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Welcome to the new 3D Visual Enterprise Dev Center!

Dear community,
I am excited to inform you about another cool product of our Developer Center family: SAP 3D Visual Enterprise. SAP 3D Visual Enterprise is a great evolution of SAP’s User Interface strategy. I remember my times as Product Manager for Mobile, then Web Dynpro and later for UI strategy. 3D Visualization in real time was always a kind of dream for enterprise environments. Only some years later, this unreachable dream turns into reality: All of a sudden accelerating decision making, optimizing productivity, and improving quality becomes intuitive and fun – with software that integrates 3D Visualization and business data across your value chain. With SAP Visual Enterprise applications, you can remove the obstacles that have inhibited communication between your lines of business and your customers and partners.
In order to experience what is possible, I strongly recommend watching this video. It shows how car design engineers, decision makers and production specialists work together, using visualization. It also features a beautifully designed car, which is probably going to be a collector’s item soon. See the amazing Fisker Karma in action!

Another use case I can imagine is assembling new furniture, which I do pretty often, since my husband is too busy to do that (that is his official story, in reality I am pretty sure he does not like it and rather prefers to spend his time on bikes, in cars and so on…). You could struggle with a set of printed instructions that must have been written by a rocket scientist, or simply got lost in  translation somewhere between Mandarin and English. Or, a more elegant alternative, you could use a 3D step-by-step instruction – get ready, IKEA! Whether you are building a crib, assembling a bike, or fixing your lawnmower, 3D Visual Enterprise turns that dreaded weekend project into a fun experience. Check it out!
Curios enough? Want to get your hands on SAP’s 3D Visual Enterprise? Check out the SDK’s, it is all for free!
And if that is not enough yet, here is a real customer use case you might like:
If you have any questions, please post them in the discussion forum or post your comments here!
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  • Thanks for sharing the videos on Visual Enterprise!

    Key take-aways:

    • 3D visualization goes together quite well with augmented reality (video 1)
    • Assembly of parts is still the classical scenario to apply 3D visualization (video 2)
    • The strength of 3D visualization is its unique representation of knowledge which, in some cases, cannot be communicated otherwise.  (video 3)
    • Hi Joerg,

      I kind of feel the same, but I also think there is way more potential. Future will show, what is possible. I can't wait 🙂

      Happy weekend!

    • Hi Marcus,

      The SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Solution suite can be a great addition to many existing Solutions including SAP PLM, SAP EAM, SAP ME, SAP CAMS, SAP VC/IPC, BO Dashboards and more coming soon. SDKs allow for embedding viewer ins SAP GUI, NWBC, iPad and Android. Visual Enterprise allows interaction with 3D content delivered across desktop and mobile to solve business issues with visualization at the user's device.

      Visual Business is a solution around mapping and GIS information with analytics. It also does 3D for showing context and geographic locations relationships. It's 3D designed for lightweight navigation, location relationships and symbols.

      Visual Enterprise is designed for converting 3D mechanical or architectural CAD for lightweight detailed content visualization. For example VE is used for creating step-by-step detailed work instructions for a shop floor or repair procedure and then deliver it to an end user on a mobile device as part of a work order. So every detail down to the nut an bolt of a mechanical CAD assembly can be animated or colored for analytics on teh detailed model.

      I have been asked often about maps and GIS, something VE is not typically designed for. I look forward to having the solutions work together so the user can go from viewing a Geo mapped analytics data to a 3D plant model showing analytics seamlessly. This would use the strengths of each solution.



      • Thanks for the insight.

        You said Visual Enterprise can be a great addition to many SAP applications. But for which of those mentioned application is it already shipped and integrated? Or is this always based on CD projects?

        I agree that the SAP Visual *** teams should align, sit together and maybe even join forces.

        We in SAP Transportation Management first tackled the GIS stuff to display transportation routes on maps and now go into 3D for truck loading.



        • Hi Marcus,

          Visual Enterprise is a separate Lob and is now part of the Idea to Performance group of solutions. All the Solutions I mentioned have an integration with the viewer. The integration comes with how to get the data into SAP DMS. This is done with either a CAD partner integration or a direct integration with Visual Enterprise Generator. This is the processing engine that converts data and stores it in DMS or another database. I hope this helps.

          Feel free to contact me directly.