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Syclo Customization Extension-First Steps


The target of this document is to take a user through changes required to add a customer field in work order header and reflect it on works manager application.

Of course the ABAP part, specially the master table enhancements is not in scope of mobility consultant, however understanding from holistic view point can help.


Go to order master table and click on include CI_AUFK


Click yes and continue


Enhance CI_AUFK with required extension fields


Use database utility to adjust AUFK and VSAUFK_CN. Transaction SE14.

ALERT: Makes sure CI_AUFK is successfully activate post adjustments.



Check that ET_WORKORDER_HEADER  type /SYCLO/PM_CAUFV_STR reflects the new field


Copy the data object handler  /SYCLO/CL_PM_WORKORDER2_DO to Z namespace



Enhance code to fill the custom field. In this example we mark the field as X if the function location is SYC1.


Step 2 Config. Panel Changes

Mobile Application Configuration:


Mobile Data Object Configuration:


BAPI Wrapper Configuration:


Step 3: Agentry Changes

Route the steplet to custom code


Enhance screen to show the field


Step4: JAVA code changes

Object class: WorkOrder

Here either we extend the existing work order object or create a whole new order object. For this example we copy the work order object without extension. Also copy the stepHandler and corresponding BAPI classes in a new JAVA project. Add the relevant jars in build path so that the project compiles.




Note*  Adjust config panel to point to these new custom classes

Export the java project as JAR to C:\SAP Work Manager\ServerDev\Java\


Edit the Agentry.ini to include this jar name


Step 5: Publish your application, restart the server, reset test client in ATE and see the changes


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  • Hi Jemin,

    Very nice to see that SAP employees share the steps to enhance syclo applications. Good and easy to understand post. Wel done.

    I'll see if our development team is willing to write up a little bit too. I bet our new SAP Mentor Roel van den Berge will write a blog about his experiences with rex3.0 on SUP 2.2.

    Roel will be at sithh as well with a story about rex3.0 and I do know that our lead developer in our first Syclo project (Wim Snoep ) is sharing is experiences with SAP Work Manager (syclo ) at sithh:


    Jan Laros

    • Hi Jan,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will definitely write more on various topics as and when I draft something worth sharing.



  • Hi Jemin

    Kudos on excellent blog.I am new to syclo and trying to add some custom fields.Can you explain the ideal way to make a customer copy of Syclo Application in Config panel.Which objects need to be changed manually and general trouble shooting?


    • thanks Shankar,

      Copying of a syclo project in config panel is really very simple wizard and we should simply follow it.

      So it will ask for renaming all the DO and other config objects which can be done by find and example just find and replace SAPWM with ZSAPWM

      and thats about it

      • Thanks Jemin

        It worked fine.After that I have created an Agentry project by importing agentry.ini into eclipse.But I do not see any java src files based structure.How do I add custom java logic in this project.


        • Java is a separate project setup.the agentry is a 4GL for control flow logic etc of the client. Via steps it just points at java code.

          The actual custom java code..can be any normal java project which then u can export into the application directory in say JAVA folder and then give that path in  Agentry.ini

          Also u can get out of box java code by asking and then get reference of how to make custom coding in it.

          • Sure you can do this too..well there are lot of things to be considered while doing this...may be in some days I will write a blog a simplified usecase of creating mobile application from scratch.


          • Hi Jemin

            I am trying to build a custom app on SMP 2.3 Agentry platform.While the help guide says one needs to include the Agentry -v5 jar file,this jar does not contain common java files like JCO,SAPObject or StepHandler.Can you please suggest how should one go ahead with designing the step handler classes in a  custom development?

            Thanks in advance for your suggestions.



  • Hi Jemin,

    While using the wizard to replace the application along with its contents to the Customer namespace I am getting two errors as following.

    • MOBILE_APP object ZJT_SAP_WORK_MANAGER_53_CPY is not allowed. It is in protected SAP namespace.
    • Choose the key from the allowed namespace.

    Could you please help me me on this issue.


    • Hi Vijay,

      The problem is not with namespace of the application..but that of related objects...

      So you will have Source Exchange Objects and Target Exchange Objects below in table while copying a project...also MDO, Push Scen, and outbound triggers.

