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Error when Creating Analytics View – Measure Cannot be Identified

When creating an analytic view in HANA, I received the following error, which prevented me from saving the view.


Even with extensive search in SCN, I was unable to find any hints on the cause of this error, and how to resolve it. Hopefully, this post will save someone else couple of hours, and some hair pulling!

When creating the analytic view, I used a LEFT join in my Data Foundation, to retrieve the data I needed , which could then be fed to Logical View (as shown in the screen shot below).


However, for the Data foundation, there can only be ONE main driving table. The analytic view can use only FACTS from this driving table. In this situation, I had NOT specified this driving table/central table, which can be used in Analytic view for FACTS/MEASURES.


To resolve the error, select the central table and assign it to Central Entity. You should now be able to save the analytic view.

Central Entity.jpg

On a closing note, when there is a situation where we need measures from multiple FACT tables, we will have to create separate Analytic Views – one for each measure – and then combine them in a Calculation View.

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