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New Gateway Tool – SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator


following up on my blog from last week (–some-thoughts-on-the-future) I am happy to provide you more details on the SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator, which is available from today on. This Eclipse-based tool provides an OData modeler and toolkits for various service consumption technologies.

OData Modeler

Bringing the OData modeler to Eclipse is making it much easier for roles who are not too familiar with the ABAP programming language or the Gateway Service Builder to provide their input for the end-to-end development process.

This modeler allows an easy and convenient way to model an OData Service in Eclipse. Once the service is modeled it can be exported to be used at the development environment, where the content is coming from – for example the Gateway Service Builder from SAP NetWeaver Gateway.


Service Consumption

In order to accelerate and simplify the development process for consuming user-interface technologies we are introducing toolkits for popular environments. The toolkits generate the source-code for proxies based on existing OData Services and also starter user interfaces. This reduces the development effort and the required knowledge to connect to the SAP system via SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Depending on the technology the starter user-interface will have a list/ detail pattern, a workflow pattern or be just the proxies. As we are assuming that every customer / partner will have own requirements towards the user interface we assume that the generated proxies can be used as-is, but the user-interface will be changed by our customers / partners.

The following toolkits are available:

  • Toolkit for Android
  • Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5 and JQuery)
  • Toolkit for iOS
  • Toolkit for Java Platform, Standard Edition
  • Toolkit for PHP

The toolkits for Android and iOS are generating apps in a way that allow either direct connectivity to an OData-Server like SAP NetWeaver Gateway or to a SUP server. Typically the switch from one connectivity to another requires only few changes in the source-code of the app.


Download / Test System

The software is available from this site:

I would also like to mention the new SAP NetWeaver Gateway demo system for OData Services inside the SAP Developer Center. Via these services you can easily test the new tool:

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  • Hello,

    thank you very much for the overview. I allready tried the HTML (UI5) generation. It is great fun to see how fast you can build a simple UI5 application from a Gateway service (and deploy it to an NW Web AS).

    But I noticed, that it is only possible to build linear navigation. I.e. You have a List of Sales orders and a list of line items. It is easy to go from the Sales order view to the line items. But if you additionally want - lets say - to navigate to a table of partner roles of this sales order (from the header) you are not able to enter this application flow in the wizard.

    Is it planned, that the tools also support such scenarios? Or is it maybe allready possible, and I just did something wrong?

    But as a starting point, the generated code is allready great!

    Thank you very much

    Daniel Schön

  • Hi,

    Can you use this tool with any OData Source URL (like HANA XS) or is it somehow restricted to Gateway. I was looking at one of the tutorials recently created and I saw the screen "Location of OData Service" where you could probably add a different URL.


    • Hi Jan,

      the tools are eclipse plugins and as such can be installed on any eclipse environment, as long as it is based on eclipse 4.2

      • Hi Carlos,

        Thanks for your reply. The latest version of NWDS I think is only based on eclipse 3.5 so that'll be why the intallation fails. I've installed clean Eclipse with the tool and then after creating the project in Eclipse (taking advantage of the productivity gains this tool gives) I open the project in NWDS so that it will work in our setup (NWDI, deployment etc).

        That seems to work ok but of course it would be nice if a tool like this supplied by SAP would work with their version of Eclipse (nwds).....

        Br Jan

  • Hi,

    I have a problem and question: After installing the GWPA plug-in I tried to create within eclipse the SAP NW GW connection to an SAP System (via Preferences) which I can reach with a HTML GUI with http connection (no proxy used), but it does not work. I tried server host name and port exactly from the URL from HTML GUI access, but I always get a "Network connection error".

    Do you have any ideas for a solution?

    Thanks and regards, Patrick.

    • Hi Patrick, I don't know if it could be the port number that troubles you. You need to enter the port that is in the URL when you execute a service from your gateway. Is that the port you use?

      Br Jan

  • Hi Jan,

    I use the same port number which is used by the HTML GUI browser access; moreover, it is the same http port number which is also specified in transaction SMICM.

    Regards, Patrick.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Try to access the URL of catalog service the with the port in the browser:


      It might be that the server is configured to use SSL only and when you use the http port, it redirects to https.

      Anyway the best way to verify that you are using the correct port is to try it from the browser.



  • Please support Eclipse Kepler (released in June). If this plug-in doesn't support the same Eclipse as the ABAP Development Tools it will get messy really quick since ADT will only support two version (current, and previous)

    If this doesn't support Kepler by the time the next comes out, we will have to use two separate (and unsupported) Eclipse installations just for SAP (plus NWDS....).

    This doesn't support Kepler you get the Java Null exception mentioned by Syambabu.

    PS: Not to mention the fact that I had to delete my Kepler installation with ADT to get this to work.

  • I'm trying to create an application based on SAP Workflow. I was using tutorial from the link below.

    Everything was going smooth till I uploaded my app to emulator. when i try to logon logcat in eclipse returns the following error:

    01-08 13:56:52.539: E/Connectivity(758): Delta handling is disabled. Please add Persistence & Cache libraries to enable it.

    Both libraries are included in the project. Do you have any idea what could I do wrong?

  • Hi All,

    i get the same error in eclipse:   Delta handling is disabled. Please add Persistence & Cache libraries to enable it.

    The app in the emulator can't login. I try with the example service RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT.

    Thanks a lot,

    best regards


    • The problem with Delta handling was not relevant. I'm not sure what was the soultion to the problem but I know that it had something to do with configuration in SAP.

  • Hi Martin, looks like an excellent tool.

    I've been trying to modify one of the existing templates, specifically "Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5 and JQuery)". So I imported the plugin, then in the Extensions tab of plugin.xml I modified the SAPUI5 List/Details extension changing the ID and the display name. I didn't change anything else in the plugin.

    When I test the new template I can see the new Starter Application template in the wizard. On the next screen I enter the odata service URL and on the next screens select the page and fields as normal. However when I click the Finish button I get error "Template Generation Wizard error, see error log for details.".

    In the logs I can see the following:

    !ENTRY 4 0 2014-02-16 12:04:56.305

    !MESSAGE Template Generation Wizard error, see error log for details.

    !STACK 0

    java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to



      at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Synchronizer.syncExec(

      at org.eclipse.ui.internal.UISynchronizer.syncExec(

      at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.syncExec(




    Is this something you have seen before? Please advise.



  • Hi all,

    anyone had a problem with GWPA service redeployment? First deployment to SMP always works, and the service works as expected. Then when I make a change and try to redeploy it (whether unchanged details, or with different version or even different name of the service) the change is not reflected in SMP. No errors are captured in the server logs.

    The only thing that works is to create a new GWPA project from scratch... :/