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Comparison of a CSV Connector and a XML Connection for Dashboards

1. A CSV connector Add-On is required to use the CSV connector whereas no such Add-On is required for the XML connections.

2.The XML connections have to be created in the Spreadsheet and this has to be imported to the Xcelsius file to start the Dashboard development. The CSV connections can be created directly in the Xcelsius file.

3.A CSV source file is much lesser in size compared to an XML source file with the same number of rows.

4.Data filtering is possible in the CSV connector whereas the entire dump will be loaded into the Xcelsius spreadsheet using an XML connection.

5.Data aggregation is possible in the CSV connector whereas no such option is available in XML connections.

6.The size of the Xcelsius file and the exported SWF file is lesser when using a CSV connector.

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