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Middleware Guide to SAPPHIRE NOW 2013

Let’s get terminology out of our way first – I’m talking about the stuff you use to build apps the way SAP builds them, then integrate them, present them well and secure them tightly. Most of this is called “middleware” by the market, and who can be against the market. In the old days this was easy to translate into SAP offerings – it was all SAP NetWeaver. Now with the cloud, mobile and new data architectures being everywhere it’s a bit more differentiated, so you’ll see me mentioning the SAP HANA Cloud Platform as well as the SAP Mobile Platform at times.

What can you expect middleware-wise at SAPPHIRE NOW next week? No major announcements, but steady progress in all relevant areas. We’re expecting SAP NetWeaver 7.4 to be generally available by then, the best development platform for large-scale SAP HANA applications, including a refresh of all your favorite SAP NetWeaver hubs. We’re expecting this to be picked up as quickly as 7.31 last year, with more than 3,600 customers live today.

To make things easier to navigate I’m breaking SAPPHIRE NOW down into four areas for you:

  1. Develop applications – application servers, development tools, frameworks
  2. Orchestrate processes – integration, process management and monitoring, rules management
  3. Connect people – portals, UI frameworks, UI connectivity
  4. Secure access – identity and access management

We weren’t able to put these on the showfloor signs (unfortunately), so I’ll summarize the most important sessions and stations you should visit for each of these areas. If not noted otherwise, all of these will be located in the “Database and Technology Campus”. Links to the agenda builder are provided to help you add sessions to your personalized agenda. If you need to get a quick overview on site make sure visiting Eduardo Chiocconi and Helmut Grimm at discussion table DT624,

Additionally I’d like to highlight a rather innovative application of our platform technology, the SAP Financial Services Network. Built on the SAP HANA Cloud platform, using its network foundation and integration services, it provides a true business network connecting corporate finance organizations with their banks. It is shown in the Business Network Campus, make sure visiting expert table BN210 there.

Develop Applications

Highlights for application developers include the SAP HANA Cloud Platform as well as the latest SAP NetWeaver 7.4 enhancements for developers of applications with deep SAP HANA integration.

SID Highlights Time
64309 Panel with Siemens, Danone and the National Football League on SAP HANA Cloud platform development. THU 2 pm
64607 Microforum discussing SAP NetWeaver application development on SAP HANA. TUE 3 pm
64313 Microforum discussing challenges and benefits developing on the SAP HANA Cloud platform. WED 1 pm
64311 Demo showing SAP HANA Cloud platform application development including connectivity and analytics.

TUE 3 pm

THU 11 am

64312 Demo showing a customer application built on the SAP HANA Cloud platform.

WED 11 am

THU 2 pm

64606 Demo showing how to extend existing ABAP applications to profit from SAP HANA.

WED 11 am

THU 2 pm

65257 Demo showing dynamic visual prototyping with SAP Application Visualization software by iRise.

WED 11:30 am

THU 2:30 pm

DT627 Expert table discussing building and running apps on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. All day

For more information on application development at SAPPHIRE NOW check out Gert Schroeter’s blog post.

Orchestrate Processes

Witness the latest version of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, as well as the new process monitoring and analysis capabilities with SAP Operational Process Intelligence.

SID Highlights Time
64585 Theater session showing how Bank of America automated and orchestrated its unique invoice processes. WED 3:30 pm
64582 Theater session presenting how AmerisourceBergen simplified its complex distribution services. WED 5:00 pm
64587 Microforum discussing all things integration – A2A, B2B, and cloud-to-ground. TUE 11:00 am
38513 Microforum discussion on integrating the cloud with SAP HANA Cloud Integration in the Cloud Campus. THU 11:00 am
64589 Microforum discussing the use of rules technology in customizing decision-making logic in applications. WED 5:00 pm
64584 Demo showing the full SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration toolset for integration and BPM.

TUE 3:30 pm

THU 11:30 am

64583 Demo showing the new SAP Operational Process Intelligence tool for process monitoring and analysis.

TUE 4:30 pm

WED 4:30 pm

DT626 Demo station showing SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, SAP Operational Process Intelligence and SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management. All day

For more information on process orchestration at SAPPHIRE NOW check out Mariana Mihaylova’s blog post.

Connect People

Besides updates to on-premise SAP NetWeaver Portal, Duet Enterprise and SAP NetWeaver Gateway you can see the evolution of portal technology into mobile use cases and the cloud.

SID Highlights Time
64598 Theater session by PepsiCo discussing their user experience projects. WED 5:30 pm
64604 Microforum discussing content management with the SAP NetWeaver Portal. THU 11:00 am
64603 Microforum discussing Duet Enterprise and SAP NetWeaver Gateway to extend the reach of your applications to more users. THU 11:00 am
64602 Demo showing the latest user experience technologies on premise, mobile and in the cloud.

TUE 1:00 pm

WED 4:00 pm

64600 Demo showing the latest enhancements of SAP NetWeaver Portal to modernize your portal deployments.

TUE 4:30 pm

THU 1:30 pm

DT625 Demo station showing user experience technologies, from SAP NetWeaver Portal and its extensions to UI frameworks, SAP NetWeaver Gateway, Duet Enterprise and the SAP HANA Cloud Portal. All day

Secure Access

Centralized identity and access management has become mandatory for organizations.

SID Highlights Time
64591 Theater session by Accenture about replacing an aging identity management solution with SAP NetWeaver Identity Management. THU 3:00 pm
64595 Microforum discussing application security challenges and solutions. THU 2:00 pm
64594 Demo showing how to better govern your provisioning and entitlement processes with identity management, single sign-on, and access control.

WED 1:00 pm

THU 4:30 pm

DT622 Demo station showing SAP NetWeaver Identity Management and SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-on as well as IT management tools. All day

For more information on access security at SAPPHIRE NOW check out Gert Schroeter’s blog post.

SAP Financial Services Network

The world’s first online business network directly connecting banks and other financial institutions with their corporate clients is now open for business. See it in action at the Business Network Campus.

SID Highlights Time
NA “Meet our customers” session with Visa, discussing integration of your electronic accounts payable and virtual purchase cards via SAP Financial Services Network with Visa. Three half hour sessions in the “meet our customers” pavillion. TUE 10:30 am
24760 Panel discussion including Citi about business networks in action. TUE 2:00 pm
27252 Microforum discussing future trends for financial services providers using business networks (BN204). TUE 3:00 pm
3707 ASUG session with Visa explaining integration of electronic accounts payable (room S310C). WED 1:45 pm
1914 ASUG session with Bank of America Merrill Lynch about integrating treasury and payments to banks (room S310A) THU 4:15 pm
BN210 Expert table discussing SAP Financial Services Network. All day

For more information on the SAP Financial Services Network at SAPPHIRE NOW check out Uwe Erdtmann’s blog post.

In addition to all of the above you can find a slew of in-depth presentations from customers, partners and SAP managers in the ASUG educational program, too many to list here. All that remains for me to say is safe travels and enjoy SAPPHIRE NOW, Orlando!

Best regards,

Harald Nehring

VP Technology Marketing

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      Author's profile photo Gert Schroeter
      Gert Schroeter

      Regarding the security sessions, the mentionend Microforum discussion (Session ID 64595) tackles specifically application security in the Cloud (in combination with on-premise apps).