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Hands on HANA on AWS

Hi All,

If anyone is interested here in APJ I’ve put together a simple deck with Ten Steps to get people started with HANA Dev. edition on AWS  with a detailed support document plus a pre-workshop document.   We are now running workshops using these with staff, partners and key customers to allow more people to experience HANA, educate themselves and expand the HANA world.

4 key points are

  1. We get more people on our technology cheaply – removes expense from POC’s
  2. More people using HANA and hopefully talking about it through their networks
  3. SAP HANA Studio and Client are free and they get to use our tools to make it more familiar
  4. SAP Visual Intelligence included to show the power of both HANA and VI

This is a fast route to getting more HANDS ON HANA, here are two links to download the zip file.




Simon J Connolly


Database & Technology APJ

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      • Hi Simon,

        I've been on Hana on AWS already, and I will be checking out your getting started doco.

        All of these initiatives to get people onto Hana are only for the good.

        I am a big advocate of SAP providing a Hana Platform Developer Edition for high powered pc's running for example vmware and suse, and as far as I understand this in the pipeline.

        SAP are doing a wonderful job at the Business end, marketing Hana, supporting Sales calls at Customers and leading the Management at Customers down the Hana path.

        I think the only gap right now, is to get more of the foot soldiers, Developers, BI Admins, BI Functional, and Basis Admins having their own local Hana so that they can then do their own upwards marketing to their Management and lobby for their companies to implement Hana.

        AWS is great, for Developers and BI folks, until the temporary license runs out, but for Basis Administrators like myself who want to install Hana over and over and patch it, and configure it and tune it, all in the comfort of a home based local Sandbox, this is missing right now and this gap needs to be officially and formally filled. And as I said as far as I understand this is in the pipeline.

        All the best,