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  1. Former Member

    Hi David,

    Thank you for pointing this out. This is a known issue, and it only happened to some users who completed this mission before a certain point of time. We’ve confirmed that affected users didn’t lose points and can still use the badge in their Me in 3. The error seems to be only happening in the mission tile. We’ve already start investigating how to fix this.


      1. Steve Rumsby

        This one happened to me, too. It took me a while, and several nonsense status updates, to realise it was a bug and not something I was doing wrong!


  2. Former Member

    I even went to the extent of adding a status from SCN Mobile but disappointed to see tat mission was still at 86% and finally gave up thinking that it must be a bug! 😛

  3. Former Member

    An update on this issue:

    It has been verified as a result of changing rules of an active mission. We will be improving both the logic of the system and the process of mission changes to avoid this from happening again.

    For the users who are affected by this issue, correction will be made in the following days to have the mission tile showing 100%. But the users will also notice: a new entry of mission completion in point history but no points actually added, an extra rule on the flip side of the mission tile.

    I apologize for the confusion caused by this issue. Thank you very much for the feedback and understanding!


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