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Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann

Which informations are of interest in EHS community?


An increased number of “Documents”  can be detected in EHS community. I assume that this help the audience. A number of documents haven’t been started (published !) but the content could be of interest. May be somebody is willing to start one document. This document is intended to provide overview about FAQ regarding some SAP solutions not covered yet in a blog or document etc.

Documents which should be written

This is a short list of a potential list documents which could be written. This list is related to a certain extent to:

Please provide feedback in the sense: if you, as part of EHS community, is planing to start a document in the list below. May be you have other ideas in mind. Please participate in writing the documents.

Topic Explanation Link
Use of EHS/EHSM in context of HANA^(e.g. S/4 Hana) Some threads detected in 2015 and 2016. Discussion still on low level
List of important OSS notes To a certain extent some documents etc. have been prepared yet

OSS notes for WWI Techniques

Important OSS Notes for Substance Volume Tracking

OSS notes in Global Label management

Document regarding set up of property tree To a certain extent some documents etc. have been prepared yet Assigning New Property Tree to Specification Types
Document regarding WWI setup Lot of people do still have problems in understanding WWI; set up, system architecture etc.

To certain extent WWI for Beginners

provides a lot of links

Document regarding WWI layout A high number of threads are still related to WWI

WWI for Experts

WWI for Beginners

Document regarding UserExit/CustomerExit/Enhancement/Business Function There are lots of options to enhance EHS/EHSM using SAP standard without the need ot “modification”

SVT Overview document needed? SVT questions coming up regularly. Is there the need to have an overview document in place? Substance Volume Tracking using SAP EHS MANAGEMENT
DG Overview document needed?

DG questions are coming up often. dealing with

1.) DG maintenance process

2.) DG filling process

3.) use of DG in SD process

4.) considering “special” use cases (e.g. chemical kits)

Dangerous Goods Management – Intro
Waste Overview document needed?

Waste management – Master data

Component Extension overview document needed?

Very high interest here as new solution. One question discussed often:

a.) what is EHS and what is EHSM about?

b.) how to start with component extension?

c.) migration/integration topics

REACH and Product Compliance Suite overview document needed? Currently less interest (nearly on zero level)
Rule Sets

More threads on “rule sets” can be detected in 2015 / 2016.

Rule Sets / Secondary Data Determination
OCC (Content) A small number of threads discuss the need to “handle” data from third party (legal content) Rule Sets / Secondary Data Determination
Ehs Web Interface (SDS portal) Currently no interest
Guidance document in SDS/MSDS dispatching (set up, optimization potential etc.) A lot of threads of many kind of content are listed; INcluding: Export, Distrbution of Inbound documents, performance topics, etc.
Data migration topic The topic is discussed very often. One can differentiate between EHS classic and EHSM related demands. May be someone would like to start a document.
Handling of Content generally (not only via OCC) The topic is discussed very often
Data model A lot of discussions running over the last years

Use of EHS Classic

SAP EHS Standard Data model (EHS classic)

How to deal with legal/regulatory changes (using SAP EHS MANAGEMENT)?

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      Author's profile photo Dhinesh A.P
      Dhinesh A.P

      I find there is no streamline document to follow for a wwi setup. Rather than following cookbook, people can share their experience installing the wwi with a set of steps so it becomes easier for newbie's to follow and install them without hassle taking an example of a standard landscape.



      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Dinesh

      you still have done a good job 🙂 😆 😉 in writing:

      May be you can start the document regarding WWI setup (refer above) and your experience in that?

      A further idea regarding a document: now with SAP Product and REACH Compliance Suite as well as Component Extension we can detect a larger use of Adobe Forms in SAP. It has been discussed if SAP could provide Adobe solutions in the future and only take care regardin error fixing on WWI level; Because of several reasons there is no progress here. Personally I believe: yes Adobe can be an option for "simple" documents; but clearly not for SDS/MSDS or Label.


      PS: please check OSS Note 1394553 / 1782458

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi C.B,

      Many thanks for the efforts you take to easy the learning process of SAP EHS.
      I feel a document making a brief account on differences in SAP ERP EHS & SAP EHSM would be very much helpful. Though EHSM 4.0 has released with lot of new features, still many are working in SAP ERP EHS. So such would be helpful when people start migrating to SAP EHSM.


      Subash Sankar

      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Subash

      in different threads and documents etc. the "difference" has been discussed (e.g. refer to my document SAP EHS Managment for Beginners"

      If you check:

      that there is no "difference" from point of view of SAP. Any subtopic mentioned here is part of "SAP EHS Management".

      Therefpore SAP EHS "classic" and Component Extension for SAP EHS Managemnt belongs to "EHSM".

      Based on several discussion here in this FORUM we can assume that SAP EHS "classic" might get only "legal updates" and that SAP is focusing on a "rearrangement" of their solutions and "forcing" e.g. teh development of "COmponent Extension".

      There are a lot of reasons why some companies will us "on the topi" Component Extension. But the message seems to be that not all "old" solution will be migrated. So the need to "migrated" is limited. And there are very good reasoins for SAP to support companies in using SAP EHS classic in the next roughly 5 - 10 years.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi C.B !

      Can you start a discussion / document / blog focusing on few essential ABAP functionality an EHS functional consultant should know..?


      Subash Sankar

      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Subash

      could you please try to describe "more" presicely what you are looking for? As we have now EHSM (EHS classic and EHSM) and on the top "SAP Reach compliance suite" etc. I am not sure that I "catch" your demand so that I would be able to start document etc.


      Author's profile photo Natalia Machado
      Natalia Machado

      Hello Christoph,

      Regarding topic 'List of important OSS notes' what do you think about a document with 10 Most viewed Notes from EHS? I am thinking about writing something like that.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Natalia

      currently in several documents important OSS notes are "distributed". You need to decide on your own how to consolidate this information and generate a document. I would suggest to collect not "technical" related OSS notes but may be OSS notes document which provides "guidance" / "helP" (which in most cases are tagged with "FAQ", "Additional INformation" etc. in SAP marketplace.

      On top you need to decide if you would like tocollect EHS Core OSS only or if you are more focusing on the "Component Extension" part. As many people 2014 having the need to get helpetc. on this tool may be you should start such a document.

      In any case. any body who is willing to write documents here should always get some kind of "award" or so. Currently you will get "only" points (not bad).

      If you start such a document I will clearly reference it in my documents. So just start. You will gte feedback (in many cases) to improve etc.