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SAP EHS Management for Beginners


It seems to be that it is time to have a document in place for beginners in SAP EHS Management. This FORUM has showed that there is a regular need to support beginners. On High Level the most important Tipps and Tricks or Information should be collected and published. On regular basis this document will be updated.

Please check as well on regular basis the FORUM SAP for Chemicals

You will find there a lot of helpful information as well. On top check: Sustainability & CSR

and take a look as well here: Product Compliance

Introduction / Career

On regular basis questions regarding how to start an EHS/EHSM career are coming up. Please use the “search” option in SCN to find threads regarding this topic or check the SCN Career platform. If you just “google” you will find a lot of job opportunities on functional, technical or manager level.  

Please check for Career options: Career Center

You will find a lot of similar threads e.g.

SAP EHS Functional Consultant Role

What career in working as ABAP developer in EHS module?

SAP-EHS for Safety Officer (Oil&Gas) with BSc.Computer Science graduation

SAP GDC Hiring for SAP EHS Consultants – Bangalore Location

Need Expert Advise

 As SAP HANA is as well a suitable approach which will be used more and more by SAP customers: a number of documents in context of use of EHS/HANA can be found using an inquiry in SCN; some of them have been now added in the document list. It can be expected that SAP will invest a lot of money and time to enable EHS to be used in SAP HANA context; SAP ERP 6.0 EnhPack 6 is released to be used with SAP HANA).


SAP goes on with the generation of new solutions and with a consolidation of solutions. S/4 HANA will be the successor solution of SAP ERP / SAP Business Suite etc.  Pay attention: 

  • EHS IH is NOT supported in S/4 HANA (you must switch to EHSM)

 You willl find very helpful OSS notes and other documentaiton on this in SAP marketplace. Some discussion regarding this is still running in this FORUM. We need to wait now how SAP will consolidate the existing SAP EHS solutions in S/4 HANA. 


SAP EHS Management as described here:

 and here

is part of a bunch of applications of the SAP Sustainibility approach as described here:

and here


SAP Marketplace

SAP EHS Management can be found easily in SAP marketplace. You can search for OSS Notes, try to understand differences between different SAP releases (e.g. based on different support package etc.)  and try to understand the use of Business Functions in SAP EHS Management.  Most important are OSS notes of type “Consulting”, “Additional Information” or which deals with upgrades/updates.

Be aware of the fact that depending on the license you have SAP EHS Management contains “more” or “less” software (please refer to discussion as part of this document).

 There are some “must to read” OSS notes available regarding e.g.

  1. WWI Cookbook/WWI Setup
  2. Report distribution
  3. SVT installation
  4. Component Extension for SAP EHS Management (Installation/Migration topics etc.)

Regarding some other stuff you will not find suitable consulting OSS notes (e.g. DG related topics etc.).

SAP Licence model

SAP EHS Management is part of SAP ERP (if we talk about EHS classic).  To understand the SAP license model is not easy. Therefore use your SAP contacts for help to get better understanding. E.g. Component Extension for SAP EHS Management is still an “add on” to SAP ERP. But this is only the “technical point of view”. The license perspective can be different. PAY ATTENTION: SAP is going on to align the current license strategy taking into account future enhancements of the software solution (software solution bundle).

Overview about SAP EHS Management solutions

If you check this link: SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management) – SAP Help Portal Page

 SAP defines the solution as:

 SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management)

 having these subcomponents or solution options: 

  • Component Extension 6.0 for SAP EHS Management
  • Mobile Apps for SAP EHS Management
  • SAP Environmental Compliance 3.0
  • SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0
  • SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP ERP
  • SAP EHS Regulatory Content
  • SAP Product Stewardship Network
  • SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand
  • SAP Energy and Environmental Intelligence 1.0, Powered by SAP HANA

Discussions in many threads etc. has shown that this structure is not well understood. On top the community does have problems in differentiating “license topic” (how to get the software) and SAP software set up (which software must be downloaded, installed etc.)

Most of the threads in this FORUM are related to these topics: 

Topic Remark
SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP ERP This is “EHS MANAGEMENT CORE”
Component Extension 6.0 for SAP EHS Management This is a new solution bundle having some “solution” parts with an overlap with solution in EHS Management Core
SAP Environmental Compliance 3.0 A number of threads regarding this topic can be found as well but clearly on lower level in comparison to the other ones
SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 Is as well discussed. This solution bundle does have now some solution overlap with “Component Extension” solution

 Many persons acting in this FORUM asking to get a “functional overview” regarding these solutions especially focusing on the differences between the solutions but as well on the overlaps existing to get a better picture which process is supported by these solutions. If you check “simply” the corresponding SAP Online help the high level difference is obvious. But for some other topics you need to drill down more in SAP Online help.

 E.g. check: SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: January 2009

 For those who are interested: if you just google you will find lots of videos and other related stuff of any kind of quality etc. Some are good, some are “nice” etc. So check YouTube as well !

SAP EHS Management Core Overview 

Check e.g. these links:

 SAP EHS Management Core

SAP EHS Management is implemented as a SAP Extension in SAP ERP solution from technical point of view and therefore you need to prepare SAP ERP system and activate the extension before you can use SAP EHS Management. And there is some “afterwork” to be done to start with EHS. On SAP marketplace there exists some OSS notes referring to this topic (e.g.: EH&S installation: Composite SAP Note or more special: Composite SAP Note: Relevant notes for EHS dangerous goods ). After activation and if you use recent SAP release (actually SAP ERP 6.0, Enhancement Package 7) you can activate further EHS relevant business functions. Not in all cases SAP is delivering here “default” implementations regarding the extensions as part of the Business Functions. During some upgrade projects (which have been mentioned here) e.g. issues come up in e.g. Dangerous Goods integration. So you should read carefully anything which you find on SAP marketplace. In context of “Component Extension for SAP EHS Management” you will find lots of information in SAP marketplace (e.g. master guide to install the software; migration aspects etc.).

SAP EHS Management

There is no version number used in context of SAP EHS Management any more. It is part of SAP ERP. But there is some “conflict” with naming convention by SAP. Now SAP delivers as well a “Component Extension 6.0 for SAP EHS Management” (currently: roughly any year a new version is delivered by SAP) which does have actually a version number but is not the same as SAP EHS Management classic. As mentioned above: This solution is to my knowledge not part of SAP ERP but installed as an “add-on”. We can expect that may be SAP will change this in the future (as has been done with EHS classic).

Component Extension is sometimes abbreviated as “EHSM” sometimes SAP EHS Management is called “EHSM”.

From technical point of view: you can not compare the old SAP EHS Management classic solution with the Component Extension for SAP EHS Management solution.

On the top there is still a version number used in context of the “SAP Product and REACH Compliance” solution (actually version 2.0 is the recent/current one).

With S/HANA solution SAP Product and REACH Compliance Suite will not be supported anymore.

