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Save prompt values – The underexposed but very helpful, new features in BI4.1

Today, in our continuing series of new functionality that may not share the spotlight with others; I would like to highlight the recently added ability to save or not save, prompt values with the A-OLAP workspace.


SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition, for OLAP was originally designed with the user experience as a top priority. And, one of those design choices was to save prompt values with the workspace, in order to allow the workspace user to re-open the workspace without reentering those prompt values. This works great as planned for most users. However, when the prompt values are user specific such as in case of BW authorization values or customer exit values another option was preferred, which was based on feedback from Analysis users.

Current (BI4.0)

Upon opening a workspace, the prompt values in the dialog were populated with the values entered by the workspace’s author.

New (BI4.1 and 4.0 SP06)

In BI4.1 a workspace author can chose to save or not save the prompt values with the workspace. If they uncheck the checkbox, the author’s values will not be saved with the workspace and instead, the default values, BW authorization values or customer exit values will populate the dialog.

The following images, illustrate the new behavior, when a default value is defined.As you can see, In this first image, a default value (3006) has been specified in the BEx Query Designer and populates the prompt dialog’s value field.

Default Value.JPG

In the next image, the author of the workspace has changed the prompt value (to 7770) but they have also unchecked the “Save prompt values with workspace” check-box.


As a result, when the workspace is re-opened, the dialog is populated with the default value from the Query Designer (3006) and not the author specified value.

Upon Opening.JPG

Look out for other posts showcasing what’s new in Analysis edition for OLAP over the coming days leading up to Sapphire.

Best regards,


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    • Thanks Mikhail, yes, I agree, BEx Variants are a very usefull feature and it just so happens that Variants, have also been added to the BI4.1 release.

      • Hi Philip,

        Nice post. We are on sp4.

        I created work space (prompt are default values coming from customer exit)

        when we transported from dev to q, default values showing same as old, but not fetching from customer exit.

        Any help is highly appreciated.



        • Hi Raj,

          If you're able to move to SP06, you can take advantage of the "Save prompt values" functionality.

          If that's not the case, previous to SP06 I have heard of users clearing the customer exit value before saving. Then when they reopened the workspace, it was populated with the customer exit.

          Hope this is of some help,


          • Hi Phillip,

            Thanks for the valuable suggestion. Here I cant clear my customer exit value, because it is mandatory field.

            Any how thanks again.

            I need to check with SP6. Let me try my luck.