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From 4.0, SOVN OrgChart can only visualize the basic org structure and relationships (O-O-S-P) out of the box. This is because the standard function modules for visualizing the org structure (/NAKISA/OC_OU_STRUCTURE and /NAKISA/OC_POSITION_STRUCTURE) are hard-coded with the standard relationships 002, 003, 012, and 008. Nakisa’s standard function modules no longer leverage evaluation paths. However, Nakisa do provide the ability to leverage HR-OCI and use the legacy NakisaRFC functionality.

In order for customers to visualize other relationships or other org structures they must build their own integration. This can be done in a number of ways:

  1. In the Admin Console create a new OrgChart using HR-OCI
  2. In the Admin Console create a new OrgChart using NakisaRFC
  3. Copy the function modules /NAKISA/OC_OU_STRUCTURE and /NAKISA/OC_POSITION_STRUCTURE and change them to read the read the relationships of your structure
  4. Create a new function module that returns the structure as a table

For option 1, customers must create the necessary HR-OCI configuration in SAP prior to creating the OrgChart within the AdminConsole. For options 3 and 4, the function modules can then be integrated into OrgChart in the Data Center module of the AdminConsole. Please note that Nakisa do not recommend using option 2 for performance reasons.

Note: Structural authorizations are not leveraged in the standard function modules in 4.0, but they are enabled as of 4.0 SP1.

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