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Blog It Forward – Hussain Sehorewala

I had been tagged by Katya Shmuel almost a year back in her blog -> Blog It Forward – Katya Shmuel .

I hope this BIF blog encourages SCN members post their BIF blogs and again start the chain .


Lets start with Introduction

I am a SAP Basis Specialist and SCN member for 6 years now. Currently I am working with IBM. .

Being in SAP Basis gives you new experiences every day (sure all Basis Forks will agree), including few days when you dont like your job. 

It is like living on the edge; with everyday comes in new technology, new challenge, new problems and new learnings.

Here is a SCN blog on what I have to say about my Job .

Let me list down activities that keep be busy and makes me happy


I like to ride when the weather is right and enjoy the most when I have a nice company .

That is my ride, which I had rode 500 Kms  (Mumbai to Pune and Back) in 2 days when i first got it. 

While the same is not true for driving. Driving is not much of a delight in cit like Mumbai.

Here is a blog about what I have to say about it: Lessons form Driving


I believe this passion for photography comes with my disposition of close observation,

Closing observing things , a habit that I might have developed due to inspecting server logs closely as part of Basis work.

I know it is unusual to link hobbies to your work.

Photography to me is like capturing time – space and presenting it the way to see. One of my mobile click showing London from the London Eye.



This is a new hobby I took up and I am happy I did.

And I realized I like to sketch portraits more then anything else.


Its wonderful to learn how minute details make huge difference in how we look.

I wish to sketch landscapes of world famous places which I visit and admire.


Even though I have seen very few cities and countries, I have been travelling all the while for work. Engineer from Mumbai University, got in placed in Satyam Computers in Hydrabad. After few days of training  got into a project in Chennai for job training. Then my job took to lot of different cities in India like Pune , Bangalore, Dheli and Mumbai .

I got a changes to work in Doha (Qatar) and right now I am in Coventry, United Kindom. Visited few places in United Kingdom like London, Scotland , Beriminghum, Lake district, peak district, Black Pool and Stradford.  If you have any more suggestion please leave a comment

Getting to two BIF Questions of my choice.

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

I would get a degree in Computer Engg, then would take up masters in Artificial intelligence and virtual Reality .

To add to that that I would like to get a study Management, which hopefully I should still manage to do.

· What do you most enjoy on SCN?

Personally  learning is very important for me.

SCN is fun beause it allows to to learn and share you learning as well.

In addtion  :

– Get insights into SAP from people acctually working on it at ground level.

– Get to know  talented people

– You get professional recognation if you provide quality contribution 

· What is the best resource of information in SCN?

I think Blogs are best source of information followed by forms.

Questions ask/forwarded by Katya Shmuel in her blog.

1.  What is your personal life dream?

  • Get my parent a nice retirement house
  • Get a worth while Management degree
  • Visiting most parts of the word
  • Author a book (Technical or non – technical)
  • Draw cartoons for magazine / newspaper

2.  What are your most significant achievements in life (both personal and professional)?

I believe my most significant achievements are yet to come.

Jokes apart; I would like to list my SCN achievements which are not many.

  • Was Top Contributor for my Company for last year
  • Prize for SCN Snotties
  • Top 10 Contibutor for SAP Idea place

3.  What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

  • Father – From him I have learnt to live happy a life, setting the right expectations from life and yourself.
  • Mother – She has tough me how to grow in life, step by step move ahead aiming at your next destination.

And  finally I will ask following fun questions

  1. Share a fun fact/story about yourself
  2. Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?
  3. What is your dream Job ?

I am bloggin this forward to ricardo brunato

If you want me to forward it to you please leave a comment.

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      Hi. I want to contact you regarding an issue you posted some years ago, about configuring virus scan for symantec for 64 bits. Thanks