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Dynamic Actions

                                                                                                Dynamic Action


If an employee’s Martial Status is entered in Personal Data (0002), System should automatically trigger Family Details (0021) with Subtype  Spouse (1) for processing

  1. 0 Configure Dynamic Actions in IMG as shown in the figure below or Maintain Table T588Z

  1. 1.1 Access Transaction Code SM31 and Maintain Table T588Z


  1. 1.2  Enter the below fields in Dynamic Action Screen as sown in the figure below

  1. 1.2.a Sty Field:

This column is to maintain Dynamic Action for Specific Subtype. If user need to execute the Dynamic Actions based on specific Subtype then this column need to be filled else it can be blank.

  1. 1.2.b Field Name:

Column to specify field name, if require to process Dynamic Actions.

  1. 1.2.c FC ( Function Character of Step):

This column is important part of Dynamic Actions. It’s specified on which action (Create/Change/Delete), dynamic action need to be called. This column required to fill with two digit of below numbers as per the requirements.

00 – An action is carried out irrespective of whether specified Infotype was  created/Changed/deleted.

02 – For Change

04 – For Create

06 – For Change and Create

08 – For Delete

10 – For Change and Delete

12 – For Create and Delete

  1. 1.2.d No (Sequence Number):

To determine the sequence of each step 

  1. 1.2.e S ( Indicator of Step):

Below are the available Indicators

P – Check conditions

I – Maintain infotype record

W – Set default values when creating a new record

V – Reference to another step

F – Call routine

M – Send mail  

  1. 1.2.f Variable Function apart:

Another important column which contains the steps and definition on the based of previous column ‘Indicator of Step’.

  1. 1.3 Now return to Personal Master Data Screen  change the Martial Status field to” Married Status” and then save the entries system automatically triggers Infotype 0021 with subtype 1 (Spouse) for processing as mentioned in the figure below

  1. 1.4 Choose Martial Status field as Marr. (Married)

  1. 1.5 Once you Save the above entries, you can find that system automatically triggers  Family Details ( Infotype0021) with subtype1 (Spouse) for processing
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