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How to: SLD content update

This document describes how to update the SLD content.

Relevant SAP note:

Note 669669 – Updating the SAP Component Repository in the SLD

The note contains the necessary information to see which files you need to download from SAP Service Marketplace.


picture 1.0

You can see the SLD content version in the SLD by navigating to Administration – Details (see picture 1.0).


picture 1.1

The Model Version (1.6.34) is what file cimsap represents and the SAP CR Content Version (SAP_CR 8.9) is what file(s) CRDelta represent (see picture 1.1).


picture 1.2

You can check SAP Note 669669 – Updating the SAP Component Repository in the SLD (see picture 1.2) to see which files you need to update to the latest version.

The current version of the SLD was SAP_CR 8.9 so we need to update from 8.x to 9.0 and then from 9.0 to 9.y (latest version available).

Downloading the CIM SAP Content file

The file that will be imported first into the SLD, is the CIM SAP file. You can find this file on SAP Marketplace. The Model Version (cimsap zip file) can be updated directly to the latest version. The most current folder for CIM SAP is SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 2013


picture 1.3

You can find this folder on under the path Browse our Download Catalog – <in the left pane choose> SAP Technology Component – SAP CR Content – SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 2013 (see picture 1.3).


picture 1.4

Click on # OS independent to show the list of available files (see picture 1.4).


picture 1.5

For this file, you can just take the latest available ZIP file (see picture 1.5).

Downloading the SAP_CR Content files

Different then with the Model Version, for the CR content, you cannot directly update to the latest version (unless you are already on a very recent version 9.x to 9.y for example is possible. Otherwise, you need to incrementally update. For example if you start with 7.x you need to update 7.x to 8.0 and 8.0 to 9.x and 9.x to 9.y.


picture 1.6


picture 1.7

In this example, to update from 8.x (we are at SAP_CR 8.9) to 9.0 you need the latest CRDelta file under the folder SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 2012 (see picture 1.7) to start with. This is reflected in the content of Note 669669 – Updating the SAP Component Repository in the SLD as you can see in picture 1.6.


picture 1.8

Here, select the newest CRDelta file (check Last Changed column) & download the file (see picture 1.8).


picture 1.9

In order to update to the latest version, you also need the latest CRDelta zip file from SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 2013 (see picture  1.9). Note that this changes over time as you can expect SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 2014 in the future.


picture 2.0

Download the latest CRDelta version for CR CONTENT UP TO 2013 (see picture 2.0).

Importing the content into the SLD


picture 2.1

Click on Administration in the upper menu of the SLD (see picture 2.1)


picture 2.2

Click on Import under header Content (see picture 2.2)


picture 2.3

Click on the Browse button (see picture 2.3).


picture 2.4

First upload the cimsap content (see picture 2.4).

Select the cimsap zip file and confirm.


picture 2.5

Click on Import Selected File (see picture 2.5).


picture 2.6

Click on Continue Import when no errors are shown – see issue(s) section at the end of the document for more information (see picture 2.6).


picture 2.7


picture 2.8

You can follow the steps and the progress of the import (see picture 2.7 and picture 2.8).


picture 2.9

Once the import is finished, go back to Administration Import to upload the CRDelta content

Click on Import under header Content (see picture 2.9)


picture 3.0

Click on the Browse button


picture 3.1

Select the first (lowest version – see picture 3.1) CRDelta zip file.


picture 3.2

Click on Import Selected File (see picture 3.2).


picture 3.3

Click on Continue Import (see picture 3.3).


picture 3.4

You can follow the progress of the import (see picture 3.4). This import can take a significant amount of time. I measured this update on a development system (not the best sized / fasted environment ) and it took an hour and a quarter to process the update. The amount of time needed depends on the size of the update. This update was around 30 MB in size.

Now, we still need to process one more update. Navigate back to Administration Import.


picture 3.5

Select the second CRDelta file – see picture 3.5 (you can have many CRDelta files depending on the source version  and the target version of the SLD content).


picture 3.6

Click on Import Selected File (see picture 3.6).


picture 3.7

Click on Continue Import (see picture 3.7).


picture 3.7

The result is an updated SLD:

From Model Version 1.6.34 to 1.6.36
From SAP CR Content Version SAP_CR 8.9 to SAP_CR 9.2.

Possible issue(s)

Wrong target version


picture 3.8

If you try to import a version that is not compatible with the actual version a error message will be shown (see picture 4.8).

Do not Import anyway in this case! You should respect the proper order of import for CR Delta.

Cancel the Import and check that you have the correct sequence.

The content update is too large for import

Another issue that can occur is that the content update is too large. To overcome this problem, you can modify the parameter MaxUploadSizeMB (WebUI).

