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Restore Source System Connectivity in BW QA after BW QA gets System Copy or Refresh

*** UPDATE 20th Oct 2014 : Please look at: and OSS note 886102 for the automation and improvement updated by SAP ***

It is not uncommon that once BW QA gets refreshed or system copy from BW Prod, the source system connectivity to ERP system breaks. This document shows the step-by-step to restore BW QA to ERP QA.

ERP System:               ERP Quality System (QAS) client 100

BW QA System:          BW Quality System (Q11) client 100

Scenario:                    Source Systems QASCLNT100 is broken in txn RSA1 in BW QA (Q11) after it is refreshed from BW Production. This is a need to restore the connection for transport migration to work successfully.


1. Open clients via txn SCC4, SE06 in ERP QA (QAS) and BW QA (Q11). If not, you will encounter dump DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND when trying to recreate the Source Systems in x11’s txn RSA1. (This step requires Basis authorization and should be done by Basis)

  • Logon to ERP QA (QAS) , run txn SCC4 and open client for changes. Repeat for BW QA (Q11).


  • In ERP QA (QAS) Run txn SE06, open namespaces so that there is no error when running FM RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT later on. Repeat for BW QA (Q11).


2. In BW QA (Q11), go to txn WE20, check for ERP QA (QASCLNT100). If it does not exist, create it. If it exists, select the ERP QA’s Partner Profile QASCLNT100 and delete RSRQST from outbound and RSINFO and RSSEND from inbound. Save your partner profile. It should look like the screen below.


3. Obtain ALE user-id passwords for to logon to QAS client 100 (ERP) and Q11 client 100 (BW) later on.

Step-by-Step Restore Procedure:

1. In BW QA (Q11), run txn SE11, table RSBASIDOC, narrow the results by putting in your ERP system id only e.g. QAS*




2. In BW QA (Q11), run txn SE37, enter function module RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT and client Test/Execute button.


This step deletes obsolete BW connections. Repeat this step for all entries in table RSBASIDOC.

Enter the values accordingly and click Generate button.

I_BIW_LOGSYS = BW QA system (Q11)



Caution: DO NOT enter a value in the field “RFC target sys”. This would cause the function module to run in the system specified there!




3. In BW QA (Q11), run txn RSA1 and Create Source System QASCLNT100.


With existing RFC destination and passwords, enter the fields like below:


You will be prompt to logon to QAS client 100. Click Continue button will do.


Click Use button if you are confident that the RFC destination works perfectly. If not, you could click Check button to confirm.


You might encounter a pop up message like this below. Click Delete will do. If this happens, after delete, repeat step 3 again.


4. With existing RFC destination and passwords, you should be able to create the Source System for ERP QA (QASCLNT100) without problem.


Problems that I encountered along the way……..

Problem 1:  DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND when trying to generate Source System QASCLNTxxx in txn RSA1

Solution:     Open clients in txn SE06 and SCC4 in both ERP QA and BW QA systems

Problem 2:  Entry in inbound table already exists


  1. Go to WE20 and check whether Partner profile QASCLNT100 exist in LS type,if not just add Parnter profile with same and save.
    Partner profile Name: QASCLNT100
    TYPE: LS
    Ty: US
    User: User Name
    Lang: EN
    and Save.
  2. Again re-click on Partner Profile: QASCLNT100
    you will see ,there will be some entries in Inbound & out Bound Tabs.
    Delete the following from outbound:
    Delete the following from inbound.
    and save your partner profile.
  3. Now execute txn RSA1, it will ask to active Workbench, activate it and it should work.

Lastly, this document is only possible from the two reference below and many other related threads that I had also come cross so I would also like to give credits to them.


OSS Note 886102 – System Landscape Copy for SAP Netweaver BW (Phase 6)

Transfer Structure Prefix error –

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  • Not exactly related to the topic but rather to the process of doing system copies. I take it that you are aware that the SAP recommendation is to also copy the source system? If you refresh the BW QA system from BW PRD, you should also refresh ERP QA from ERP PRD before reconnecting the source system.

    • Hi Samuli,

      Yes, I agree with SAP recommendation, in fact by doing so, there are so many issues Basis could avoid. Unfortunately, sometimes due to complexity of landscape in global SAP environment and tight project deadlines for different regions, refreshing ERP QA is not always possible hence such a problem occurs and needs to deal with.

      Thanks for highlighting this, it does throw some lights to others who aren't aware of the dependency and impact between ERP and BW 🙂

    • Hi RB,

      Thanks for the feedback. Interestingly, I sourced the solution from OSS notes too but I could not locate where exactly that particular step is from at the moment. I am taking this article offline since Note 1478123 clearly states it shouldn't be run in BW. When I need to restore source system in BW next round, I can get a chance to clarify the details.

      Thanks once again.



    • Hi RB,

      In regards point 2 that I have written, I referenced it from 886102 - System Landscape Copy for SAP NetWeaver BW , Scenario C2, Step 6.4: Delete copied source system assignments. This note replaces Note 184322 - Procedure after DB copy of BW source systems

      In this blog, only BW QA gets refreshed from BW Prod and ERP QA remains as it is.

      Let me know what you think. I am still holding this blog in draft mode.



      • Good Day Annie

        What I wanted to point out is the execution of the function module RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT in the BW system. I this blog it appears to me that you are running it on the BW system. But according to the note mentioned below it should be run on the source system. Eg R/3 or ECC

        1478123  - FAQ: Source system



        • Hi RB,

          I appreciate our conversation and always good to have someone 'vetting' the answer as well to ensure the quality of the content. I find it pretty easily to get 'blind-spot' at times especially when there are so many ways to resolve a problem in SAP. 😉