It seems to be that there will be a new book to come and in  english ! “Incident Management with SAP EHS Management”. According to the link identified: you can now ! dowbload the book. Please check: ISBN 978-1-4932-1330-6 

SAP Best Practices for Chemicals

The use of the SAP Best Practise approach as shown here: can help to speed up if there is the need to prepare a “general” set up regarding SAP EHS Management.

The topic of “Best Practise” is mentioned often together with links to the documents. So please check this FORUM. Keep this in mind: not for all of the SAP EHS solutions you will find a “Best Practise” and in most cases the Best Practise approach is only providing you an idea: how to do the job; in most cases the discussion of gaps etc. can take lot of time.

KEEP IN MIND: SAP is not delivering e.g. WWI templates for MSDS/SDS or other similar stuff (you get some examples). You have to do the job by your own (same for rule sets and a lot of similar stuff);

KEEP IN MIND: using SAP EHS software the system is nearly “empty” (ok: some basic customizing exists if you have done set up properly); therefore establishing phrases and other important business content must be done by YOU !!

PLEASE CHECK LINK: What is the main difference between product reach compliance and product safety stewardship

 PLEASE SEARCH FOR (using e.g. google) E.G. using term “SAP Best Practices for Environment, Health and Safety Management”, with “Solution Scope Document”.

What is new in SAP ERP

Please check e.g. What’s New in SAP ERP – SAP ERP – SAP Library

You can then drill down by SP (support package) and Enhancement package. Might be helpful

The “management story”

Recently a number of documents has been generated which are dedicated for “Management purposes”


Just check: Strategic Imperatives for the Chemical Industry – Part 9: IT Strategy, Alignment & Delivery

You will find reference to additional documents 

“Naming conflict”/”History”

Years ago there was a different term used in this context: “EH&S”. Generally you should now always use the term “SAP EHS Management” and you should not use the term EH&S any  more.  But you need take care regarding this “naming”. In most cases: if term EHSM is used then you can think about: classic EHS together with Component Extension. But sometimes people use the term EHSM for the “Component Extension” part of the software solution. If EHS is used most of the people talk about EHS classic (refer to comments/discussion in this document). Sometimes “problematic” is the discussion how “SAP Product and REACh Compliance Suite” is related to that. Here we have in most case two perspectives: topic and status of your SAP license and topic of software architecture etc. As SAP is still adapting/improving their license model no clear answer might be possible. Therefore: make it simple. Just ask SAP about your status and how to extend (if needed). From software point of view: “SAP Product and REACh Compliance Suite”: this is an own software layer (on the top) to SAP EHS Management classic. And there is a trend to move functionality from SAP Product and REACh Compliance Suite into the new “Component Extension” solution. Currently roughly any 12 – 18 month a new “Enhancement Package” is delivered by SAP to add new functionality to SAP ERP. 

History of SAP EHS Management

SAP EHS Management is now part of SAP ERP as an extension. In former times SAP EH&S (name used in the past) has been developed by TechniData and was implemented as an “add on”. Here a short list of history (not intended to be complete)


  • Completely part of: SAP ERP 6.0 EnhPack 7
  • Completely part of: SAP ERP 6.0 EnhPack 6
  • Completely part of: SAP ERP 6.0 EnhPack 5
  • Completely part of: SAP ERP 6.0 EnhPack 3
  • Completely part of: SAP ERP 2005
  • Completely part of: SAP ERP 2004
  • SAP EH&S 3.2 (SAP Enterprise Extension 2.0)
  • SAP EH&S 3.1 (SAP Enterprise Extension 1.1)
  • SAP EH&S 2.7b
  • SAP EH&S 2.7a
  • SAP EH&S 2.5b
  • SAP EH&S 2.5a
  • SAP EH&S 2.2b
  • SAP EH&S 2.2a
  • SAP EH&S 2.1b
  • SAP EH&S 2.1a

For those who love history here some links (you will find may be more of that type):

SAP EHS Management Link

May be check this link:

 or the SAP note: 122400 which provides an overview about SAP EHS “classic” installation.

 For those of you who are in charge of “managing” an SAP EHS system: Refer to SAP note: 1870650.

 E.g. SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: Missing Value assignments under property tree or similar links might be of interest as well.

Books regarding SAP EHS Management

Only one book is available and only in german to deal with SAP EHS Management. Refer to:

This book does not cover e.g. “Component Extension Solution” and GLM topics. There is no indication that the book will be translated in english nor that there will be an update of this book. 

Training documents

For EHS beginners I found these nice links (refer below). You should read them to get an idea about SAP EHS classic (even if the content seems to be based on release something like EH&S 2.5 the content is very useful to start with).

 Change XX with these values and “BE HAPPY” to get such nice EH&S documentation !

XX: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12

On the top check may be: SAP Environment, Health & Safety (SAP EHS) – How to Start Learn? | TechnoSAP – SAP Training | Help | Tutorials |…

Standard Database Structure

Rarely there is a discussion “how to adapt” EHS? What is best practise. One example is: Recommand std EHS substance structure, properti… | SCN

 For those which do not have access to SAP marketplace: may be check:

For those which do have access: check SAP note 1761696. May be SAP note 1375848 could be of interest as well.

 For those who use Recipe Development (PLM-WUI-RCP): SAP note 1659423 may be of interest.

Use of SAP EHS Management

SAP EHS Management is integrated very well in the relevant SAP ERP processes. Normally it is not used as a “standalone” application/module. It support companies to be compliant regarding chemical products. The main integration points are:

  1. SAP MM
  2. SAP DMS
  3. SAP SD
  4. SAP PP
  5. SAP QM
  6. SAP PM

SAP EHS Management classic uses as well the SAP class/characteristic system. By using this you can “easily” enhance EHS to maintain additional data which is not possible by using SAP standard. Keep in mind that SAP delivers update to SAP Standard property tree sometimes (please check SAP marketplace; you will find an important OSS note regarding this (Standard property tree)). If you are owning a SAP Regulatory Content license you will get these updates “nearly” automatic.

 For those who would like to start with SAP EHS Management especially these modules are of importance and therefore you should invest some time to understand the use of them and the relation to SAP EHS Management:


  1. SAP MM (definition of the material master, assignment of material to specification; use of material classes)
  2. SAP SD (basic know how needed because of e.g. SDS/MSDS distribution and Dangerous Goods Management integration)
  3. SAP DMS (basic know how needed to understand how e.g.  WWI reports are managed (stored) in SAP; it is recommended that you should have basic know how in the area of “ArchiveLink” and similar solutions

What the “hell” is a specification (and what about specification type and specification category)?

 For those who start with EHS classic it is not easy to differentiate these terms. Think of a specification of a “number” (but need not to be number)  for an object in EHS classic. SAP provides a number of SAP transactions in EHS. Therefore on the topic you might have some problems in understanding the difference.

