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Where to hell is the Pretty Printer ?

You already discovered that the good old Pretty Printer from the ABAP workbench has changed its name to Format in ABAP in Eclipse. Congratulations 🙂

But unfortunately it does not the job that you expect? Maybe the reason is that you have not adjusted the formatting options within your project settings. This is another important point you have to know: Besides the eclipse preferences under the window menu we also provide project (that means system specific) settings. You find them by right-clicking on the ABAP project in the project explorer and choosing the item Properties. The following popup comes up and you can adjust the settings:       




Add: I have just got the confirmation from the development teams that with the next release we add a notifcation to the developer in case the default settings are not changed.

I love the agile development model: Just having an idea in mind and it is already implemented 🙂

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