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Blog it Forward – G. Lakshmipathi

It was a great honour to be tagged by Jyoti Prakash in Blog it Forward which was originally initiated by Moshe Naveh and really, this is quite interesting to know about each others in the SCN community.

Place of my Birth

Among four religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism & Sikhism which were originated in India, I belong to Hinduism. Born and brought up in Chennai which is a shortened form of Chennaipattanam (formerly known as Madras), capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and Coromandal Coast of Bay of Bengal.

Some of the entertaintments in Chennai are



National Park




About Family

Father is a retired teacher and Mother is a home maker.  I have two younger brothers and one sister who are all well settled.  I have one son Kaushal, aged 11 years and I regret at this stage that I lost many memorable days when he was a kid doing many naughty things which I never seen him doing those and my wife had to update me once I returned from office late night. 🙁   I was not giving much importance to personal life till few years back.


In the above snap, my son is carrying my sister’s son Bhargav who is aged one and a half years old and also very naughty.

About Career

I started my career in 1988 as a Stenographer, worked in various industries.  Before entering into an IT industry, I worked for a famous TVS Group of Companies for 15 years and the details about this Group Company is as under:-

TVS Group – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During my initial period here, I was a junior management staff and subsequently rose to the position of senior managerial staff, taking care of Domestic and Export Sales.  At this time only, golden opportunity knocked the door for me where the Management were planning to implement SAP and being a senior member for one of their manufacturing divisions (note – this division have some 15 plants in and around India and a few abroad), I have been identified as a Super User for SD process to implement SAP for all those plants.  Since I need to give basic training to end users / attend day today issues, I have no other choice but to learn on my own the complexities /  intricacies in SAP.  So through one of my friends, I came to know about SCN (formerly SDN) and became a member in August 2007.  I never went to any institute to learn SAP.  Whatever I learnt is from SCN and in order to reciprocate the same to SCN / community members, I share my knowledge whatever I know.

Social Service

1) Donated blood more than 30 times and continuing this

2) Contributing to few orphanages regularly as much as I can (not for Income Tax purpose 😆 but just I felt very happy when I do this)

3) Rendering free service to SCN 😀 (sorry to mention here 😉 )

Coming to the three questions which JP has raised

1. If you could be a super hero(frictional) who would you be?

I dont want to be a super hero for whatever reasons.  I just would like to be as a normal human being with lot of care on environmental and  other human beings.  In fact, it is my ultimate goal that I should never ever hurt others and I am managing quite well excepting on few occasions where I got some negative comments in SCN for the way I moderate. I never regret for that as it is part and parcel of our life.

2.  If you have spare time, what 3 activities you do (other than being on SCN)?

a)  Watching Sports / comedies / old movies in TV

b)  Listening to music

c)  Spending time with my family

3. What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

Since I know shorthand, during some important meetings with clients, I used to note down some important points in shorthand.  Many of my colleagues while watching this turned their face to me as if I was an alien 😆 writing some unknown language and asked me what are you doing ?  After I explained them that I know short hand, they stared at me and asked to read once again what I noted in shorthand. Once I complete the long sentence (most importantly, without omitting any word), they said “unbelievable”. 😎

Blog it Forward

Though I have many names in SCN as my all time favourites like

Marilyn Pratt

Julius von dem Bussche

to name a few, in the Blog it Forward chain, whatever I had in mind, I could see all those names are listed.   Nevertheless, I Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain to

Jignesh Mehta

Shiva Ram

who are also one of the oldest members in SCN and still contributing.

My questions to them are

1)  Have you not been into IT industry, which industry you would have chosen ?

2)  What was your dream job when you were schooling ?

3)  Have you ever hurt anybody knowingly and regretted after that ?

G. Lakshmipathi

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  • Dear Lakshmipathi Sir,

    A long awaiting blog has reached to all SCN team. I am amazed to see your experience and the way you have learned SAP. Its surprising and a great motivation to all SAP folks, aspirants that one can be a legend in SAP without having any formal training. You have a wonderful and beautiful kid. Oh you know shorthand.. Which is one of my childhood dreams (Ofcourse after arriving of computers, I became more computer savy).

    You know,  i am 7 years younger to your total experience 🙂

    I liked the way you presented your blog. You have covered all the points in nutshell. But, frankly i expected a little bit more on your SAP career.

    Finally, I  would take your SAP learning as a case study in my company for all fresher's.. Ofcourse if you give permission 😉

    All the best sir,

    Your well wisher,

    Regards, Sai Krishna.

  • Dear Sir,

    Now I can understand from where you get so much energy and inspiration to manage to so many role at one go. Now, secret is revealed!!! 😉 That's your son's charisma, that's your kids smile. Both, your son & nephew are really cute. God bless them with all happiness & success in life.