 The topic of specification category is explained here:

Specification Category – Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) – SAP Library

and that of the specification type here:

 In EHS Classic mainly these transaction codes are used to prepare data:

Transaction code Description
CG02 Substance Workbench
CG02BD Specification Workbench
CGE2 Packaging Workbench
CGCL2 Dangerous Goods Workbench
CBIH92 Agent Workbench
WACO02 Waste Workbench

 Hazardous/dangerous — what is the difference?

 If you read cross chemical legislation/regulations you will find the term “Hazardous” and “Dangerous”. These two terms are sometimes mixed. On high level this is true:


If people talk about “hazardous substances/materials” they are interested in topics as:

  • SDS/MSDS generation
  • SVT
  • Hazardous Substance Management (e.g. what is allowed to be stored together)
  • SOP generation
  • Handling/Storage advices
  • Labeling
  • etc.

If people talk about “dangerous substances/dangerous goods management/dangerous materials” they are interested in topics as

  • how to transport the product safe
  • in which region (e.g. regulations like IMDG, IATA, ADR, ADNR etc.) should the transport happen and what is the “mode of transport”
  • what can be transported together
  • In which kind of “package” is the transport allowed
  • etc.

Hazardous Substance Management

Currently there is a high frequency of threads to be detected in the area of “Hazardous Substance Management”. I am sorry to say that one could write books regarding this topic. I can only try to give some may be helpful hints. 


If you check carefully the optons delivered with “Component Extension” Solution the story is now getting “complexer” as we have now a kind of functional overlap. 

Dangerous Goods Management

 The “Dangerous Goods management” solution does have a long history. By using Enhancement Packages on top of ECC 6.0 there are now a lot of new options available. E.g. using recent SAP releases you can integrate SAP EHS DG as well with SAP TM. 

Further links regarding Sustainability

 Check may be:

Substance Volume Tracking

For those who might be interested: for any company doing business in Korea a “REACh” like regulation is now in place. Take a look here: Korean REACH passed on April 30th

It can be expected that in Asia more regulation will come in place which are REACh like. So there might be the need so set proper SVT scenario for the new countries. E.g. take a look here: Korean Reach compliance


In more and more countries the GHS principle is used. This does have impact on e.g. WWI layout, rulesets and other topics as well. Most of the regulations create “lists” (e.g. europe) in whicht the GHS classifícation/labeling is fixed for a specific chemistry. Therefore the topic of content handling is important as well.

Data management in EHS solutions

A lot of discussion can be listed in context of  “mass update”, “upload options”. Because of the many SAP solutions; let us concentrate on EHS classic.

 On very high level you might differentiate:

  • Set up of a new SAP ERP system (and EHS classic) using data from a legacy system
  • Doing mass updates in the EHS system of any kind (insert, update, delete)
  • Options to extract data from SAP ERP system

Any of these topics are addressed in many threads in this FORUM (and some links to threads are provided as well). Therefore: please check this document and the many threads. 

It is always a good practise to consider as well “documents” in your scope. Here more or less the option to “import” documents or “export” is of interest; but sometimes as well there is the need to generate by mass new documents in EHS classic based on new data. Here as well you will find lot of references in this document and in this FORUM.


In most cases the demand is such specific, that you will in most cases use a company specific approach.

Sustainability Solutions

This section is intended to provide short links to SAP documentation. It is not intended to be complete etc.

Topic Link
SAP Environmental Compliance 3.0–nova-chemicals-using-sap-environmental-compliance

SAP EHS Management: Environmental Compliance
Component Extension for SAP EHS Management
SAP Waste and Recycling

SAP Waste and Recycling – SAP Library

SAP Waste and Recycling Components in SAP Waste&Recycling
Waste management solutions Waste Management Software Solutions | Utilities Software | Industries | SAP
Waste and Recycling solutions
SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0

REACH – Chemicals Industry – SCN Wiki

Energy & Resource Management
SAP GTS (added here because integration with SAP EHS Management is possible in context of e.g. SVT)
GRC Solutions
EHS Risk Management and Compliance for Operations
Reporting & Analytics
Sustainabilty Performance Managment

SAP EHS Management
SAP Carbon Impact

Recipe Management (PLM-RM)

Performance Reports etc.…


SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand – SAP Help Portal Page

SAP Architecture

On regular/irregular basis question come up in context of  SAP license strategy, about how the software can be combined etc. Especially the activation of SAP EHS as part of SAP ERP is asked sometimes (e.g. EHS management prerequisites). Here some general links for beginners with SAP or SAP ERP. 

The design / set up of a a useful SAP landscape is not an easy taks. E.g. as an example:


 Data / Document archiving

This topic is discussed rarely. The story is quite simple. SAP delivers a standard strategy to “archive” documents but not the data. So if you use EHS for a long term (> 3 years) and based on your company size etc. the number of data records in the EHS core tables can increase “dramatically”. There is only one option to delete “old” data but you can not archive this data (based on what SAP delivers).

Other sources of information

Please check YouTube ! A lot of people uploaded here videos (e.g. maintenance and training examples) about EHS of any kind.


Link Topic
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EHS and SAP EHSM – Where to start learning How to start EHS career
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: Choosing the right software for your EHS requirements EHS software selection
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EH&S Data Model – Use of Compositions EHS data model
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: WWI Template – Some Tips WWI template
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: eSDS / MSDS management for meeting Legislative requirements eSDS
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: EH&S Workflows and Reporting EHS Workflow
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EH&S 3rd Party Data content and its usage Content management
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EH&S Learning Thread Leanring thread
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: WWI (Windows Wordprocessor Integration) WWI template
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EH&S – Basic Data and Tools – What it is ?
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: How to become a SAP EH&S Consultant How to start EHS career
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: Specification Vs Substance Specification/substance
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: WWI Template Creation and (M)SDS Authoring WWI Template
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP Standard Training in EHS EHS training
SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: Learning SAP EHS – Where to Start ? EHS training

 Reference to other documents in SCN

Topic Link Remark
WWI report template WWI Report Template Guide Must to read
EHS BOMBOS Classic set up BOMBOS Prerequisties (Data to be maintained in Enviromental Parameters of BOMBOS) If you need to prepare BOMBOS transfer
How to change symbol value at generation Can be helpful for WWI “debugging” aspects
Extended Search in CG02 Should be read if you would like to extend the CG02 query functionality
How to go to Label Trans ( CBGL_MP01 ) from waste disposal processing ( WAE02 ) GLM / waste related topics
Customer Exits in SAP EHS MANAGEMENT Customer Exits (not including SAP EHS Component Extension ones)
Assigning New Property Tree to Specification Types Please read this ! It is core SAP EHS customizing and helpful if you start a project
Specification Management – Reference Please read this ! It is helpful to undrestand the concept or “Reference”
Bill of Substance –Bill of material (BOSBOM) If you need some ideas in BOMBOS very helpful
Jobs for the Process in EH&S Report shipping Mandatory to read if you need to set up Report Shipping
Job for Document Generation on WWI Server Mandatory to read if you need to set up WWI
Process Report Shipping Mandatory to read if you need to set up Report Shipping
Parameter symbol creation for Labels and SDS A must to read regarding symbol generation in context of WWI
How to create custom report symbols in GLM A must to read regarding symbol generation in context of WWI
Phrase creation with example How to create a phrase
Building blocks & Configuration guides Building Blocks etc.
Financial, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Affecting the Utilities Industry

