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PowerBuilder download will be back tomorrow – May 15

Just wanted to let folks know that our link will be back up tomorrow. Sorry for the lengthy delay in getting it reposted – I am just happy it will be ready to go live in the morning!

As for other info on PB, I am hoping we will have more to share soon. Beta for 15 should be available soon.

I am planning on posting some 1-1 interviews with folks who have been doing AMAZING things with Appeon Mobile – please let me know if you’d like to take part!

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  • Hi Sue;

      Both Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile are amazing!   😎

      I even have my son (who is a big Android user/developer) super-hyped on using PB Classic and Appeon Mobile to build tablet applications! Appeon could be "the key" to bringing new & young developers into the PB realm!   😉

    Regards ... Chris

    • I agree Chris. Whatever I read/see for Appeon Mobile is very promising.

      BUT I think it is expensive. To be more precise the cost model is a bit vague with the Appeon Server etc.

      Our application uses PDAs. We are building the mobile apps using Visual Studio. That is not very compfortable since our main platform is Powerbuilder.

      But how much more will our customer need to pay us for buying e.g 3 PDAs (with our mobile app built using the Appeon platform) ?

      I am not negative by any means! I will jump in immediately if the cost is such that I can persuade my customers that it is worth the migration from the old VS app...

      • Hi Panos;

          FWIW: You might want to talk to Armeen Mazda at Appeon about becoming an ISV and bundle your Appeon Web applications from that perspective. That might be a better business / price model for you to deploy from.

        Regards ... Chris

  • FWIW: I downloaded the PB 12.5.2 trial version and I see that it is the Feb 16, 2013 build which is the same as the 12.5.2 MR. A quick test reveals that it has same problems as the 12.5.2 MR - ie: installer crashes (GPF's) on XP, disappearing toolbars, DDDW issues, etc - plus no read-me files for EBF's included, known issues, etc documentation we normally always get with a PB install.    🙁

    Hopefully, SAP is planning a 12.5.3 MR very soon!  ????  

  • Hi Sue,

    A month ago you wrote: 'Beta for 15 should be available soon'. I wondered what the current status is, as you mentioned the same thing at the beginning of march.

    Regards, Aart