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Solution to : Issue setting up HANA XS Engine with AWS

Those new to HANA native application development using HANA XS might have faced such issue. Specially those who practice with AWS 30 day trial account.

Actually I went though following situation and managed to fix this, ope this helps other newbies

I assume that you have access to HANA AWS instance and setup HANA Studio on your local machine and installed Client libraries

If not PM me I will guide you about how to do initial setup.


1. I was following hana_dev_en.pdf (gogole it you will find) book , started with tutorial from Page 67. everything was fine until I tested my first HANA XS app on browser Page 77

I couldn’t execute the output using browser

— after Google I found the solution , it was due to port 8000 configuration in AWS EC2 Management console.

Step 1

1st you have to login to your AWS instance

Step 2

Open EC2 Management Console

Step 3

Click Security Groups UNDER Network and Security -> Check SAP HANA Security Group

Step 4

Click  INBOUND TAB (located below SAP HANA Security Group )

Step 5

In the port range type 8000 and CLick ADD RULE button

and CLick Apply Rule Changes Button

We are done.

Now lets test whether HANA XS Engine is accessible or not ( bY default it is UP and running with HANA BOX uncless you stopped the XS Services manually)

open your browser (new tab) type http://imdbhdb:8000/  (in my case I edited host file on my windows box to point “imdbhdb” to my AWS Elastic IP ) and press Enter  Now you should be able to see a page with SAP Logo next to XSEgine. that means your configuration is successful.

you can also use your AWS Elastic IP followed by port number 8000

See the attached steps involves in adding inbound PORT(8000)

Hope this helps someone


Kavashgar M

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    • Hi

      Thanks for sharing, before starting the hana xs server, i want to configure the hana server with hdbadm password and SYSTEM password. Basically i want to get into administration console. If i just type the elastic ip in the browser, it returns me a server error page.

      Can some one guide me on how to configure the hana server.

      My instance is deployed on aws. In my security group, i have ports open for http(80)  22(ssh) 443(https) 8000.

      i also have my server defined in my hosts file with my elastic ip pointing to hana server.

      I am on Rev 48 version on hana server.



        • Hi

          I wanted to create db user, through managemnt console( I am able to create a new user in hana studio). If i use the hana server on amazon market place, after the server  is started, when i type the elastic ip in the browser, it allows me to change the user, create a new password for hdbdadm and system users.

          I am still not able to do it with hana developer edition.



  • Hi ,

           I am not getting error while connecting to XS engine. Previously i use hana instance under rev48. Now i updated this rev56. But still my HANA studio is under rev48. I did all the process you mentioned above. But, still i am getting error in the browser. Kindly guide me.



    • Hi There,

      I had the same situation: XSEngine did work but HANA Studio caused an error. it seems the hostname “idbhdb” is causing the problem.

      With Rev 48 it was important to have just that name in order to be able to run the admin parts, but with Rev 56 it seems causing the issue. I switched my to “hanaserver” inside the hosts table and run now all (HANA Studio as well as the XS Engine) with that and this seems to do the trick.

      Cheers Stephan