    Best Wishes, JP

  • Dear Sir

    I was expecting that you'll take a months ow two to share your secrets with SCN members but I am surpurised and glad to see that you have managed some time for writing your blog. I know the persons having profiles like you and who are trend maker and leader of some area are always busy it's difficult to manage time even for family but you and Mr. Jurgen are always contributing on SCN. I am impressed with these two mentors.

    You have shared your life but as Sai said I was also expecting some more about our career as you are the oldest and top contributor on SD Forums.

    I have one question to ask that if you have learned everything at your own from SCN then didn't you go for certification? If I am not wrong you are still not certified, Right? I am asking this because your early career and my story is some how similar. I am also not certified yet but I have learned SD from SCN and still learning more and more.

    I am glad to see the beautiful places in Chenai. I always wanted to visit India since my childhood and one day I will visit IA.

    Thank$ for sharing these worndeful thoughts. God bless you and your family.


  • Well done Lakshmipathi, I enjoyed reading. you reminded me about a skill I had almost forgotten. I used to write short hand too. I had chosen short hand as a replacement of French language at school. And I really needed to write it in the first 2 years at my work because the purchasing manager didn't want to use a magnetic sound sheet recording

  • Hi Lakshmipathi,

    It was very nice reading it, I enjoyed it more than your spotlight blog ;-).Long back, I was in Chennai TVSE & TVSM , excluding the hot climate( the reason I came back to bangalore ) , its a nice place to be in,. I know the working environment your are in and I really admire your presence in SCN everyday ...Great Dedication.

    Cheers, Kesav

  • SCN contrubution is a real social service. Who among us has never been in need and felt happiness in being helped?

    I really enjoyed this BIF and I've learned a lot in this short reading.

    Best whishes 😀

  • Sir,

    As sai said ,I have also so much expectations on your Blog with all your Experiences and memories with family and friends .Any way ,I am so happy to ready your blog .Thanks for sharing your personal things here .

    If you dont mind ,can you answer my Queries below .

    1. Sir,How many countries ,you have implemented SAP and how many countries you have visited in your whole experience ?

    2. During Implementation .did you feel like difficulty ? If yes ,may I know,for which country ?

    Note : As I know,



  • Hi Lakshmipathi,

    I'm felt very happy after reading your blog,it was full of motivation and inspiring.i admire you really the way you responsd and analyze the issues. the great thing i felt about you is you haven't took any training 😯 .I really admire your presence in SCN everyday ...

    God bless you and your family.

  • Dear Sir,

    The first thing i want to say here is "We all are admiring you"

    Second" You are the inspiration to us"

    Third "Though you are very busy in personal and professional life, still you are feeling responsible to help the users in SCN. This is the real spirit".

    Fourth " Remembering every peace of work or function or topic which we have gone through years back and addressing at this point of time is really appreciable". This says you are committed.

    Fifth "Managing and motivating people is the big task in anybody's life. I feel you are the great  "People's manager / man". I have no hesitation to say this.

    Sixth, Helping others in real time like donating blood, providing food, education......basic needs is something important and everybody should do that. Donating money can't give us the satisfaction but spending time with orphan's, providing basic needs to them will definitely give you satisfaction. I appreciate your humanity in it.

    Both your son and nephew are looking nice. Hope you are still enjoying with them.

    I enjoyed your blog. I have seen beaches in Chennai but missed Zoo, and Parks. Next time, i will try to see them. Lord Balaji temple in Mahabhaleswaram beach is really nice and i liked it a lot.

    For some reason, i liked sambar in Chennai. May be the reason that i am very close to Chennai since i am from Tirupati.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.



  • Welcome and happy to read about you.

    i knew your force, sense of never dying attitude---we interacted in one query.

    warm regards,


  • Hi Lakshmipathi,

    Your blog is amazing, and i have been following you since i joined in scn.

    i have seen lot of queries, answered by you, which are very helpfull to build up my carrier,

    you really did a great job for scn community in your field

    thanks& Regards


  • Hi GL,

    nice blog about yourself, smart kids. Hey and you can be a normal human being and still be a super hero and am sure you are 🙂 , e.g (Thalaiva-Rajnikanth) great person.


    Aditya V

  • Hi Lakshmipathi,

    Good Day! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. It was very interesting and different to read you BIF. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing exceptional blog. Keep rocking and sharing new innovation and ideas. I love to read your blogs and happy to comment it.

    Have a Wonderful day!



    Hari Suseelan

  • Hi Lakshmipathi,

    Nice to read and know more about you and your family members.... Happy to hear that you know short hand. Even I have done my Shorthand lower and typewriting higher through polytechnic.... I remembered my college days with your blog...!

    Thanks for sharing....

