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What is the difference between “Refresh regularly” and “Display saved values” in FMS?

Dear all,

The main aim of this blog is to understand the difference between Refresh regularly and Display saved values in Formatted Search Query (FMS). From SAP Business forum, I can  find that members (not all) can easily create FMS. But not able to get correct values for that assigned for the field.

Where it comes from:

Under Tools-> customization Tools->User-defined Values  -Setup ->Search in Existing User-Defined Values According to Saved Query ->Auto Refresh When Field Changes. Please refer attached image for this window.

Difference with example:

The Formatted Search (FMS) function used with the auto refresh  functionality allows an automatic update of data in a given field whenever the field the refreshment it is based on, is changed.

1. Refresh Regularly

The “Refresh regularly” save the value provided at the time of  creation/update in the database table. However each time that the  document is opened the value of the field is refreshed in the GUI in  order to provide the most updated information. This means that when  browsing between documents the formatted search field is triggered and  the value updated at the GUI Level. The value on the table level remains unchanged.


If the value in the based field is the same as in the previous document  the formatted search is not triggered and therefore the saved value is displayed.

It is not possible to update the value from the GUI to the table as the document status does not change to update.

For example:

A UDF (User Defined Field)  is created on the Item Master Data to record the item average  price. The field is updated each time that the Description in Foreign  Language is updated. If item1 has an average of 2 on the Monday, On the  Tuesday, after few transactions were done, the average is of 2.15.  However, when querying the database the value is of 1.59. When browsing  to item2 the GUI for item2 will also display the new average price for  the given item. However if item1 and item2 Share the same foreign  description the value in the UDF for item two is not updated in the GUI.  The value in the database table is provided. The reason for this  behavior is that the FMS is triggered when the Description in Foreign  Language is changed.  In that case the value is the same for item1 and item2.

2. Display Saved User-Defined Values

The “Display saved values” save the value provided at the time of creation/update in the database table in order to retrieve it each time that the document is opened. That is to say that even when  browsing the document the value will remain unchanged. The formatted search field is not updated (refreshed).

Hope helpful to understanding the difference between two value and you can apply easily to your FMS.

Have nice day.

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      AndakondaRamudu A

      Awesome Document sir