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SAP GUI Branding

How to add a Branding Logo to your SAP GUI Package using Installation Server Scripts.

Branding:  The branding feature can be used for SAP Signature and Cobu Design only.  Administrators can add a logo in the title bar to allow customer specific branding on SAP GUI screens.

You can integrate a company/branding logo in the titlebar of a SAP GUI session using the below script. This feature is set read-only by default In the SAP GUI Options.

The size and format of the logo should be as follows:

The optimal height for the picture is 27 pixel. The shown width can be up to 160 pixel, but only if the height of 27 is not exceeded.

Create your own logo file and copy it to the Installation Server before packaging

Add the following Scripts in the Installation Sever:

On Installation End – Script to copy the logo file from the Installation Server to the user workstation:

            strSrcFile   = NwEngine.Variables.ResolveString(“%SapSrcDir%\<FilePath>\Logo.png”)

            strDstFile   = “C:\<InstallationPath>\SAP\Logo.png”

NwEngine.Shell.CopyFile strSrcFile, strDstFile

On Installation End – Script to add Registry Entries to the user workstation:

NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue “HKLM\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\BrandingImage”, “REG_SZ”, “C:\<InstallationPath>\SAP\Logo.png”  

NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue “HKLM\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\UseBrandingImage”, “REG_DWORD”, “1”

Restart SAP GUI after the installation to see the logo on top right corner of your SAP GUI Screen.


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      Former Member

      I use script like below
      You can change source and destination subfolder
      It work on 32 and 64bit systems
      Remember: settings in HKCU are more important than HKLM
      Don't forget cleanup files and registry during uninstallations process

      On Installation End
      ' copying files using variables as file path
      NwEngine.Context.Log.Write "___ Copying customized logo file"
      strSrcLogoFile = NwEngine.Variables.ResolveString("%SAPSrcDir%\setup\logo.png")
      strDstLogoFile = NwEngine.Variables.ResolveString("%SapFrontEndDir%\sapgui\logo.png")
      NwEngine.Shell.CopyFile strSrcLogoFile, strDstLogoFile

      'adding registry to set logo, to switch on logo and also to switch off logo changing in saplogon option
      strRegFile1 = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\BrandingImage"
      strRegFile2 = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\UseBrandingImage"
      strRegFile3 = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\BrandingImage_ReadOnly"
      strRegFile4 = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\UseBrandingImage_ReadOnly"

      'on next line we also use variable
      NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue strRegFile1, "REG_SZ", strDstLogoFile
      NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue strRegFile2, "REG_DWORD", "1"
      NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue strRegFile3, "REG_DWORD", "1"
      NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue strRegFile4, "REG_DWORD", "1"

      'next lines removes settings of current users, remove it manually for other users on this computer
      NwEngine.Shell.DeleteRegValue "HKCU\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\BrandingImage"
      NwEngine.Shell.DeleteRegValue "HKCU\SOFTWARE\SAP\General\Appearance\UseBrandingImage"