      All of these must have targets in Z name can easily done on each tab by Using Find What: SWM53      an Replace with ZJT_WM53 for example.

      All the best

  • Hi Jemin,

    Thanks for replying.

    I guess I have already done the step that you have advised i.e changing not only the application but also all of its components to the Z namespace using the wizard.

    Even then I am facing the same two error messages.

    It would be really helpful if you could reply to the above issue which I have posted along with the screenshot in the following thread:


  • Hi Jemin,

    With WM 6.0, SAP no longer release the source code, and I'm wondering if you wanted to add an attribute to a work order sub object like a work order operation, how you would go about doing this without reverse engineering the JAVA code?

    e.g. I would not only need to extend the work order operation (and associated classes/configuration), but also extend work order to leverage the new work order operation rather than the out of the box work order operation.

    I believe extension is the only real way forward as otherwise you have a complex upgrade path to take care of.



    ps. The example I've seen where I am has copied the entire WM java source code as a new Z JAR file (without changing namespace) so that the complex extending of classes was avoided but also means we have no real separation of SAP versus custom.

    • Hi Matt,

      Yes, agreed...for any of the subobject extension I would also have followed extension instead of extending SAPObject, I would extend the standard workorder object and take it forward from there....

      And yes, its a bit lengthy chaining where we will land up extending the delegate classes too which are actually responsible of transfering call from workorder object to its subclass.

      In any case doing it in standard SAP namespace is not a good idea because the we will have no support from SAP standard and upgrade process will be very tough.


      Jemin Tanna

      • Hi Jemin,

        Further to my previous comment, I was helping the consultant here refactor their java to move away from a pure modification approach, but as part of extending the stephandler for work order to include additional objects (like attachments since we are on 5.3 and not 6.0), firstly there is this use of createSAPObject which seems to rely on introspection that isn't well documented, but then there is code within updateMOBIStatus that is a private method that you would have no way of replicating without the source code.

        Focusing on the updateMOBIStatus, any ideas how you would extend the GetWorkOrdersStepHandler without knowing there was a private method that updates each work order with a mobile status???

        FYI - My opinion is that it is too early for SAP to stop releasing SAP source code for Work Manager based on this.

        For reference, the whole SAPObjectFactory seems like overkill also that makes extensions more complicated than necessary.

        Interested in your thoughts.



        • Hi Matt,

          I could not agree more...but it is how it is....

          For the status the Mobi status config gives in indication that we need to write a conversion logic somewhere to send to backend...but yes, it would have been nicer to get the standard code too.

          Syclo, from before SAP has been too protective of their code 🙂


          • Thanks Jemin. In my books, that means the new approach to not give code is a flaw in the solution - They either need to change the code to make it properly and safely extendable, or provide full source code. Hidden required methods to be implemented by you within BAPI functionality is a shortcoming with the solution.

            And I think it's a SAP thing, not a Syclo thing since you used to be able to get source code always.

            FYI - There's always decompiling, which works but I think that's frowned upon under the license agreement.



          • Yes, it is definitely an SAP decision.  Our product Java source was always freely available to customers and consultants working on customizations prior to us (Syclo) being purchased by SAP.  We at Syclo (SAP) realize that not having the source can make implementing customazations a challenge for the reasons Matt outlined.  We added javadocs for all classes in all products recently, but this is not always sufficient depending on the complexity of the proposed extensions.  We are working with the powers that be to make the source available to those that need it, but it is a slow process.  In the interim, let us know how we can help you with your implementations and we will do our best.

            Jason Latko - Senior Product Deveoper at SAP

  • Jemin,

    Excellent post, I am new to Syclo WM and had a question regarding the copying of the


    Is there a way to do these enhancements without copying (or mod'ing) the Syclo code?  I have some concerns about upgrades and having to re-do the changes.

    Does Syclo take advantage of enhancement options like BADI's etc?

    Thanks, Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the feedback.

      as far as I understand there is not extension model like Badis. However we should not worry about upgrades as we would have Z lib mapped in our config files which would only have the extended objects...which should still work after the original libs are upgraded.