–33-gis-integration-facts
34 Setup and Troubleshooting of Geo-Map in SAP TM and EM–34-setup-and-troubleshooting-of-geo-map-in-sap-tm-and-em TMP026: Visual Business | tmp
35 Simplify the Network: Rough Planning–35-simplify-the-network-rough-planning
36 Why SAP Visual Business?–36-why-sap-visual-business TMP026: Visual Business | tmp
37 TM 9.1 Load Planning–37-tm-91-load-planning TMP021: Load Planning | tmp
38 TM 9.1 Load Planning: Prepare your resources–38-tm-91-load-planning-prepare-your-resources TMP021: Load Planning | tmp
39 TM 9.1 Load Planning: 3-D Visualization TMP021: Load Planning | tmp
40 TM 9.1 Swap your Trailer–40-tm-91-swap-your-trailer
41 TM 9.1: Vehicle types for Load Planning resources–41-tm-91-vehicle-types-for-load-planning-resources TMP021: Load Planning | tmp
42 Automated GIS service availability testing–42-automated-gis-service-availability-testing
43 TM 9.1: Load Planning Enhancement Options–43-tm-91-load-planning-enhancement-options TMP021: Load Planning | tmp
44 Distance Determination without Location Coordinates–44-distance-determination-without-location-coordinates
45 TM 9.1 Bring Container Unit into Transportation Cockpit–45-tm-91-bring-container-unit-into-transportation-cockpit
46 Setup GIS based Distance Determination for Means of Transport–46-setup-gis-based-distance-determination-for-means-of-transport
47 Dynamically adjust Load Plan settings–47-dynamically-adjust-load-plan-settings
48 Configure your Load Plan Visualization–48-configure-your-load-plan-visualization
49 Configure your Load Plan Visualization (II)–49-configure-your-load-plan-visualization-ii
50 Means of Transport, Resource Class, and Vehicle Types–50-means-of-transport-resource-class-and-vehicle-types
51 Means of Transport Hierarchy–51-means-of-transport-hierarchy
52 Update of Geo-Coding Levels–52-update-of-geo-coding-levels
53 TM 9.3 Load Planning Enhancement: Build Packages–53-tm-93-load-planning-enhancement-build-packages

TMP030: Package Builder | tmp

TMP001: Freight Unit Building | tmp

54 TM 9.3 Package Building Profile and Activation–54-tm-93-package-building-profile-and-activation TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
55 TM 9.3 Package Building Assign Package Type–55-tm-93-package-building-assign-package-type TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
56 TM 9.3 Package Building: Required Material Master Data Definitions–56-tm-93-package-building-required-material-definitions TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
57 TM 9.3 Package Building: From Order to Freight Unit–57-tm-93-package-building-from-order-to-freight-unit TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
58 TM 9.3 Package Builder: Applied logic–58-tm-93-package-building-applied-logic TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
59 Automatic Planning based on additional capacity–59-automatic-planning-based-on-additional-capacity
60 Location Geo-Coding–60-location-geo-coding
61 Adding a custom object to the geo-map–61-adding-a-custom-object-to-the-geo-map
62 – TM 9.3 Package Builder: Weight based items–62-tm-93-package-building-weight-based-items TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
63 – TM 9.3 Load Planning: Color Items by Weight–63-tm-93-load-planning-color-items-by-weight
64 Find most specific Transportation Lane considering Zone hierarchy–64-find-most-specific-transportation-lane-considering-zone-hierarchy
65 TM 9.4 Load Consolidation
66 TM 9.X Load Planning in Virtual Reality
67 TM 9.4 Renewed Page Layouts
68 TM 9.4 Geo-Map Configuration
69 TM 9.4 Geo-Map: Configurable Icons
70 TM 9.4 Undo in Transportation Cockpit
71 TM 9.4 Map Based Planning for Local Distribution
72 TM 9.4 Manual Planning Settings
73 Package Builder: Package Hierarchy TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
74 Package Builder: Additional Package and Separation Material TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
75 SCE Package Building with / without Package Material TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
76 Package Type Code TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
77 Maximum Stacking Factor for Package Building TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
78 DANGER Package Builder Rework TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
79 Detailed Package Building TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
80 Detailed Package Building – Product Orientation Profile TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
81 Detailed Package Building – Reference Product for Package Building TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
82 Detailed Package Building – Mixed Package Material TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
83 Detailed Package Building – Multi Level Packaging TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
84 Detailed Package Building – Product independent packaging definitions TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
85 Detailed Package Building – Product Incompatibility TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
86 GIS Integration for SCE Applications using SAP Cloud Platform
87 Detailed Package Building – Package Building Optimizer TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
88 Detailed Package Building – Stacking Definitions TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
89 Detailed Package Building – Product Grouping TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
90 TM 9.6 Consolidation Package Building TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
91 TM 9.6 – Package Unit TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
92 Cylindrical Material TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
93 TM 9.6 Exclusive Package for Customer TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
94 Package Building Location Groupings TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
95 Detailed Package Building – Product Arrangement TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
96 TM 9.5 – Load Planning with flexible Split Decks
97 Package Builder Test Report TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
98 Package Builder – Footprint aka Normalized Quantities TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
99 TM 9.6 Normalized and Load Consumption Quantities of Documents TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
100 Unified Package Building TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
101 Package Building from simple to complex scenarios (part I) TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
102 Package Building from simple to complex scenarios (part II) TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
103 Package Building from simple to complex scenarios (part III) TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
104 Package Building from simple to complex scenarios (part IV) TMP030: Package Builder | tmp
TMP037: Package Builder
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  • Hi Markus,

    I have a question that I could not find an answer for, in these blogs. Could you please help?

    My question is – How can I link a Vehicle resource to a Carrier? I find that this is possible for Air Freight through Schedule (by activating capacity in the schedule type) & I also find that there is field ‘Owner’ in the vehicle resource itself where I can assign an external carrier. However this carrier does not seem to be validated during planning & allows assignment of a carrier different from the one assigned in the Vehicle resource.

    Is there a place I can do a hard assignment of Vehicle to Carrier in a Road transport scenario? (I am the shipper)…There is ofcourse the bigger question of why I would need to do this at all when I am subcontracting the execution. But lets not go into that now 🙂



    • Well, this could be covered using different, carrier specific means-of-transport. Depending on the number of carriers this is feasible or not.

      • Yes that did occur to  me but considering the number of vehicles the carrier would possibly have at my disposal I did not think it feasible to maintain per MoT as this will not reflect correctly the resource to a carrier.

        I believe in TM8.0 it was possible to assign a vehicle to a carrier schedule for Road transport but this is not possible anymore (or I may be missing something, I dont know). If this was indeed possible earlier, was there a specific reason why it is no longer available in the later versions?

    • The answer to that would be to include a Carrier – Transportation Order incompatibility in your Carrier Selection Settings that would check for any carrier different to the desired carrier (<>DesiredCarrier) and the specific vehicle resource on the TOR object.

  • Dear Markus,

    It is very helpful collection which can be referred as and when required. I already have found some answers in terms of Distance calculation. Thanks!!

    Recently I have started a discussion on Calculation Bases, such as Hours, there is no reply till date but I believe many would want to know about the topic. Will it be possible to have a blog on this topic as well.