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EHSM Expert:

Now we are ready explore new functionality of EHSM component extension 4.0 release.


SAP EHSM 3.0 Service Pack 3 Released – It will add following functionality to ORM process area: 1- Risk Based Recommendation for Health Surveillance 2- Management of Change Integration 3- Adobe Offline reporting for incident 4- Related Root Cause Analysis to controls effectiveness evaluation 5- Review and complete incident – New Authorization checks (document & entities), Changing due date after Action in process status, Reopen void incident and changing incident category

Since Risk / Exposure based HSP criteria are managed in SAP EHSM 4.0 This implies that the SAP EH&S Industrial Hygiene(IH) does not need to be implemented in order to receive risk-based reconditions, sine trigger will come from the SAP EHSM Risk Assessment module.


Bhuwan Tiwari

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    1. Bhuwan Chandra Tiwari Post author

      Hi Amol,

      EHSM SP3 is already released with enhanced functionality but EHSM Component Extension 4 will be released by June 2013 or so, not yet finalised.



        1. Bhuwan Chandra Tiwari Post author

          Thanks for the update Mary.

          You mean to say Release to Customer on 29th July and for the pre-sales or internal demo, it will be available by 15th June.

          1. Mary Kilgo

            EHSM component extension 4.0 is planned to be released to customers July 29, 2013. Regarding the demo, I think you are referring to EHSM 3.03 (ie. support pack 3) since you cannot load the software for 4.0 until the day it ships (ie. the day it is RTC.)

  1. Nitin Jain


    Is this has been released, from where can i download this service extension? just to be clear on this is EHSM extension 4.0  is EHSM 3 support pack 4?? (EHSM 3.4).



  2. Vikram Sethi

    Hi all

    SAP EHSM 4.0 is released for customers from 28th Feb 2014. It is in general use now and out of ramp-up phase.


    Vikram Sethi

      1. Darshan Maskey

        Hi Christoph,

        Don’t have much detail at this point since they haven’t released any content yet.

        One of the adaption from what I know is that 5.0 version would be more integrated to Inventory Management and some feature would be enhanced in Location structure (for IM and Risk Assessment portion)

        Will share after I find any specific details.

        1. Mary Kilgo

          SAP publishes official roadmaps on SAP Service Marketplace. This is where you will find a brief scope of the planned release. The roadmaps are public information but you need to acknowledge the disclaimer on SAP Service Marketplace in order to see them. Once you get to the roadmap page, look for LOB Sustainability where you will find the EHS & PSS roadmap deck. Also, just for information, you find the planned release dates in PAM (Product Availability Matrix) which is also found on SAP Service Marketplace. Here you will find planned RTC dates and GA dates.


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