Regulatory topics
Overview: SAP EHS Management in context of Enhancement Package / Support Package Out of scope of this document: Component Extension
Examples of Integration of SAP EHS Management into other SAP Solutions Examples of Integration options
BOM BOS Interface Different BOM BOS Suolutions
EHS WWI Installation – Activities in Local System
This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used in the SAP EHS Management component extension. Very helpful document to understand extension options in Component Extension
EHS WWI Installation Mandatory to read in context of WWI
Standard WWI processing methods (WWI) Mandatory to read in context of WWI
Steps to create the Waste Code. How to create Waste codes
New changes for GLM in EHP7.0 and ERP 6.0 Providing overview about GLM extensions in EnhPack 7
WWI Template Editing – Part 1 Blue printing WWI template
Component Extension 4 .0 for SAP EHS Management  New and Changed Features What is new in Component Extension 4.0
New changes for PS in EHP7 Changes in EnhPack 7 in context of SAP EHS-SAF
New and Enhanced Functions of Global Label Management New or Enhanced Functionality in GLM in EnhPack 7 (check as well link as mentioned above)
Report Template Conditional Output A must to read regarding WWI
Printing in Bar code in SAP EHS WWI A must to read regarding GLM Bar Code
Important SAP Notes A must to read regarding WWI etc.
OSS notes in Global Label management A must to read regarding GLM
OSS notes for WWI Techniques A must to read regarding WWI
Examples of Data sharing demands in SAP EHS Management using XML About use of XML in EHS context
Important Transaction Codes in SAP EHS A must to read
Accessing of EH&S Tables A must to read
WWI Reports create large number of entries in DB tables Very helpful regarding WWI topics
Performance improvements – Specification Workbench A must to read regarding performance topics
New changes for Dangerous Goods Management component in EHP6 A must to read regarding Dangerous Goods Management topics
Important OSS Notes for Substance Volume Tracking A must to read if you are planning to use SAP EHS SVT
SAP EHS WWI – Asian Language A must to read for WWI topics (Fonts etc.)
How to deal with legal/regulatory changes (using SAP EHS MANAGEMENT)? About legal/regulatory changes
SAP EHS Study Material list Providing a collection of important documents etc. in SDN
WWI for Beginners WWI for Beginners Basic WWI ideas
WWI for Experts About WWI structures etc.
Introduction to classification system Use of Classification System in EHS
About change numbers About use of Change numbers in SAP EHS Management (Classic)
Substance Volume Tracking Substance Volume Tracking using SAP EHS MANAGEMENT
Use of EHS GLM What is a “Label” and how support SAP EHS Management “Labeling”
Use of Web Services in EHS Read and Exchange Specification Data from SAP EHS to .Net system Using ABAP Web-Services
Phrase Management Management Of External Phrase Libraries For SAP EHS
Master data handling in EHS Waste Waste management – Master data
Change Documentsin classic EHS Enabling Change Documents Log for Specification in EHS Specification Management.
Unicersal Worklist Create Universal Worklist Configuration file for EHS Management
Rule Sets/Secondary Data Determination Rule Sets / Secondary Data Determination
SAP Strategy including EHS / HANA aspects Road Ahead for SAP Consultants :  2012
History of SAP unofficial Timeline of SAP
SAP Strategy How can technology and new Concepts drive Innovation into the Chemical Industry ?
Sample handling in chemical industry

Sample Management in the Chemical Industry: Challenges and Issues (Part 1)

Sample Management in the Chemical Industry: Improve your Bottom Line (Part 2)

Sample Management in the Chemical Industry: ‘Day in a Life’ of a Chemical Sales Representative – (Part 3)

Could be of interset for those who are looking into future (taling care of future ortiented SAP driven solutions for chemical industry)
Sales process in chemical industry New Solution to Cover the Sales Process in the Chemical Industry
Cloud solutions What you need for the Chemical Cloud for Sales Solution
About compliance Going beyond Compliance – Latest Trends in EHS Management
About safefy Are you complacent about safety?
SAP Strategy in chemcial industry What does “Run Simpler” mean for the Chemical Industry?
Bid Data in Chemicaal Industry Big Data in the Chemicals Industry
EHS classic / WWI WWI / EHS classic for advanced Users
EHS DG integration in SAP TM Contacts needed: Usability Test for Dangerous Goods Processes in the SAP Transportation Management TM 8.0 / TM 8.1 releases
Reference to some KBa documents in SAP marketplace EH&S KBAs
If you need to install SuPM etc. might be of interest SAP Sustainability Performance Management
Collection of SAP notes (FAQ notes) FAQ Notes in EHS A MUST TO READ SOURCE
How to use compositions in EHS classic Important compositions in EH&S and how they are used
SAP EHS standard data model SAP EHS Standard Data model (EHS classic)
Special enhancement options in EHS Classic Use of EHS Classic
Update data (e.g. identifier) Massive Identifier change/creation for Substance.
What is new Now available with EhP7 and PPM6.0: Enhancements for R&D and Engineering with SAP
SAP Chemicals Getting Started with Chemicals
Use of SAP HANA Using SAP HANA for Scientific Research and Data Analysis
SAP Chemicals SAP for the Chemical Midmarket – ‘Chemical Company in a Box’
Best practices for Chemicals included SAP EH&S Configuration guide
SAP Product and REACH Compliance v2.0 – User Guide for Process Industry
How to use SAP ERP and EHS classic? (and/or EHSM)
EHS Extractor Configuration Step
EHS classic / report distribution
About WWI / What is new?
About content providing – A challenge for provider and company who need content
Article about SAP EHS – Risk Management
LSMW for Specification Management
Inserting Formula in SAP
SAP EHS Management for Beginners // Part 2

