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As you discovered few seconds ago, HANA doesn’t come with any preloaded sample data.

So, before starting to play with your brand new system, you need to find and load some data.


Luckily SAP provides for free its flight data model (you can download it here) – it’s a good starting point since it contains a sufficient amount of data and a limited number of tables.


In the next steps I’m going to explain (or better I’m going to try) how you can import SFLIGHT into HANA System directly from your local machine.



1 – Unzip the SFLIGHT archive







2 – On HANA Studio, expand the desired system.





3 – Right click on the folder Catalog and then click on Import.






4 – Select Import Catalog Objects from Current Client and then click on Browse…





5 – Navigate to the folder where you previously extraceted the SFLIGHT archive; select the unzipped folder and click on OK.





6 – Click on NEXT.




7 – Select all (CTRL + A) the items showed on the left and click on Add.







8 – Click on Next.
9 – To import tables and the corresponding data, select Catalog and Data and then set a convenient Number of Parallel Threads; click on Finish.




10 – The procedure will run for few seconds but, at the end, refreshing (F5) the Navigator View, the SFLIGHT schema will “magically” appear.






Now you’re ready to start the exploration of SAP HANA. Have fun!


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Ricardo,

    Link is not working. It links to file sharing platform and if I download it from there, it has executable with malicious virus…Is it possible for you to upload and  share this file from that will solve problem for ever.


  2. Mohamed Hani

    Hello Ricardo,

    I am trying to import above provide flight data to my HANA XS Advanced express edition instance which is hosted in google cloud. The import is always getting struck in “import catalog objects from C:\temp\sflights Database for HANA\index\SFLIGHT\SB\SBOOK\table.xml”

    Could you please help me on this.



    1. Mohamed Hani

      Data imported. Left the import for half n hour and it got imported :). Apologies for the false alarm. Not deleting the comment as others too might face this delay :). Many thanks Ricardo for SFLIGHT data!!!


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