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Baby Steps into SAP Programming

Never did I think I would leave the world of Windows programming and venture into another world.

Well today I took the first major step. After going through the rigmarole of registering with the SAP Community Network and downloading the Eclipse Code editor and SAP HANA SDK, I was ready to create my first Hello World program.

I fired up Eclipse, the Developer Guide, followed the instructions on how to create my First SAP HANA Hello World App and run straight into my first obstacle 😯

Hello  World Problem,.png

Great 😕

I am not doing something right. I haven’t coded in almost three years so I am dreading the thought of debugging.  But what better way to ease myself back into the World Wide Web of Programming . . .so off I go to debug and find out what I am doing wrong?
I  will be back 😉

Hello  World Problem,.png
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