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Additional field in CO11N-Enhancement CONFPP07

Dear All,

It is my first ever attempt to write a blog over Internet, so i thought there will be no better place than SCN to commence new learning.During my implementation projects in India, the most often report which a customer asks for the report providing the details of Breakdowns happened on shop floor during production activities which can be incorporated with MIS for analyzing the interdepartmental performances and variances

To achieve the same in SAP, we have a standard User exit CONFPP07 by which we can add fields in T code CO11N and record the reasons of breakdown and later on which can be used for reporting purposes.

The common reasons for machine breakdown or downtime are as follows:

  1. BOP material Shortage
  2. In House material shortage
  3. Raw Material shortage
  4. Consumables shortage
  5. Men power shortage
  6. Tool/Fixture break down
  7. M/C break down
  8. Quality Problem
  9. Production plan change
  10. Power failure
  11. Low Air Pressure
  12. Over stock

  The list can vary from business to business.

With  enhancement CONFPP07 you can define your own detail areas (screens) that can be used for the single screen entry of time ticket confirmations.

Two function modules are available to implement the flow control for the customer-defined screens. While the functionmodule EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_100

transmits the data from the confirmation,order, operation and work center, the entered confirmation data can be exported using the function module EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_101 and the structure ES_AFRUD.

First of all a project is to be created using this enhancement and above z fields can be appeneded in standard table AFRU. The Enhancement has three freely definable screens 0900, 0910, and 0920, Then in T code OPK0 single screen confirmation settings select the screens 0900, 0910 and 0920

after that it will appear in CO11N for user input.This enhancement can also be used for COR6N.

Any suggestions/Improvements are welcome.


Anupam Sharma

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  • Dear Anupam Sharma,

    Really you have done wonderful job by providing wrathful information.

    Before few days, we were really looking for this kind of features in confirmation screen. We thought that we can develop only through activity types as a standard value parameters through the work centers. You have opened our eyes by giving step by procedures with screen shot.One thing we would like to know the coding which is to be introduced in CMOD for the above functional modules.

    Thank you very much.

  • Dear Anupam

    Nice document with wonderful innovative idea.Good ...keep it up.

    could you please share the coding part,so that as a Functional guy we can worked on that.



  • Hi, Anupam!

    Great blog post. Helped me a lot. I was able to create custom fields for COR6N, and the data is being saved to the table, however I cannot seem to display it via CORT. Is it possible to display?

    Best regards,


    • Hi Patricia,

      Thaks for appreciation,you can view then in COOISPI or COID by using the list confirmations or you can make your own report for getting these values which you input during COR6N.


      Anupam Sharma

  • Hi Anupam,

    Can you please let me know whether this user exit can be applied to CO15 transaction, i need to add two field in Order Confirmation screen.



  • Hi Anupam,

    Nice blog,

    I have a similar requirement.But  i am facing issue.

    I have extended the structure AUFK--> created a project in CMOD-->created the freely definable screen 0900.

    after that where i should code????

    i have added an entry in Opk0 also , but its giving me dump while executing the Co11n.

    also i am not able to open the inlcudes of the function exits EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_100 and EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_101.

    how to code ??

    and i am getting below dump.


    Incorrect screen type , screen is incorrectly defined or used.

    • Hi Khusbhu,

      Please append the structure AFRUD and add fields as business required and the same will be shown into AFRU table which will be update posting of production orders.


      • hi, need small clarification, thank for your blog, definitely it will be helpful to us.
        I append the table AFRUD.

        And the field is appearing at co11n and screen, but once i saved it, did not appear in AFRU table.
        I hope no need to append  AFRU table, if i try to append it is saying that structure is already appended .

        Is anything is missing.Please Update me.