You can find this parameter by going to Administration – Profile. Then switch to section ALL and search for MaxUploadSizeMB (WebUI). Increase the value (for example up to 50 MB) and save.

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  • As always another great post Tom Cenens , is really helpfully for solution manager, SLD cr-content is the first think that you have to check when you found some troubles on LMDB/MOPZ. thanks for share it.

    P.D. what do you think about the option to auto update SLD cr-content ? if that is so important for solution manager, wy SAP dont think about that before ?



    • Hi Luis

      Interesting question. I don't have an answer for it but I'm sure SAP has an answer and I'll definitely check with them.

      The current recommendation is to update the SLD content every 3 months.

      Best regards


      • Hello Tom,

        Thank for the document.

        Lluis idea is great indeed, SAP could have set up an automatic update mechanism, or at least made it more simple

        => just a nice [Update] button, and it get updated with latest version from SMP !

        I do not have enough time to keep SLD updated every 3 months and non cumulative update is painful...

        Best regards


      • Not sure about the auto-update, but one possible reason might be that it is a potentially disruptive process to production operations.  For instance, while the CR content import is occurring (which can be a process of a number of minutes, even half an hour or so), many Portal-based applications, such as ESS or MSS, which depend upon the SLD, will be unstable.  So, given this, system administrators will naturally want to be able to control the timing of any SLD updates to occur during a maintenance window.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Matt

          I understand your point of view but surely that can be taken into account. If it could be scheduled in to run at a specific moment in time for example the problem would already be tackled.

          Best regards


          • Yes, that's true -- I would not be against scheduling it.  I would just be against it being a completely automated task in the vein of how many computers handle Windows updates today, which is what I imagined when I read 'auto-update.'

    • Hi Naresh

      One of the things I wanted to show with this document is that in order to share something on SCN it doesn't always have to be rocket science.

      I know this procedure is described in text in a SAP note and that many get to learn it and know it after a while but still I felt like this document would add value to the whole as it explains the process with screenshots and not just text and it also provides a little bit of side information.

      From the moment a post adds value to the existing content out there, it's worth it and I'm very glad community members, like you, comment on the post / document to show me that it does indeed do that.

      So thanks for reading & commenting!

      Best regards


  • Thanks for the awesome article!

    Is there anything that can done to performance tune the import (like an export/import buffer)? We have 7 years to update in our system, going to be a long night lol.


    • HI Derek

      Thanks for the comment.

      Well, I didn't encounter the same situation as what you have right now so never really looked for it 🙂 . You might be able to tweak it but then you would have to trace it and figure out what the system is doing in detail, which tables are accessed, check if their stats are good etc etc.

      Best regards


      • Hi Tom!

        Thanks for the reply. I checked around and a few people have had this issue, there are typically some indexes missing, that would have to be traced with the methods you outlined above.

        I just kicked off the imports and checked in on them a couple of times a day over the weekend, looks like we're finally up to 2015 in a couple of hours lol.

        Thanks !


        • Hi Derek,

          Since you are importing several years' worth of content updates, you might be running into some well-known imports that did take longer than usual. Note 669669 has some notes about this in the details. For instance, if your NetWeaver release is below 7.00 SP10 each cimsap import would take 30-60 minutes, whereas from SP10 on, and in 7.01 and higher, the same import is under a minute. Also, a couple of the older CRDelta files are known to take much longer than typical. So, you might just be running into some of these issues.



  • Hi,

    what if I found system where SLD CR was not updated since 2012, so now I have to import 18 deltas one by one. Is there any way how to put them into one queue so I don't have to import them one by one?



    • Hi Laxman

      Because the CR content holds the definitions of SAP products and elements. SAP brings out new products and does updates on the content so if you don't update it, sooner or later you'll run into problems that your managed SAP system isn't recognized properly or that elements are missing which then cause issues in scenario's you try to set up down the road, in SAP Solution Manager for example.



  • Hi Tom,

    Great blog.

    I installed both Solution manger 7.1 and 7.2. Upgrading CR content on 7.2 took about 10 mins to the top level. But upgrading 7.1 took me one day(from 7.x to 12.y). The procedure of upgrading 7.1 is too tired....



    • Hi Alex

      Thanks for reading / commenting.

      I do agree that it is a rather time consuming thing to do. It's unfortunate that the SLD content isn't updated out of the box actually. I'll provide the feedback to SAP to see if there is a way to make it faster / easier.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom

    I'd like to ask after upgrading the CR and CIM of the SLD there is a pub up while running the sync between SLD and LMDB

    "CIM model version 1.6.55 of the source is higher than version 1.6.29 of LMDB.
    Confirm the update of the LMDB model to version 1.6.55."

    I read a topic that I have to configure the LMDB model version of solution manager but i don't know how??

    Any suggestions?