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Infotypes in Talent Management

Talent Management and Talent Development has a specific set of infotypes that were introduced in EHP4. These are in the 74xx range. These infotypes cannot be edited in standard transactions such as PP01, since many of the infotype records are created in conjunction with other infotypes simultaneously. These infotypes are usually maintained in transaction HRTMC_PPOM, SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN) or via Web Dynpro applications for Talent Profile for Employees, Talent Groups, or Talent Review Meetings.

The following infotypes are part of the SAP Talent Management data model:

Infotype Name Usage
HRP7400 Key Indication Organizational Basis and Succession Planning

Internal Work Experience

Talent Profile

External Work Experience

Talent Profile
HRP7404 Education Talent Profile
HRP7405 Accomplishments Talent Profile
HRP7406 Mobility Talent Profile
HRP7407 Career Goal Talent Profile
HRP7408 Potential Talent Profile
HRP7409 Performance Talent Profile
HRP7410 Career Type Organizational Basis and Succession Planning
HRP7420 Talent Group Talent Groups
HRP7430 Support Team Talent Groups
HRP7431 Talent Review Basic Data Talent Review Meetings
HRP7432 Assigned Objects Talent Review Meetings
HRP7433 Participants Talent Review Meetings
HRP7434 Agenda Topics Talent Review Meetings
HRP7435 Documents Talent Review Meetings
HRP7436 Deadlines Talent Review Meetings
HRP7437 Persons Responsible Talent Review Meetings
HRP7438* Follow-up Talent Review Meetings

*From EhP6

The following infotypes are also used:

Infotypes Name Usage


Actions Active employees
PA0001 Organizational Assignment Employee organizational assignment
PA0002 Personal Data Employee personal data
PA0008 Basic Pay Reading data for STVN dashboards
PA0041 Date Specifications Reading data for STVN dashboards
PA0105 Communication Link of user to person
HRP1000 Objects Store objects
HRP1001 Relationships Create relationships
HRP1002 Descriptions Object descriptions
HRT1002 Table Part Infotype 1002 Table Part for HRP1002
HRP1028 Addresses Address data
HRP1033 Qualification Group Scales Scales for Qualification Groups in STVN dashboards
HRP1050 Evaluation Results Evaluation Results for Jobs and Positions
HRT7407 Career Goal Table Part for HRP7407


Additional Data PAD007 Additional data for relationship 007
HRPAD31 Additional Data PAD31 Additional data for relationship 031
HRPAD740 Additional Data for Relationship ‘Is Successor Of’ Additional data for relationship 740
HRPAD741 Additional Data for Relationship ‘Is Responsible For’ Additional data for relationship 741
HRPAD743 Additional Data for Relationship ‘Is Talent In’ Additional data for relationship 743
HRPAD744 Additional Data for Relationship ”Has Potential For” Additional data for relationship 744


BP: General data I BP basic data
BUT020 BP: Addresses Address Numbers (for ADRC) for each BP
ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services) BP Addresses

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Luke,

      Quick question on Talent Management Infotypes. Is there any standard SAP Query available for Infotypes of Talent Management? We need reporting on Talent Management Infotypes.



      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ashish,

      You can use ad-hoc query. Make sure to use the Central Person object ID instead of PERNR in your query. They are not always that useful - it depends on the infotype. The best way is to write a custom ABAP report or use the BI analytics provided in EhP5.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Luke.

      HR wants to get details of ESS Talent Profile, which maintained by employee in ESS. I don't think there is any SAP Query or Transaction, which can provide that details. I will try linking with Central Person object ID, if not will do custom ABAP report.



      Author's profile photo Greg Stuart
      Greg Stuart

      Hi Luke,

      under HRP7407 are Comment_class/ID fields.

      How/where do I get the descriptions for these comment fields from?




      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Greg,

      Table HRT7407 stores further data for infotype HRP7407.

      Best regards,