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Publishing and Sharing with SAP Lumira Cloud

One of the features of the new SAP Lumira Cloud offering is the ability to share your SAP Lumira (formerly known as SAP Visual Intelligence) documents. This tutorial will show you how to upload and share your SAP Visual Intelligence Documents using the SAP Lumira Cloud Beta service.


Note: In a future release, SAP Visual Intelligence will be rebranded to SAP Lumira but for the purposes of this technical tutorial, we are still referring to the old name for the time being.

There are two sets of instructions—the first is if you have SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.08 or greater installed on your PC. The second set of instructions is for PC’s where you may not have SAP Visual Intelligence installed and want to use the web-based upload.

If you have SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.08 or greater installed on your PC:

1. Visit and sign up for an account for the Beta. Once you sign-up you will receive a confirmation e-mail, with a link to confirm your account.

2. Once you have confirmed your account, login to SAP Lumira Cloud at least once just to make sure you can login without any problems.

3. From your local PC, navigate to to C:\Program Files\SAP Visual Intelligence\Desktop (or the equivalent directory of where you installed Visual Intelligence) and locate the SAPVisualIntelligence.ini file.

3. Add the following two lines at the end of the .INI file, then save and close the file.




4. When you open SAP Visual Intelligence, you will now see a “Photon” tab on the left-hand side, as shown below:


5. Enter your SAP Lumira cloud username and password, then click “Connect”

6. Once you have logged in to SAP Lumira cloud, open the Visual Intelligence document that you want so share. In this example, I have opened the “Best Run Corp – Margin Analysis” example from the Samples tab.

7. Next, choose File > Save As to open the dialog shown below—click the “Save to Photon” button and enter a name and a description (optional) and then click the “Save” button.


8. Once you have saved the document, you can close Visual Intelligence and then check your SAP Lumira Cloud account. The document should now be shown in the listing, as shown below:


9. To share your document, click on the “cog” icon for the document and click on “Share”. This will open the dialog below and allow you to share the document with other users via their e-mail address. You can add a message, as well as choose whether the user(s) “Can View” or “Can Edit” the document. When finished, click the Share button.


10. A custom e-mail will be sent to the user, providing a link to SAP Lumira Cloud, as well as instructions on how to proceed. If they don’t currently have a SAP Lumira Cloud account, they can click through to create one, as well as download a trial of SAP Visual Intelligence.

If you don’t have SAP Visual Intelligence installed on your PC:

1. You can still upload your SAP Visual Intelligence documents– login to SAP Lumira Cloud and then from the home page, click the Upload button, which will open the dialog shown below:


You can then browse and upload your SAP Visual Intelligence (.SVID) file and then use the Share button as you normally would.

For more information on SAP Lumira Cloud, check out the FAQ’s on the beta web site, as well as this presentation from the recent webinar “Self-Service, Departmental, and Agile BI in the Cloud” and as always, check back on the SAP Community Network ( for more information, tutorials and the latest SAP Lumira news.

Note: I am also working on a tutorial for “Creating Analytics with SAP Lumira Cloud” which I hope to have posted this week. In the meantime, get on to the SAP Lumira Cloud Beta and have a play.

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  • Now that the official "" is available, it is possible to connect Lumira Desktop to it in the same way? Simply replacing "" with "" doesn't work.



        • No ETA given but I would expect it would be soon.  I didn't have time to stay for Q&A.  I checked my version and no new update is available yet...

          • My SP10 installation wasn't admitting to the existence of an update this morning, but the update was downloadable from the service marketplace nevertheless. Go grab it from there!


          • I purchased SAP Lumira a few weeks ago after SAPPHIRE. When I try to create an account in SAP Service Marketplace account to get updates I am denied since I do not have an SAP Customer or Partner # to reference. There was no assigned customer number for the stand alone SAP Lumira purchases.  There does not seem to be a way to get SAP Lumira product updates for stand-alone purchases.  Anyone else run into this yet?  Have you found a way to get it resolved?  Thanks.

          • Hi Jenifer Underwood

            You should be able to update through Help > Check for New Updates

            I was told on Friday it will take 1-2 business days for this to take effect so try it Monday/Tuesday.

            If not, please open a new discussion on the Lumira space.



          • Hi Jennifer,

            yes we are aware of that and there's no way to get access to SMP unless you already have additional SAP products licensed. So SCN and through the updates as described by Tammy (or set via the Lumira Preferences to run the updates automatically) are the only ways to stay tuned.



          • Thanks. I did find a workaround. I downloaded the latest SAP

            Lumira trial version, ran it, and the trial version in-place upgraded my existing

            licensed install.