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SAP Business Intelligence and Big Data

SAP Business Intelligence and Big Data

Big Data is not about dealing with Transactions, it’s about maintaining customer response too. Analytics is no more game on transactional data; analytics is now taking focus on the externalities involved in the transactional data.

The analysis we derived from Transactional data is not enough as per the current market scenario.

With the current market which we are experiencing right now is more mature and more competent. Today’s market is not governed by few market players. Gone are those days when few names in the market use to overrule the market space. Today
market is flooded with brands that have gain access to the market share by bringing more features, cost factor, consumer service and innovation. Surviving factor is not only governed by Price alone, it is now the number game.

More the market share you have better you are in the profitability side.

Companies now are getting edge out with the % margin dipping below 2 digits, as the current market is running neck to neck.

The whole concept behind the above reasoning is that the current market is not running on WYSIWG scenario these days. It has taken a complete shift now; we therefore need to look beyond the transactional figures. Current market is about
understanding the patterns, thoughts of the customer with the Transactional Data.

Current Market is no more Blue Ocean Business whereby we able to carve out the expectations of the customer on the basis of demand and supply. Now the businesses have to understand and analyze the customer expectations.

What is the customer expectation role in driving the Market??

Customer expectations place an important role in driving the market business. Let’s take an example:-Few years back no one has thought about the use of Facebook, Twitter on Social Side or say Linked-In on Professional side.

No one was sure about the kind of service or requirement. What we use to feel socializing is cell phones which has taken a huge leap in the market of communication leaving behind landline and pagers.


If we look 15 years back markets are not that much global as it is right now.

  • No one ever thought about a film screening happening across the globe at the same time and accessible to the viewers at the same time.
  • No one thought about buying products of American / European companies so easily; every single thing is now available at the blink of eye in local market of the same company. Our reach increases so our desire to reach out to people increases, let say Facebook where not only we search our old time school or college friends but we also want to increase our reach to strangers to whom we meet occasionally/accidentally/professionally with whom we feel comfortable.
  • The first thing we do when we interact with someone and feel comfortable with them, we ask for their Facebook id or twitter handle or Linked-In Id (so called professional connection) why? Because we want to expand our reach.That is called the consumer expectations: – desire to reach and go global attitude and that is where Facebook, twitter and linked-in are.

Understanding patterns requires lots of analysis and how efficiently we handle it is the big question; here we need the concepts of Big Data like SAP HANA, Hadoop.

Hadoop deals in Petabytes of Data and has no minimum requirements in terms of data format.
Hadoop is majorly used with unstructured data and that too which goes in petabytes – 1000 TB. It could be any text conversations, chat, anything. It analyses the pattern and bring meaningful data out of it using MR – Map and Reduce concept.

Capabilities of SAP HANA and HADOOP combinedly will help in leveraging the capabilities of Structured
and Unstructured Data which in technical terms is the combination of Relational and Unstructured Data (Text Files like Chat text, conversations and all)

Figure below shows how the different data sources (mainly Big Data) can be utilized anconsumed well to increase the analytical capabilities of SAP Business Intelligence.

BI and Big Data.JPG

Hadoop doesn’t have Real time Capabilities as it deals in Batch Processing and SAP HANA is the best suite in Real Time Concept but HANA is not good on unstructured data. If we Leverage out on the capabilities of both HANA and HADOOP effectively it will certainly going to result in defining the perfect solution.

Hadoop Data (Logical data Output) with Relational Data from SAP HANA help the market leaders to understand the Actuals V/S Consumer Expectations which will in turn allows the analyst to understand the emerging trend and address the market
requirement accordingly. This is the new breakthrough both in terms of Market Dynamics and Analytic Capabilities. Business Intelligence is now more powerful in interpreting the market requirements and that is the Future of the BI Market.

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