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How to set INACTIVE condition to ACTIVE while processing sales order

Business requirement

Due to some
legal restrictions in Russia, Russia Local Plant cannot hold any stock for the
material and hence it is non valuated which means the Standard Price is Zero (
0 $ )

The stock
will be replenished from another company code and we used our Standard Third
Party process  in which PR is created
which will be converted to PO and when we do GR, the Standard Price of that
plant is calculated in the GR.

baseline pricing structure is mapped in such a way that VPRS is calculated from
the Material master and on which 15% markup is added as base price. Since the
Cost price in VPRS condition is Zero Markup calculated on VPRS will be
obviously calculates to Zero and both conditions were set as INACTIVE as per
the condition properties


Creation of sales order

sales order.png

Status is shown as INACTIVE for VPRS

Design of requirement

In order to
cater this requirement we have developed
following solutions

  1. 1. one to
    make the Pricing condition to Set ACTIVE
  2. 2. To copy
    the value from GR to Delivery
  3. 3. Get the
    VPRS sourced from Delivery document to Billing



Even if we
copy VPRS value from Delivery to Billing document, the condition INACTIVE
status is copied from Sales order

We set the VPRS condition as GROUP CONDITION and it makes the INACTIVE status

group condition.png



On which
our PR00 is calculated

Just I
thought of sharing this as it is achieved with some minor modifications without
implementing any code changes or exit changes

May be any
one of us face this kind of requirement in future due to some legal compliant
countries such as RUSSIA, KAZAKISTHAN, etc

implemented same requirement to kazakisthan as well

Thanks to
all for reading this with patience

Good luck


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  • Dear venuri santhosh kumar

    one doubt  let me ask .. once you have maintained material cost is zero in MM01 system is showing vprs is inactive

    and once you have activated group condition system is showing active mode it means it is working ok fine but my doubt is all ready you have mentioned material cost is zero in mmr what what is the purpose of activating group condition field bz in sales order condition type that value is zero

    Due to some

    legal restrictions in Russia, Russia Local Plant cannot hold any stock for the

    material and hence it is non valuated which means the Standard Price is Zero (

    0 $ )

    For non valuated stock we can use another item category group .why they used stranded one ?

    PLZ MAKE ME Clarity .. thanks a lot

  • Dear i need some example o this scenario this is very new and very strange plz tell me if VPRS condition is activated in sales order even it is showing 0 but what is the use plz

    may be i am learner only i want some concept on this

    thanks a lot dear

    • Dear Santhosh

      as per my understanding if vprs is deactivated all condition types will be deactivated , this is sap stranded right

      so thatsway  you have activated group condition field active mode to activate other condition types to be active right ?

      • Hi venu,

        If VPRS is inactive, conditions depends on VPRS will also set to inactive and while processing billing, No accounting document is posted due to VPRS is zero and respective Base price which derived from VPRS is also showing inactive