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                                                                            Creation of Planning Layout

Go to t.code: KP65

Planning Layout_1.jpg

Click on Create

Select the Version, Period and Fiscal year in the General Data Selection in the Menu Bar Edit –> Gen data selection –> Gen data selection

Planning Layout_2.jpg

Create the 3 Leading columns.

Double click on the 1st Leading Column for Cost Centers

Planning Layout_3.jpg

Double Click on the 2nd Leading Column for Cost Elements

Planning Layout_4.jpg

Double click on the 3rd Leading column for Activity types

Planning Layout_5.jpg

Double click on the next row key figure with characteristics

Planning Layout_6.jpg

If you would like to add the more key figures you need to add the another row for the same.

                                                                      Creation of Planner Profile

Go to the t.code: KP34

Go to the New Entries

Planning Profile_1.jpg

Double Click on the General Controlling on the Left hand side

Go to the New Entries

Select the Cost Ctrs: Cost Element / activity inputs

Planning Profile_2.jpg

Double click on the Layouts for Controlling on the left side

Go to the New Entries

Select the Layout, Integrated Excel check box and File Description

Planning Profile_3.jpg

Double Click on the Default parameters on the left side

Planning Profile_4.jpg

Click on the overview on the application menu bar

Planning Profile_5.jpg

Click on the Save file description, Save excel  layout and save the file format in the your Desktop.

                                                                 Upload of File

Fill the data according to the file format and convert in text (Tab delimited) format.

Go to the t.code: KE13 (This particular transaction code can be used for any excel upload in CO like KP26, KP06,KP46 etc.,)

Specify the File path and file description and execute


Execute or F8


File uploaded successfully.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi guys

    I tried to follow up the steps but no costs/values are showing in my cost center.Below is the screen shot.where am i missing it.



  2. Clinton Jones

    can you verify that it is not possible to load real Excel files (with the extension .XLS)

    into the system. you have to store the file in Excel in the format “Text  (Tab delimited)”, that is as a .TXT file ?

  3. Former Member

    Hi Srinu

    I need help guys.I am using  FSI5  to develop a Cashflow statement .I am not sure on how to use formula for calculating increase in cash and cash equivalents ,increase in inventory etc.I understand  it should be current year minus previous year e.g Inventory /FY;&1FY.Maybe an outline of steps might help.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Rejoice,

      you have to add the formula in the Form, If you select the cash flow statement in display mode right hand corner system will show the Form for the particular Report, you can add the formula in the form.



      1. Former Member

        Thanks Srinu

        Maybe i wasnt very clear,in FSI5 on creating the form that is where i am having challenges.I understand the normal formula Like Y7-Y6.But when it comes to calculation of increase in cash and cash equivalents,inventory,trade receivables/payables etc it uses formula like Z045-Z044 of which Z045 might be inventory e.g Inventory /FY;&1FY.Maybe the following screen shot might help.Please take note  of the normal fomula field with Y bt when its Z it is something else.And i want to know how you come up with such Z fields.


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