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How will you get IDOC qualifiers and their actions?


Description: We all have heard about the IDOC qualifiers but many of us don’t know how to get these IDOC qualifiers and their actions. If you want to find out the possible actions for a given IDoc qualifier (or) possible values for a given IDoc field without getting into ABAP code, Then

how will you able to do that? As we know that a qualifier allows a field to maintain different type of data.

Lets say, if ‘Order’ is a field with Qualifier, then this Order can hold

1. Sales order.

2. Purchase order.

3. Production order etc.

Similarly, if ‘Date’ is a field with Qualifier, then this date field can hold

1. Delivery date,

2. Purchase order date,

3. Sales order date etc.

So, as a result, Qualifier is used for minimizing the space so that one can use a field for different purposes.

Solutions: To get IDOC qualifiers and their actions, we will take example of ORDERS05.

Step1: Go to Transaction code WE30. Enter ORDERS05 in the Obj. Name:

Pic 1.JPG

Click on display: It will show all the segments of the IDOC.

Pic 2.JPG

Now select one IDOC, lets say E1EDK14. Double click into it.

Pic 3.JPG

Now, click on Segment editor, to see the fields of the segment.

Pic 4.JPG

Now click on the Data element of QUALF fields which is EDI_QUALFO.

Pic 5.JPG

Now, Double click on Domain and go to Value range .

Pic 6.JPG

Now you can see the Qualifiers in the column of Fix. Val and their descriptions. in the Short Description field. 

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