Blog Posts

Topic Link Application
Component Extension 4.0 for SAP EHS Management Component Extension
SAP EHSM 4.0 or Service Pack 3 Released Component Extension
Enhancing SAP EHSM : Overview Component Extension
Environmental Compliance 3.0 Feature Pack 3 available now Environmental Compliance
Building a workflow in EHSM 3.0 Component Extension
WWI(Windows Word processor Integration) template creation in EHS WWI layouting; first steps: A MUST TO READ !
Now available with EHSM4.0: New Management of Chemicals for Health & Safety Processes Component Extension
New and Enhanced Functions of Global Label Management
New changes for GLM in EHP7.0 and ERP 6.0
Tips and Tricks for SAP EC Calculations
EHSM risk assessment application
SAP EHSM- Assigning Access Level to Incident Tabs
Risk based recommendations for health surveillance
SAP EHSM 4.0 or Service Pack 3 Released
Tips and Tricks for SAP EC Calculations
Dangerous Goods Management – Intro Dangerous Goods Management – Intro Good overview about Dangerous Goods process
SAP Product Compliance Managers Summit SAP Product Compliance Managers Summit
SAP EHS Management 5.0: Ramp Up SAP EHS Management 5.0: Ramp Up Process Now Starting, RTC Date 12.05.2014
Determing Chemical Compliance with SAP HANA in Product Development Determing Chemical Compliance with SAP HANA in Product Development
New Whitepaper available on Product Innovation and Integrity New Whitepaper available on Product Innovation and Integrity
Achieving True Product Integrity Achieving True Product Integrity
Using SAP HANA for Scientific Research and Data Analysis Using SAP HANA for Scientific Research and Data Analysis
New Edition of Chemicals Roadmap available on Service Marketplace New Edition of Chemicals Roadmap available on Service Marketplace
Product Stewardship in the Cloud – SAP PSN in CHEManager Europe Product Stewardship in the Cloud – SAP PSN in CHEManager Europe
SAP EHS Solutions Confused about what is current or successor functionality versus “classic”?
Ramp up started EHSM 6.0 Ramp-Up component extension for SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management 6.0
Just check link Do you know that Lithium Batteries are Dangerous Goods?
Just check link Next Generation Environment Management from SAP
Just check link New Cloud Solution SAP Cloud for Product Stewardship
Best Practise Best Practices for the Chemical Industry
Best Practise Best practices for Chemicals included SAP EH&S Configuration guide
SPRC SAP Product and REACH Compliance v2.0 – User Guide for Process Industry

Wiki Blogs

Topic Link Application
GLM process GLM Process flow – Wiki Stage – SCN Wiki
EHS IHS Process Flow – SAP EHS IHS – Wiki Stage – SCN Wiki

SAP Notes on "Consulting" Category. Application Area-EHS-DGP-DOC (Dangerous Goods Documents) – Contrib…

SAP Notes on "Consulting" Category. Application Area-EHS-DGP-CHK (Dangerous Goods Checks) – Contributo…

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EHS enterprise Services

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Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) – Enterprise Services WIKI – SCN Wiki

SAP Notes on “Consulting” Category. Application Area-EHS-DGP-DOC (Dangerous Goods Documents) SAP Notes on "Consulting" Category. Application Area-EHS-DGP-DOC (Dangerous Goods Documents) – Contrib…
SAP Notes on “Consulting” Category. Application Area-EHS-DGP-CHK (Dangerous Goods Checks) SAP Notes on "Consulting" Category. Application Area-EHS-DGP-CHK (Dangerous Goods Checks) – Contributo…
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Supply Chain Supply Chain – Green Index and Sustainability – Sustainability – SCN Wiki
SAP road Environment, health and safety executives say they will increase EHS spending in 2016

Recipe Development/Recipe Management

Very rarely discussion comes up about the solution “Recipe Development” or “Recipe Management”. This is normally discussed in SCN in Forum “PLM (Product Life Cycle Management; check may be:: Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM)).


Recipe Develoment does have “Business Function” extensions as well. E.g.

Information regarding “Recipe Development” can be found here:

Information regarding “Recipe Management” can be found here:

As you can see: the link is different and the solution approach is different. Both applications use SAP EHS core elements as well.


Component Extension for SAP EHS Management

Component Extension for SAP EHS Management is a “new” solution (now available as version 6.0). It is an “Add On” (own software layer). This new solution can not be compared with SAP EHS Management “classic” and is implemented different. The actual scope of the application does have some overlap with SAP EHS Management “classic”. To a certain extent part of SAP EHS Management “classic” can be used if you start with the Component Extension (you can “migrate” existing data). Discussion in several threads in this FORUM showed that SAP will “reorganize” their applications. Therefore some old functions will not be developped any more but money / time etc. will be invested in the Component Extension. Please check carefully this FORUM. A number of useful hints are provided regarding installation of the new solution, migration topics etc.


E.g. check: SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EHS and SAP EHSM – Where to start learning

GLM/Global Label Management

Discussion in this FORUM showed that SAP is restructuring and enhancing the GLM solution as well. Last update has been done with Enhancement Package 7. Some old TechniData solutions seems to be still supported by SAP using the SAP Consulting service. Especially the new options regrading GLM in Enhancement Package 7 are worth to be studied if you need to implement GLM. Especially the topic “how to install WWI correct” is a “problem” in this context. Because of recent dicussions in this FORUM some links to “Bar Code” discussion taking place in this FORUM has been added. GLM is as well one of those topics discussed very often in this FORUM.


On an irregular level discussion is coming up if it is possible to “convert” a WWI related MSDS/SDS into XML for data exchange. To make it short: there are options to do so but there is lack of availability of XML schemata. Here I have the feeling that people believe XML is something like “TXT”, “DOC”, “PDF” etc. To a certain extent this is correct but in context of MSDS/SDS and data exchange this is wrong. The main “issue” here is: data exchange can be only done if sender and receiver talk the same language. Examples of data interchange options via XML is the “IUCLID” format. Here you need to prepare a XML data stream according to the rules of ECHA. And this is the “crucial” issue in exchange of data using XML. The XML file content must “fit” a XML schema. (there is a “rule” to do so). But there is a trend on chemistry / legislation etc. to use XML as the “data format (but per “legislation” there is a different rule in place) and clearly if you look close on SAP functionality you can generate XML (there are a number of options to do so). But e.g. if you would like to exchange an US related MSDS or an European MSDS via XML you have a different internal structure etc. Here we have now to a certain extent the link to WWI. WWI is used to “collect” together the data for US MSDS and EU MSDS. Using XML in theory you can do the same but because of lack of “common” rules (as with the IUCLID format) you can not use XML generally to exchange MSDS/SDS data. In most cases you need to think about “mapping” of XML Data stream to your EHS structure (may be you use different phrases, identifiers etc. etc.).

WWI / Adobe Forms

In some SAP EHS Management related software Adobe Forms are used (Example SAP Product and REACh Compliance Suite). For SDS/MSDS/Label etc. reports WWI is and will be the standard tool. It can be assumed that Adobe Forms will be integrated “better” in the future and that it will be used more often but if a complex layout has to be designed WWI is  the only available tool to do so especially in the area of Label Management.


Portal solutions/MSDS download and related stuff

On regular basis discussion is coming up regarding:


  • MSDS import
  • MSDS export
  • MSDS display in portal


PLEASE CHECK THIS FORUM first or check this document. The topic has been discussed really often.


Dear EHS Community: please go on in preparing documents and blogs !