    BR, Srinivas Salpala

  • Hi Laksmipathi,

    Your free service to the community is great.I was thinking earlier that you might be a tamilian (from name),happy to know that you are from Madrasapatinam(Chennai). Once i joined the SCN community one of my friend said that follow this guy,he gives solutions.



  • I wish you get a good life with your child and family. What you thought lost enjoying with your child in his childhood days - may god give you in tonnes in some other form.

    Its true like we dont know what s his plan 🙂 . We will pray for you .

    To your blog - As usual , its very simple ,crisp, shot and clean. With 2 min , your blog is read and understood.

    Are you a Bcom ? - just a question 🙂

  • Glad to know abt u sir

    Really enjoyed reading & something which is really Inspiring is learning SD from SCN without a training.

    Thnks for encouraging many boomers in SAP through SCN

    Cheers 😉


  • Respected LakshmiPathiji,

    Shocked--that you are not certified 😯

    Anyway you don't even require that...

    I pray god that you have to be with us for the next 100 years and keep on suggesting and correcting the people into right ways....

    Love you sir...

    All the Very Best for you and your family ..


  • SIR.....







  • Hi Lakshmipathi,

    Nice blog and you are very generous and interested to help others.

    A Good knowledgeable person with Humanitarian habit.(i come across).

    Thanks for sharing your profile.


    Siva kumar.

  • Lakshmipathi G,

    Thanks for massively contributing to the SCN SD community! We learn from your posts!

    Like Jelena Perfiljeva once said you are one of the most polite and patient members, moderators here!

    In your day job are you more into a manager or an analyst role?

    Did you go to other modules than SD?

    If someone wants to become proficient in Logistics (SAP SD, MM and WM) then what advise would you give? More of a SAP solution architect in logistics area.


    • TW Typewriter

      Thanks for the compliments and yes, definitely it is a great honour a member like Jelena Perfiljeva who is having sound knowledge in SAP has referred my name.

      Coming to your query, I am more into a Solution Architect in my current project leading a team and predominantly, I prefer to concentrate in SD.  Hence, any issues pertaining to other modules, I leave it to the team. 😆

      On your last query, yes if someone want to become a solutioning architect with multi skill level, then obviously, they should have relevant domain experience.  Only then, in any project, they would be able to give a best solution.  Also it is important that when we talk to client, we have to be in their shoes; understand their requirement; try to explain in a simple language and most importantly, be bold in your body language.

      Last but not least, one has to practice daily in SAP apart from their project issues.  This is keeping in mind, we tend to handle only project related issues in a day today basis, which is more of monotonous and at one point of time, we forget other areas which learned in previous projects.

      G. Lakshmipathi

      • Such great gems of learning -

        Lakshmipathi G wrote:

        then obviously, they should have relevant domain experience. 

        Also it is important that when we talk to client,

        we have to be in their shoes;

        understand their requirement;

        try to explain in a simple language and most importantly,

        be bold in your body language.

        one has to practice daily in SAP apart from their project issues.

        we forget other areas which learned in previous projects.

        I shall definitely try to incorporate this...Thanks!

  • Hi sir,

    Congratulation sir.

    Really i learnt a lot from your post.your all post really help me a lot.

    Your blog motivate a lot to sink in to sap.



  • Dear  G Lakshmipathi  Sir,

    It's very glad to know about you and also very inspiring that, you learned SAP yourself without any formal training.  Ekalavya is best fitted tittle for you.

    Not only me you have been inspiration to many senior members in forum.

    When I look back the days of my SAP learning and career started days...Most of the basic question answers have been answered by you.  Later I came to know that, you are a Moderator too.

    I came to know about you from one of my friend that, you wont go to bed unless you open SCN and answer the queries. This made me more curios to follow you on SCN.

    and also I heard negative comments, the way you moderate.( Everyone has its own way of perception)

    You believe or not, In my learning days, I always kept in my mind before posting any query, Whether Lakshmipathi G will be Ok with this query or will he reject it. Fortunately it never happened with me. coz the projects which I have worked so far, all are z solutions and never get a chance to ask any questions.

    Wishing you a Good Health and Keep educating us.



  • Hi Lakshmipathi

    Your simplicity shows in your Blog, your achievement shows in your SCN Stature and I could find few more traits about you, today

    I always used to wonder and still wonder, whenever there is any Q related to Logistics in any forum, I see an answer from you. God Knows how you get to know of the Qs posted in Financials Forum or whether you are blessed with a 6th sense, but its amazing to see you answering any and every Q in your area with utmost accuracy

    I can relate to you when you say you learnt SAP on your own. Best learned things are always self taught ones. I more or less walked on the same path as you


    Ajay M

  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you for sharing this blog.  Am new to SAP SD and I am very thankful to a lot of people here in SAP SDN.  I was able to understand because of all of your works.  I will also share my understanding whenever I can.  Thank you Sir and also to thanks to all others.