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This question frequently asked “Is APO ABAP different from normal ABAP” ?

Answer is “NO”

APO ABAP is same as normal ABAP, we can use all command, all syntax of normal ABAP, only difference is in architecture of APO, transactional data in APO is saved in LiveCache (a memory database) not in tables like R/3 hence we cannot extract transactional data in APO using “SELECT” statements nor we can use other database commands instead of it we have to use standard BAPIs/FMs to handle data in LiveCache.

Also data stored in LiveCache as Time Series / Order Series


For more details you can refer my book 🙂

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  • Ankush - I absolutely agree with you in terms of syntax of ABAP. There is no change in it. However, I have mixed feelings regarding the Select statement point that you have mentioned. If you have worked on the GATP module, you might have observed that we work on the planned data as  it is an execution system. Transactional data could still be retrieved from LC as well as certain DB tables like //POSMAPN, //ATPPARAM, //SD_DOC etc., So, you are very well allowed to write Select statements and build your own reports in APO using these DB tables

    Babu Kilari

    • Exactly.......

      I started writing on this from very initial level, if we directly go deep into modules/terms people finds difficult to understand and lost directions/interest.

      Gradually I will increase the exact APO ABAP. Your help/contribution to build such learning will be highly appreciated. 

      • Hi Mr. Ankush,

        I am APO ABAP consultant. Right now in USA. I would like to study book wrote by you. Do you have PDF format of your book or else CD attached to your book for the same contents as in book. I want to buy.


        • Thanks Rishi for showing interest in the book, unfortunately right now we have only printed version that too only available in India.

          Tata McGraw is also exploring the options to sell it to international market.



  • Hi Ankush,

    Thanks for the info. I am very new to APO, will it take time for me to learn APO. How should I start, where I can get the training


    • Are you new to ABAP also?

      If no and if you are well aware of BAPIs and FMs then you wont find much difficulty only you have to work on certain terms and data extraction methods which is different from normal ABAP.