Any idea to improve this section is appreciated. Please provide ideas regarding topic or subtopic so that may be beginner can find more easily the answer.

Please help to improve so that Beginners in SAP EHS Management are supported. What do you Beginner inSAP EHS Management need as a “starter package”?


Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended to help beginners to find easily a thread in this FORUM which might help regarding the issue. This section will grow step by step. Ideas of topics which should be collected can be added based on feedback of community.

The “WWI” section part of this FAQ will be updated only rarely. The same is true for “GLM” part. There are too many threads regarding this tool/technique. It is nearly not possible to do a “sorting” or to select properly may be helpful threads. Please refer to some of the documents as mentioned here. They try to help more.


The same is true regarding Report distribution, Component Extension for SAP EHS Management as well as Dangerous Goods Management topics etc. It is not easy to sort questions asked so that it might help a SAP EHS beginner.

This is my personal list of those topics which are asked for very often:


  • WWI (layout topics, server installation) (it is nearly impossible to take care about that many threads regarding this tool/this solution in this FORUM; therefore: please search first ! and then ask your question)
  • How to use WWI to define e.g. MSDS/SDS layout (what are the basic steps)
  • MSDS generation (e.g. what are the steps required etc.) (e.g. SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: WWI Template Creation and (M)SDS Authoring)
  • Report distribution (e.g. general set up; distribution of inbound documents)
  • Report import/export (Most frequently asked are: Import: Inbound documents; Export: Mass download topics)
  • Label/GLM topics of many kind (A lot of topics regarding GLM (e.g. label scenario); GLM Bar Code printing (how to use BAR codes etc.) ; synchronous WWI server
  • Dangerous Goods (filling, checks and to a certain extent maintenance topics)
  • CG02 extensions (e.g. use of output variants)
  • Where used list (compositions, specification listings)
  • CG50/CG54 (e.g. download by mass of documents, portal solutions)
  • Regulatory content; how to use etc.
  • How to start with EHS? What are the customizing steps etc.
  • Use of “Component Extension” (how to install, migrate etc.)
  • What are the “career” options in EHS? What are the prerequisites to start with EHS?
  • SVT Topics

It is recommended to use the “search” functionality in SDN to check if your problem has been discussed yet. It is not intended to have a “100 % “FAQ section here and not 100 % quality (that means a thread can appear e.g. twice etc. in one section).

Topic Complexity level

or Subtopic

How to start with EHS? None


Important: SAP EHS Trainings

Whats Best Practice to store SDS, Label and TREM Cards

types of substances in ehs

No data provider to MSDS

Integrating EHS in SAP logistic part None
Job Market None
SmarTForms/WWI None
WWI Topics None

Dynamic Charater Sizing not working and wierd text coming in Label

healthcare labels

WWI – User Defined Text (long text)

WWI Topics

WWI Cookbook

Added because of importance of WWI cookbook


Waste Selction criterion Rename MSDS / SDS

WWI Server/Installation None

Report distribution None

Product safety integration with sales order

Automatic or Manual Report – Product Safety

831 Error on WWI server &1: Generated files not found

Want to manual report shipping for inbound document.

Report distribution Special

How to generate or get key file for released reports

In Japan & Australia, SDS is required to sent to Sold To Party, instead of Ship To Party?

Not able to Print MSDS from CVD1 at time of PGI

Want to know about the behavior of the standard report program RC1AVGE1

Dangerous Goods General

Does anybody know why Packaging Code field  in material master is missing?

Dangerous Goods Checks None

Any idea how a product is known as DG or Non DG?

Dangerous Goods check

Dangerous Goods Filling None

DG Filling

Error in DG Filling

Dangerous Goods None

Does anybody know why Packaging Code field in material master is missing?

DANGEROUS GOODS IDOC not sending deleted records in full mode

DG Text Patterns

DG Phrase Export from ECC to TM

DG message “””Dangerous goods master record is not released”

Dangerous Goods : DGE5

Multiple Phrase creation with same description during DG filling


Distributing the DG data to logistic system

DG Data Migration

Access concept None Creation of Authorization Roles for Country Specific Users to Access only Certain Properties
Reference/Inheritance None Dear Gurus,
SVT None

SVT Special EPA RMP/OSHA PSM/DHS Regulations and SVT
GLM General

GLM Medium

Help on EHS data selection for labeling scenario (without GLM)

GLM – Output of file is being chopped off

SAP EHS GLM Print request preview Error
GLM High

GLM Multiple line items printing

What objects use Number range GLM_RECN?

Error during GLM Label Preview – Function WWI_PRINTREQUEST_CREATE is not available

GLM Barcode None

Component Extension None

Import tool for EHSM 4.0 for data conversion

Need some docs or links related to EHSM

Class/Characteristic/Phrase related issues etc. None

How to make a characteristic invalid / or delimit in a class in SAP EHS

CG02 Low

Output with percentage of certain real_sub?

FM for Specification where used search

CG02 Medium

Query for list of specifications

Getting list of specification and associated materials assigned to specification

Characteristic of Data Type = Date follows User Profile Only

What is Incorrect Context?

Function Modules and ABAP programs Where-Used

CG02 High

Identifying Performance of inheritance/relationship for EH&S module

CG54/CG50 Low

CG54/CG50 Medium

CG54/CG50 High

How to start an EHS project? None

Implementation Guidelines None

Property Tree/Value assignment type None


run BOMBOS en masse

Waste Medium

EHS : Waste Management ( Why PO is created)

SAP Waste Management Configuration/Implementation Guide

Experiences in SAP Waste Management and Recycling

The specified item was not found.

Invoicing Waste Generator for Disposal Service

what is a disposal channel

ALE Medium

Phrase Distribution .

ALE High

Data transfer of substances fails

Background possibility for  Data Exchange–> ALE with Recipient Selection in CG02

BAPI/API General




EHS Identifiers : How To Update






Import/Export Phrase

Import/Export Specification

Import/Export Report

EHS report export from CG54 to be automated

Import/Export General

Import/Export Property Tree

Industrial Hygiene and Safety None

SAP Product and REACh Compliance Suite Low SAP EHSM & PRC
SAP Product and REACh Compliance Suite Medium

SAP EHSM Interactive Forms

EH&S and NERC Reliability Compliance

BI content for SAP EHSM

Product&Reach Complaince 2.0 Portal Roles

SAP Product and REACh Compliance Suite High
Occupational Health None

Phrase Management Low

Phrase Management Medium

Phrase Management High

OCC (Open Content Connector) None

Regulatory Content None

Expert Rules/Expert Server Low

Expert Rules/Expert Server Medium

SAP EHS Expert

Expert Rules/Expert Server High
Data migration from legacy system None

Upgrade/Update issues None

SAP EHS Menu – Missing from Logistics

DMS None

Business Function EHS None
Integration with GTS None
Product Stewardship None
Environmental Compliance None

SAP Environmental Compliance

SAP EHS-Environmental COmpliance

Required SAP EHS- Environment Compliance Documents

SAP Carbon Impact None

A career in SAP Carbon Impact

SAP carbon impact

Carbon Impact Reduction Project

SAP Carbon Impact

What is the technology behind SAP Carbon Impact?

