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SAP Business One 9 Studio….

SAP Business One Studio Suite is a state-of-the-art development platform for SAP Business One extensions that dramatically improves partner development efficiency. It provides an effective integrated development environment (IDE) for partners to develop extension on top of SAP Business One. SAP Business One Studio Suite consists of two editions: SAP Business One Studio and SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio.

SAP Business One Studio is an open platform based on the .NET framework for a variety of designers. Currently, this platform supports two types of designer: Add-On Designer and Workflow Designer. In this document, SAP Business One Studio stands for SAP Business One Studio as add-on designer. You can use SAP Business One Studio to open SAP Business One system forms in edit mode, modify the existing controls and logic, or add new controls in forms. You can also design your own forms. SAP Business One Studio not only contains all the functionalists of Screen Painter, but also enhances the functionalities and optimizes the usability of ScreenPainter.

SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio is a deeply customized programming environment for SAP Business One. Besides the functionalities of SAP Business One Studio, SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio leverages the powerful capability of Microsoft Visual Studio in development functionalities such as code generation, project and item template wizard, code intelligence, friendly GUI, and so on. What’s more, the add-on project generated by SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio is based on new object level event framework of SAP Business One SDK. Together with system form editing, SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio makes it much easier to write a typical SAP Business One add-on, and the code generated is much simpler and maintainable.

SAP Business One Studio and SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio share with the same file format, .b1s, which is a package for all layout files and other relevant files. For using the two editions, a typical scenario is that a UI designer works on SAP Business One Studio for GUI drawling and polishing, and then a consultant works on it for customization. Afterwards, a developer can open the .b1s generated in SAP Business One Studio by SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio to program on it, and finish the complicated logic.

Installing SAP Business One Studio Prerequisites

      The installation computer complies with all hardware and software requirements. For information on hardware and software requirements

     You have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

      If you want to install SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio, you must install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

     If you are just designing your own UI layout, you do not need to install the SAP Business One client.


To install SAP Business One Studio, perform the following steps:

1. Insert the SAP Business One Installation DVD and wait for the installation program to appear.

2. In the installation window, select the Client radio button.

3. In the Client Components window, select Optional Components and SAP Business One Studio.

4. Choose the Install button.

5. In the Welcome window, choose the Next button.

6. In the Customer Information window, specify the user name and company name.

7. In the Setup Type window, specify a setup type: Complete or Custom.

If you choose Custom type:

In the Choose Destination Location window: to accept the default location, choose the Next button; to select a different location, choose the Browse button.

In the Select Features window, select SAP Business One Studio and/or SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio, and then choose the Next button.

8. In the Ready to Install the Program window, choose the Install button.

9. In the Setup Status window, the installation wizard performs the required system actions.

10. In the Complete window, choose the Finish button.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Kennedy,

    So it means one will need VB 2010 or 2012 in order to compile an add-on for the changes, let’s say on a BP system form, to be loaded on SAP B1 launch?



      1. From what I see there’s not much than  in Screen Painter and it’s not easier.  I would need videos example of what is good about it.

        Just let me give you an example of not friendly action made in such environment.

        when you add a Choose From List, you are presented with properties where you have to enter ObjectType, yes well, would be good to have a Combobox there with choices not relying ot searching the SDK documentation to find out which number goes there,.

        Anyway,  I see no point right now to use this Studio rather than Screen Painter and doing my code as usual in C#

        1. Former Member

          Well, I hear your point and do agree. Nonetheless, using the Studio for a WYSIWYG approach to build a concept with the client, part of a Solution Delivery, is quite cool 🙂

  2. First message I get when click the icon PREVIEW IN SAP BUSINESS ONE is

    Can’t connect to Busines One Client although the client is running fine.

    1. I think the best would have been to make a real ADDIN in Visual Studio 2013 and working right there with everything more intuitive with double clicking for events the ability to go in C# code to do the logic and making a UI for SAP should be a breeze not a huge effort to wire everything by hand

      1. Hmmm weird,  I think this isn’t integrated in Visual Studio 2012 right ?  As when I go in Visual Studio 2012 there’s nothing about SAP Business One Studio in there.  Am I wrong ?

          1. And I think it’s best to integrate in Visual Studio 2013 because 2012 is already thing of the past 🙂

  3. Former Member


    I would like to ask, if I can work with SAP Business One Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio on my PC having installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express and not Professional?

    Error: installation of microsoft visual studio not found. sap business one for  microsoft visual studio will not be installed.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Former Member

    Hi, excuse me, I ve installed SAP B1 Studio 32bits for visual studio. When I try to edit a form (file .b1f) in Visual Studio I receive “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, I tried reinstalling SAP B1 Studio, but the error continues, everytime I try something relationated with edit a form in VS the same error appear. What could be?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Former Member

      Finally I found the problem, by mistake I registered in GAC (Global Assembly Cache) some dll of SAP Business One Studio, but after unregister them I could start use the form editor.

  5. Former Member

    Hello, i don’t have access to the instalation DVD, is there any other way for me to get SAP Business One Studio for Visual Studio?, does SB1S for VS just works with Visual Studio 2010 or can i use another vertion, like VS 2013 or 2015?

    Thank you all and have a nice day.


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