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What’s new in BI 4.0 SP06 – Specify CMC Tab access with user group

Meanwhile BI 4.1 package, there’s some cool features included in SP06, newly released.

We usually think about customer concern with new capabilities for the final user with minor attention for the shadow user : BO administrator.

Here, BO administrator will love this document wich explains how specify tab access in CMC.


There’s one super-admin delegating access to CMC and its limited features to a group of users e.g. IT users who wants only to create/modify/delete folders.


Delegate administration, empower active users and skilled users


– Activate restricted access on CMC application

– Define user group and access level to associate

– Specify tab access

– Test & validation

– Tips

Activate restricted access on CMC application

First, you have to activate restricted access on CMC application else it won’t work, obvious.



You just have to choose the specific box and it’s done, pretty simple !


Define user group and access level to associate

In this example, I have a user group called “Delegated – IT Support” wich contains one user called “Batman” [!]. he’ll be restricted to one tab for each category such as ORGANIZE (Folders) /DEFINE (calendars) / MANAGE (Instance Manager).

Create or find the user group, and configure its restricted tab access.


Specify tab access

Here the main screen where you can choose specific tab with 3 right level well-known in CMC management :

– Granted (Explicit)

– Denied (Explicit)

– Inherited


Test & validation

Once done, you have to test with your user ID and access to the CMC (http://BOSERVER:8080/BOE/CMC) and you’ll only access to the tab chosen before. Enjoy.



  • Be careful to configure security access to user or user group at top-level of each tab when it’s available


  • You can do mass changes with CTRL and clic.
  • Management of CMC tab access affects only the visual appearance of the CMC user interface.
  • If you try to restrict tab access before enable this option in CMC application, an error message will be displayed (see below)


Additionnal ressources

Business Intelligence Platform Administrator’s Guide SP6

Page 495 : Managing CMC tab access > Delegated administration and CMC tab access

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      • Actually I think I figured it out, you need to allow all of the sections and apps in the CMC, if you denied any at Top Level rights, it will not show, even when Granted through CMC Tab Configuration. Then also make sure you have the "Securely nmodify rights users have to objects" assigned to the CMC Application rights set on the group the user belongs to, this switches the list of the CMC Tab Configuration to all Green icons.

  • Hi, all

    I have followed this doc exactly. But some applications show, some don't. I have also assigned an access level that basically gives everything in the CMC category. What am I missing?



  • Dear All,
    I followed this SNC topic regarding "How to enable tab access on Cmc".
    I have tried to do this with folder/Catergories/Universe/Connections
    and it works fine..... unfortunately for "Olap connection" doesn't works
    fine...... I don't see the item.

    Is there other options that I have to check in order to enable also
    "Olap connection" on Cmc tab Access ?

    Best Regards,