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How to Configure Excel for SAP Business One

How to Configure Excel for SAP?

SAP Business One integrates very well with the Microsoft Office suite.

However, for SAP Business One to properly export data and launch Microsoft Excel, several options must be selected. The following selections help to automate the export from SAP Business One to Microsoft Excel.

Step 1 –Open Microsoft Excel and edit the Excel Options.

Step 2 – Select and Enter the Trust Center Settings

Step 3 – Select the following Trust Center Settings

Now select “OK” to save your changes.

SAP Business One should now properly work with Microsoft Excel

• Exporting queries to Excel

• Exporting forms to Excel

• Exporting reports to Excel

* Note, this process must also be followed when enabling XL Reporter.

** If Microsoft Excel still does not properly work with SAP Business One, check the Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Path tab for the definition of a proper path to the Excel directory.

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