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Tip: How you can exclude Users at the time of sending notification through Extended Notification

Hi Friends,

   Some time you may got a situation that some user, who is in very important role got huge workitems in their inbox. But at the time of sending notification, they don’t want to get notification in their mailbox. How you can handle this. This document show tip to handle this situation.

  1. Create a Z class from superclass CL_SWN_USER_STD .


2. Redefine the code of the method IF_SWN_USER~GET_COMM_ADDR. Add your own logic to not send mail to specific userid.


In this example logic implemented like User BCUSER will not get mail notification by not populating email id or mobile no.

3.  Then activate the your Z class and assign it to Category  in SWNCONFIG.


4. Its done, now you can see, that even if user BCUSER have workitems in their workplace, but it will not send to their personal mailbox.


In this example the result of SWN_SELSEN report shows though 3 notification selected for BCUSER, but 0 message sent.

You can check the error messages in SLG1 .


Situation handled. 🙂

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  • Hey Paul, nice short sweet  blog. Just wondering if you can expand it a little....

    firstly to give an example of the code you would need to exclude someone, and

    secondly to show/tailor what messages appear in transaction SLG1 object WF, subobject NOTIFICATIONS that indicate that your user was excluded for the right reasons and not for some other technical problem....

    But well done. Lots of people using extended notifications now so I'm sure this will be useful.

    • Hi Jocelyn, Thank you very much for comment. I am tried to update the document as you suggested.

      For SLG1 custom log  generation, we can use fm BAL_LOG_CREATE in that method. But to avoid performance load for the job SWN_SELSEN,  I use the trick to initialize Email address.

  • Hi,

    Extended notification configuration now a days quite common.

    Your innovative document is good.In this document at least if you are giving extended notification basic concept and purpose link and idea will give good over all view .This will be most understandable by any new comers.

    Anyway Good effort and concept behind this document.Keep Rocking Mr.Anjan.

    All the best 🙂

    Warm Regards,


  • Thanks Anjan,

    This is very helpful information, so many are don't know how to use SENCONFIG properly.

    It is very helpful to them.


    Murali Krishna.



    I make this enhancement, all it's ok but when i debbug the program SWN_SELSEN always call the original method of class CL_SWN_USER_BASE not mine enhanced. Do you have an idea?


    • Hi,


      It should not call the standard one, if you maintain your custom class in Handler of Category. Might be a client issues. Please  check it.





    Thanks Anjan for your response

    The handler of category is maintained (handler for user = zclass) for all categories but the program always call CL_SWN_USER_BASE (GET_COMM_ADDR) i don't know why???

    What you mean by client issues?