Extending SAP Carbon Impact and BusinessObjects Explorer into data center management

How SAP Carbon Impact Can Help Determine Product Carbon Footprint

Difference between SAP Carbon Impact and SAP EHS – Environment Compliance

A good week — SAP Carbon Impact 5.0 and an update to SAP StreamWork go live…

SAP Recipe management None

Recipe management

ALE / XML Data Exchange None

EHS – send specification data to XI in an xml


Error while Syncing Substance with IUCLID

What is DCT ( data collection tool from technidata) for SPRC How this can be used ?

Migrate IUCLID 5 data in to SAP

Hazardous Substance Management None

Capture EHS Data in ABAP Report

Integrate EHS (link one SAP to different SAP system) None Access to EHS data from system outside of SAP
Compliance for products None EH&S (CfP)
WebINterface None WebInterface Server – Error while opening the PDF file
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  • hi christoph..!

    you have given the reference link to actually know "what is sustainability practices / measures a company have / adheres ? " right..?  I think it would be a better starting point to understand how EHS practices (not sap-ehs) has evolved in the years and integrated with sustainability related practices in the industry and compare the same with that of SAP's solution for EHS & Sustainability.. 

    Can you go and with some more detail into "Naming conflict"/"History" ?

    guess this would give better clarity on sap's various solution for EHS over the years..!

    • Hi Subash,

      I gave some additional information below, but just to clarify about the "naming conflict" and history:

      Prior to 2009, the license was called Environment, Health & Safety  (EH&S for short) and now it is called SAP Environment,Health+Safety Management (EHSM for short).  There is functionality in the new license that did not exist at the time of the older license. Therefore, if a customer owns the older license, they likely do not have rights to all of the functionality in the new license and may need to upgrade their license. If this is the case, the good news is that they will get a credit for the older purchase, so they do not lose that investment. For details, the account team will need to be involved.

      Note that there are other products in the EHS space - such as SAP EHS Management product and REACH compliance. There are also other old licenses that have been retired.

      So, it can get quite confusing for customers who have been around a long time. If you are new to this space, then all you need to know is that when people say EH&S, they are probably referring to the older functionality and when they say EHSM, they could be referring to everything or they may mean the new functionality in the component extension. I wish it were not so confusing, but there is a long history here and changes happen over time.

    • Dear Subash

      regarding your comment: "ou have given the reference link to actually know "what is sustainability practices / measures a company have / adheres ? " right..?  I think it would be a better starting point to understand how EHS practices (not sap-ehs) has evolved in the years and integrated with sustainability related practices in the industry and compare the same with that of SAP's solution for EHS & Sustainability.. "

      I never really gave you an answer. Sorry. The main issue here is that you can write "books" to summerize what you are looking for. On the top the "problem" is with the term "sustainability". Here you need to write two books.

      One quite short summery might be:

      a.) chemical and similar industry need to follow a lot of regulations to produce, export or import products

      b.) these product must be "legally" ok from e.g. customs point of view and e.g. foreign trade point of view

      c.) you must be able to transport the products safely using proper packaging

      d.) you must be ableto store the products safely according to different regulations

      e.) on the topregulaitons like "VOC"; "Excise Duty" and other stuff need to be considered

      f.) sometimes you need to register teh rpdouct before you can import et.c that

      On the top you need to take care of the safetyof the worker, check your emmissions, calculate e.g.Carbonimpact, check a lot of other stuff etc.; then based on the specific industry (as automitive) you need to take care regarding additional stuff; onyl as on top

      example: e.g. waste handling (and recycling etc.) is additional demand

      This can be onyl a "short" list of topics in context of Sustainability. And as the environment changes from time to time (e.g. REACh, GHS, and other upcoming regulations) it is really not posible to look "shortly" into the past and try to extrapolate to the future

      I hope that this might help. Not sure. But if you check e.g. What is the main difference between product reach compliance and product safety stewardship

      a number of on top questions might comeup as well


  • Hi Christopher,

    This indeed is a valuable information for beginners to start with and there is not much documentation on the website. This provides a clear approach to SAP EHSM. Not many have knowledge on this product even the SAP customers. Expecting more blogs from you on SAP EHSM subjects.

    Kind regards


  • This is a great idea to help beginners! Thanks for starting this. I would like to clarify just a few points. The component extension for EHS Management is an add-on to ERP. You will find the help for the component extension for EHS Management in a different place - In addition, when you look on service marketplace for the on-line training, you will find it in the index under C for component extension for EHS Management rather than under EHS. From a licensing perspective, customers who buy a license today will buy EHS Management and it includes both the functionality that is "in ERP" as well as the functionality that is in the "add on".

  • Hi Christoph..!

    Really wonderful work by cataloging the threads with respect to frequently used search query/frequently asked topics..


    Subash Sankar

  • Christoph, you are truly a star! This is really awesome. Thank you so much!

    Just to throw in my two cents worth. With regards to installing Windows services for the EHS Expert Server and WWI Server: one needs a pretty good knowledge about Windows administration as well (service administration, windows policies, event log etc.). So, you probably need an admin guy that takes you by the hand and guides you through the whole installation procedure.

    • Dear Jan

      if you check the many threads related WWI installation: you are right. Here you need somebody who knows SAP EHS and Windows administration. Related EHS Expert: there are nearly no thread which I know related the installation of the solution; but how to use it


      • Hi Chris,

        I am New to EHS Module Can u help me out as our project works related to portal and fbi ( floor plan manager, bopf integration. how to enhance these standard flor plan applications.

        thanks and regards,


  • Hi Christopher,

    This is Awesome...

    I usually follow your postings..

    This is very good one for SAP EHS Management startup functional consultants.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Awesome Collection of reference links for EHS -thanks.

    Any inputs for QIM ( quality incident management) would be greatly appreciated as well)



  • Hi CB,

    The thread to see together in one place very nice. Many thanks for your information.

    could you possible give more  information for functional enhancements for SAP EH&S Occupational Health, ind. hygiene & safety,Dangerous goods.product safety,waste management.

    Once again, Many thanks for your information.


    • Dear Edward

      please specify more what you are looking for. Check e.g. may be:


      Functional enhancements can be there as part of e.g:

      - a customer exit

      - a menue exit

      - using some BADI implementation

      - using ECC 6.0 technlogy (enhancement points)

      etc. But what is the definition of "functional enhancement"? Let's make an example:

      You can e.g. create a own property tree, VAT (class/characetirstic,. own identifiers etc. etc. => is this a "functional enhancement" from your point of view? I assume: no. But what are you looking for?


      • Hi CB

        Thanks for you quick reply.

        You are correct.

