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SAP Education and SAP University Alliances to Provide New Online Training for University Students

As part of SAP’s strategy to close the SAP skills gap in the ICT market and foster co-development with university students, a new online training offering will be made available specifically tailored to the needs of university students. Based on SAP e-Academy, the integrated certification online training offering from SAP Education, the new university focused offering will provide a strong value proposition to universities and students to become more employable through early in-study completion of SAP Certifications. The offering will cover core SAP certification tracks in SAP’s major market categories of Business Applications, Database & Technology, Analytics, and Mobility.

As with standard SAP e-Academies, this university-specific offering consists of an extensive suite of e-learning courses mapped to the knowledge requirements of the respective SAP Certification along with other supporting learning elements such as simulations, demonstrations, and exercises. Students are able to access a training server for a specified period in order to practice their acquired knowledge in an SAP solution training environment. If students have content-related questions along the learning path, they can receive remote, asynchronous tutor support from SAP Education.

This new training offering is the product of a joint initiative between SAP Education and SAP University Alliances which aims to increase the placement of SAP Certification curricula within the university sector through the provision of high-value, electronic learning content ultimately leading to SAP Certifications.

The concept is being announced during SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2013 and rolled out globally from Q3 2013 onwards.To find out more details around this announcement please join Martin Gollogly and myself in the free webinar scheduled for May 21st at 5pm Central European Time/11am Eastern StandardTime. For webinar participation please contact myself.

Stay tuned for more news around this topic here on SCN during this week at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando.



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  • Hi Arnold

    Can you explain how this offering differs from the SAP uAcademy which has been available to universities in APJ for 4 years.  Is this something new or now being made available globally?

    Paul Hawking

    SAP Academic Program Director

    Victoria University


    SAP Mentor

    • Hi Paul,

      What are the offers from UAcademy?

      I have registered for this webcast. So I believe we can get answer to your query in webcast.



      VU BMER Student


    • Hi Paul,

      basically it is a globalized offering of what is already a great working model in our APJ region, particularly India and Australia.

      The globalized offering will be a somewhat scaled down version of our standard e-Academy offering with shorter training system access periods and overall duration so as to meet the required price points for students.

      Otherwise it is based on our established standard global e-Academy model and curricula tracks. Please note that there are some tracks offered in APJ like for instance Project Management that willl not be available globally. Additionally you do not have to migrate to the global offering but can keep what you have.

      It would be great to have the opportunity to talk to you about this over the phone to understand what works well in your university and what not. If ok please let me know your contact details and I will reach out.

      Many thanks,


  • The registration link for webcast don't have the webcast mentioned in the article. I registered to to

    May 21, 2013, 7:00 – 8:00 pm CET, 10am pacific time US

    SAP Mobile Platform Curriculum 2 - Use Case 2 - Procurement

    Speaker: Masoud Jalili, British Columbia Institute of Technology

    Now, that was the only one on 21st May.

    • Hi Angad,

      thank you for bringing this up - I have asked my colleague to add the webinar session to the registration choices. It is not the same as the Mobile Platform Curriculu Session but you are of course welcome to attend that one too 🙂 Apologies for the confusion.



      • Hi Arnold,

        Thats fine. I only read May 21st and registered for it. lol (I was doing it from mobile)

        Please let us know when the link is updated.



  • Hi Arnold,

    I had the same problem. I would rather sign up the webinar mentioned in the article and 11 am EST.

    Please let us know when the link is updated.



  • Hi Birsen and Angad,

    apologies but it still does not appear to be possible. I will provide you with an email address where you can register for the event which is still scheduled to to ahead on 21st May at 11EST or 5pm CET.