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Author's profile photo Markus Ganser

How-To-Paper Outlining Customizing Synchronization Between MDG and ERP

In many cases, SAP customers implementing SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) need to think about the synchronization of customizing across at least two systems in order to keep consistent business processes that span multiple systems. This in particular is true if the SAP customer follows the SAP MDG Hub approach (MDG deployed on a different system than the operational ERP system). This is why SAP MDG experts have come up with a how-to paper that takes a closer look into the topic of customizing synchronization.

The intention of the Customizing Synchronization Between ERP and MDG document is to support SAP MDG implementation projects with general guidelines, templates and links to documentation that can be a basis for the synchronization process. This paper also includes an object list template that can be seen as sample list of objects that might need to be transported. In addition, it is accompanied by a presentation providing an overview of basic synchronization considerations.

Hope this is useful in your implementation projects.



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      Author's profile photo ashish vikas
      ashish vikas

      Dear Markus,

      many thanks for sharing this document.

      In our project, we are working on Initial Synchronization of MDG system with operational ERP. In your document section 3.1 you write, "

      The Transport Management System (TMS) and Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets) are the technical foundation for the distribution of customizing. They can be used for the initial synchronization when the MDG system has been installed and the object lists (see section: Object Lists) have been identified."

      I want to understand how this should be achieved.. are you referring of making a Transport requests in ERP with Object Lists and importing them in MDG system.

      Can you please tell me any SAP Note/Guide which describes this.. i searched a lot but not finding anything on this..

      Thank you.

      best regards


      Author's profile photo David Quirk
      David Quirk

      Hi Ashish,

      The process is that you would identify the configuration needed in your existing system and from that, determine which would best be used for BC Sets / Transports. Then you can transport this to your MDG dev hub and build transports BC Sets as needed there to transport throughout your MDG landscape.

      This is only intended to discuss possible options. Each customer will have different complexities etc that need to be considered. The project team needs to include basis expertise to guide with landscape decisions, as with any SAP implemetation.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Markus,

      Thanks for providing great food for thought regarding synchronization considerations in an MDG hub deployment. We are currently evaluating the pros and cons between deploying MDG as a HUB or a co-deployment within our organization.

      I want to understand what other considerations we need to explore before making the decision. Can you please point me do either a white paper or SAP note that discusses the pros and cons of each deployment scenario?

      Thanks much,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      We usually don't call it pros/cons since depending on the situation the same aspect may appear differently. Rather I'd ask a set of questions to realize the consequences and then choose the right way.

      Pertinent questions can be:

      • Number of ERPs and the SoR
      • LoB/Internal Businesses Control areas of data governance
      • Global/regional phases of roll out
      • Business Strategy/Priority
      • ERP upgrade strategy
      • Industry and add-on solutions

      For instance, if MDG is rolled out for a region only (or a LoB for that mattter) but you have one central instance of ERP the hub would give more flexibility for control. On the same token, if there are multiple ERPs on different EhP levels then the hub will allow necessary flexibility.

      On the contrary, there might be a situation with multiple ERPs but the company  very punctiliously stays on the latest EhP and there ERPs are harmonized. In that situation it would be possible to consider co-deploying MDG with the leading ERP instance.

      You get the point, right? There are no absolute pros/cons...

      To sum up you can check that view:





      Extra hardware cost

      Hardware reuse

      Industry solutions/add-ons



      Schema/Object ERP/MDG unification

      Not applicable

      Object/Values Superset

      Upgrade flexibility



      Data distribution


      Not applicable

      Cross-domain management

      All objects are in one place

      Integration is necessary



      Not applicable

      If you're attending teched we'll be talking about the deployment options there specifically.

      Author's profile photo Anjan Nandy
      Anjan Nandy

      Dear Markus,

      In the document I can see the list of objects required to transfer to MDG Hub. If I want to transfer customization with BC Sets of SPRO Node then whether there is any list which will give list of SPRO nodes to be included in BCSet. So if you have list of SPRO nodes then that will be helpful to prepare the BC Set list.



      Author's profile photo Veeramalla V
      Veeramalla V

      Hi Markus,

        I can see that implicit synch is possible with TMS and BC sets, in my scenario ecc is having lot of additional add-on's compare(GRC etc..) to MDG system is it possible to use TMS and BC sets to copy initial customization instead of client copy

      As per my understanding client copy requires both system should be in same level.


      Author's profile photo Markus Ganser
      Markus Ganser
      Blog Post Author

      Genereally, it is possible to use TMS and BC sets to copy initial customization instead of client copy. Please see SAP note 1090842 (if source and target system are on different levels). Do not use Customizing Synchronization for initial load.

      Author's profile photo Veeramalla V
      Veeramalla V

      Hello Markus,

      Currently i am working on solution manager synchronization  setup , but i did't find any useful information apart from your guide  .

      Most of the documents referring to solution manager 7.1 , is there any improvements in new solution manager 7.2 .

      In the document  you mentioned ,  still some configuration required manual intervention . Do we have any specific list ? or any improvement in new solution manager.

      found @

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      We are currently using MDG 8.0 on HANA as a hub instance. My question is around the ECC Customizing configuration synchronization. We were able to sync one ERP config into MDG and now planning to bring the second ERP master data in MDG. I cannot use BC sets or transports of ERP2 into MDG as this will overwrite the ERP1 configuration in MDG. Do you have any recommended practices for such scenarios?

      Thank you,