        As per customer requirement i can create own property tree using VAT (class/characteristic) in Specification management,this is also one kind of functional enhancements for SAP EH&S.

        Coming to point, Functional consultant should be now the functional Enhancements for SAP EH&S. It described various customer requests or requirement.(Note 440856)

        Example i can say here.

        Risk rating analysis method:

        New analysis method for ratings  possible now, as per customer requirement i can provide new risk rating analysis method.

        Information on accident event per e-mail:

        Mail will trigger to the person responsible for processing the accident the possibility to inform other persons or distributors on the accident, the option to send a (e-mail) message directly from incident/accident log was once made.

        My point of view i have received some information for industrial  hygiene and safety and  Occupational Health in market place.Dangerous goods.product safety,waste management i don't have that much idea for functional enhancement. If you have any idea for this 3 please provide more information. as a functional consultant, this is more helpful for us.


        • Dear Edward

          I studied the OSS note you have mentioned. I understand now better what you are looking for. I am sorry tosay that it is nearly impossble to help you. The issues are like this:

          - SPs are not documented "well". You need to consider any OSS note as part of a SP to understand the difference

          - OSS notes like you have mentioned can be identified in most cases if you look for "Recommendation/additional info" as a search topic in market place

          - the delta documentation is not very "good": e.g. if you have the need to switch from SAP enterprise 4.7 to either ECC 5.0 or ECC 6.0 you will get more information in SAP marketplace in comparison to content of SPs

          - in any case it is worth to simply check any SPRO activity and try to understand the use of it

          - be area of the fact ! that sometimes you need really carefully read OSS notes related to SPs; one exmaple is: with I belive EH&S 2.5 or EH&S 2.7 the "usage" was available on identifier level (wiht sometimes "strange" effects). Personally I realized that years ago in a SP change that it might be important to really read any OSS (we manged the change); therefore it is recommened to check SPRO changes and to retest all (even if IS organisation don't like this "message" (as it means time, money ressources). Depending on the "difference" (e.g. 2 SPs, three SPs etc.) you should invest more time in testing; pay especially attention to the fact that sometimes (n OSS noets referring to OSS notes) some "relocation" reports are mentioneded which "must" be executed befoire you should go on with update / upgrade; to find especialy these notes is not easy

          - rarely SAP is preparing a "consulting OSS note" to consider "important" topics. Examples are: WWI installation, SDS distribution or SVT installation. Something like that is not available to my knowledge for DG, Waste or IH nor OH installation. Therefore to check the "Best practise" approach is the best option as here you will find examples regarding these "submodules"

          To give you some hints. depending on SP something like 20 to 30 OSS notes are collected together. Now depending on the IS strategy of your company either you install them at the time they are released or you wait e.g. two or more years. As per year normally at least 2 SPs are delivered it is clear that if you wait with SP installation the number of OSS notes are increased.

          And as we have now the "Enhancement Package" option you get a "conflict" as roughly once a year a new enhancement package is available (and sometimes you ned a SAP basic update to use a Enhancement Package; therefore you have a number of dependencies). Now once again you have the option;: only install the SPs or install the enhancement package and the by activating some business function to get some profit from this investment. In the last case you need more time to analyze the effects and you need to prepare blueprints etc.

          DG, PS and Waster are "classic" modules. So enhancements are done here only by using Enhancement packages and only in rare cases (as with Reach) by using a SP.

          So I am sorry. I can not really help you. Any approach depends on the "blueprint" you are looking for and therefore methodology etc. used can be different


  • Hi Christoph...

    Very good information. I would say this is not only useful to the beginners but also to those who are working on SAP EH&S as you have captured all required information nicely and in a good manner.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Amazing blog Christoph.. I had bookmarked this blog.... 🙂 🙂 . Will share it to my team.

    Hats off to your patience 😯 ..... Keep it up.....

  • Christoph

    i am newly enter into the SAP world

    now i am working on Waste management. could you please help me to understand the waste workbench T.code is waco02?

      • Dear Cristopher

        i am confused regarding the creation of waste workbech. waste workbench? could you please explain it to me. our main concern is material generating and disposing so that can we do it without creation the waste workbench? or we have to do it? What is the relation of waste workbench with the generation and disposal?

             where can i get the best practice of waste workbech is it available online? if it is available so send me the web link to buy it............

        • Dear Mohammad

          you have not read this document carefully. Best Practise is mentioned here. In any case:


          Shortly: The Waste Solution of EHS does help companies in disposing etc. of waste according to legal requirements. The Waste Workbench is only one "subpart" of the whole story. Please read SAP online help to get an overview about the solution and its use.

          PAY ATTENTION: as mentioned above a different SAP solutions is existing handling "waste". Don#T mix these two SAP solutions


  • any body can help me to buy these manual sus315 sus320 sus425 sus415 sus420 sus455 sus450 sus360 sus370 sus380 sus350 sus 365 sus375 sus385 sus350.. please please please and please.....

  • Hi Christoph,

    I'm a newer to learn SAP as an EHS engineer, do you have any suggetion for how to connect SAP and EHSM ,for i don't have any SAP experience,thanks. 😳

    • Dear Eileen

      your question is to general. I am not 100% sure what you would like to get. We need to differentiate a  number of "career" options.

      1.) You are (or would like) to act as end user/key user

      2.) You would like to work on EHS/EHSM projects to support customers (finding / discussing solutions)

      3.) you would like to act e.g. a "project manager" on such projects

      4.) etc.

      In any case: without basic knowledge on SAP you can not start. Once again you need to ask yourself: do you would like to start as "end user" or drill down to "technique" (ABAP etc.) and start from this point of view your career.

      Therefore: sorry I can not really help. Especially as EHS/EHSM is now a "to general" term.  PLease check this Document well. You will detect that you need/should first "specialize" and then you can "generalize" (in most cases). So what is your background? Any< experience with other IT tools similar to SAP etc.? A EHS career is in >90% of cases a "step by step" one; learn the basics and then grow


      PS: check e.g. this "similar" thread: Sap EHS/EHSM market

      You will findmore of that kind

      PPS: check: Career Center

      and: FAQ: Middle and Late SAP Career Paths or similar threads

  • Hi Christoph

    You might want to add the following link to a Configuration Guide, which I found very useful:




    I noticed that actually you do have a link to a Building Block & Configuration Guide: Unfortunately,I get an "unauthorized" message and cannot view this document. If this should already contain a link to above document, mea culpa! 😳


    currently I have big issues in enhancing this document. The browser I use in updating this document "crashes". So it may happen that this document will not get any update in the next time (even update is needed !)

    Sorry for inconvenience


    PS: some kind of update was possible using a different browser; but method is not that "stable"; I checking options.. may be I will split the document

  • Hi C B ,

    It is extremely impressive.You gave us bunch of fruits, now I have to make a strategy to do justice to what you have given.

    Warm Regards,

    PS R