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Latest available NCo patch level: 3.0.23

This blog is intended to inform about the latest available patch level of NCo. If new ones are shipped, also this blog post will be updated.

Patch level 3.0.23 of the SAP .NET Connector 3.0 has just been released. Please see note 2802097 for a list of bug fixes and enhancements made with this patch release.

Please note that 3.0.21 was the final patch level for the .NET 2.0 variant, for which the support has ended on July 31, 2018.

The SAP .NET Connector 3.0.23 can be downloaded from the SAP Support Portal Software Center at

If you are lacking the required authorization for downloading software from the SAP Service Marketplace, please follow the instructions of note 1037574 for requesting this authorization.



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  • Hi Guilherme,

    I agree that using such package managers makes life much easier when deploying software. However, for the time being it is not planned to offer a NuGet package for NCo. For various reasons RFC based Connectors are shipped via the Support Portal. This is why node-rfc is not fully functional either when only installing it via npm. It still needs the NW RFC Library to work, which needs to be downloaded from Support Portal, too.

    That other components of SAP are offered as OSS is due to different licences, strategy, and other reasons.

    Sorry to disappoint you and best regards,


    • Hi Markus,

      that is very disappointing. In the meantime there are several NuGet packages that depend on the NCo libraries and though some of them even "package" them.

      In my opinion there is demand for it and as long there is no official package there are only "workarounds" and "questionable sources" which spread in the wild. NuGet is forced from Microsoft to be the de facto standard for that. Please do not shut eyes for this important evolution.


      • Hi Daniel,

        it is illegal to package NCo in any OpenSource component. Shipment may only happen over the approved shipment channels of SAP and that's so far only the Support Portal. If a OpenSource component is really packaging it, it should be removed immediately.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Markus,

          you are right that it is illegal and violates your licensing terms. But these packages do exist and the fact that you  don't know them makes me think, that SAP is far far away from everydays developers practice.

          Just to make clear:

          This is just my personal opinion and I do not distribute any SAP library in any public available open source software. I just asked myself (in the role of a developer), why SAP makes it so uncomfortable to use their development libraries in .Net. For Eclipse e.g. you host your own repositories and this makes using it much easier.



          P.S.: Is there an equivalent on Idea Place for this topic? I haven't found one.

  • Hi Marcus,

    Could you please advice if any chance to get NCo 3.0 compiled for ARM ?

    My small app works fine with BW data and now internal customers are asking to port it to WindowsPhone. (and to iOS too...)

    Or , may be,  workaround exist ?



    • Hello Stanislav,

      due to the fact that NCo needs libraries that are cpu specific and those libraries are not compiled for ARM (sapnco_util.dll is containing those libraries). There is no workaround exitsing and for the time being there is no roadmap for ARM to be an additional platform for NCo.

      Best regards,